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USA: 7-Eleven Threatens Children with Supersized Alcopop Bargains

Mittwoch 16. Mai 2012 von htm

Alcohol Justice, the U.S.-based industry watchdog, released a new report today showing convenience store giant 7-Eleven cuts prices on supersized, youth-attractive alcopops so they are cheaper than non-alcoholic energy drinks. While on average, alcopops were the same price per standard alcoholic drink as beer, supersized alcopops in 16- to 24-ounce cans were cheaper per standard drink than similarly sized beer. Some supersized alcopops, such as Four Loko and Mike’s Harder Lemonade, entice youth with more alcohol for the price than even similar sized malt liquor.

“Alcopops are just too good of a deal for kids to pass up,” said Holley Shafer, research analyst at Alcohol Justice and co-author of the new report, “Alcopops Cheaper than Energy Drinks: 7-Eleven Gambles with Children’s Lives.” Alcohol Justice surveyed all 7-Eleven stores in northern California’s Marin County, an area plagued with excessive youth alcohol consumption. “The availability of cheap single-serving supersized alcopops like Four Loko at 7-Eleven stores makes them even more compelling to youth than comparable non-alcoholic energy drinks,” added Shafer, “because young people already seeking the energy drink buzz are a vulnerable market for energy drinks‘ alcoholic cousins, alcopops.”
Source: Alcohol Justice, 05/16/12)

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