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Mittwoch 22. August 2018 von htm

 Report shows that 6 in 10 people have encountered drunk passengers following a six-fold increase in passenger incidents on planes since 2012

Almost two thirds of British adults who travel by air (60%) have encountered drunk passengers whilst traveling by air, according to a report published today.

Fit to Fly, by the Institute of Alcohol Studies and the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, found that the majority (51%) of Brits believe there is a serious problem with excessive alcohol consumption in air travel. Drunk passengers who become aggressive on planes threaten the safety of other passengers, including children. Cabin crew have reported being sexually assaulted, kicked, punched and headbutted by drunk passengers.1

Though it is an offence to be drunk on a plane, incidents of drunk and disruptive passengers have increased in recent years, up 600% since 2012,2 according to the Civil Aviation Authority, the body which regulates air travel in the UK. Fit to Fly finds that nearly a quarter of GB adults (24%) drink alcohol at the airport, and only 2% of adults reported drinking four drinks or more, indicating that a minority of passengers drinking excessively may be putting other passengers’ safety at risk.

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California’s 4 A.M. Last Call Bill 86’d for Now

Sonntag 24. September 2017 von htm

Public health & safety grassroots advocacy trumps
nightlife industry’s push for greater profit.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 22, 2017) – California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA), and Alcohol Justice are breathing a hard-fought sigh of relief as the 2017 California legislative session draws to a close because at least one bill was notably—and mercifully—absent—the 4 A.M. Bar Bill.

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USA: Wade Michael Page: Excessive drinking cost Sikh temple shooter his military career, civilian job

Donnerstag 9. August 2012 von htm

OAK CREEK, Wis. —Wade Michael Page, the gunman in Sunday’s Sikh temple shooting, had a history of problems with alcohol, which led to him losing his military career and, more recently, a job as a trucker.

Page, 40, was shot to death by a Wisconsin police officer after he killed six Sikh worshipers at a temple here and shot another officer. He was discharged from the Army in 1998 because he had been found drunk during military exercises, according to law enforcement authorities. He was convicted of driving under the influence a year later in Colorado. And a trucking company confirmed Tuesday morning that it fired Page two years ago after he was pulled over in North Carolina for driving while impaired. ….
(Source: Join Together, 08/08/12) washingtonpost.com, 08/07/12

This to remember for all those who believe that their drinking is only their own business,their private affair.

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UK: ‚Community Alcohol Networks: A Practitioners Toolkit‘ – Lancashire partnerhsip approach to young people’s drinking

Donnerstag 21. Juni 2012 von htm

ICan_postern Lancashire, Community Alcohol Networks (CANs) have been developed by the Trading Standards Alcohol and Tobacco team, in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary, to adopt a partnership approach to reduce alcohol-related crime and problems amongst young people.

Lancashire have released a CAN Practitioner Toolkit and a CAN Problem Oriented Partnership report.

The project was established with the aims of reducing young people’s access to alcohol in order to reduce risky drinking and alcohol fuelled anti social behaviour. It also aimed to reduce problems by tackling proxy purchasing through enhanced enforcement activity in identified hotspots. In addition it aimed to raise awareness of alcohol related health and social issues amongst young people, parents and the wider community.

Over 12 weeks the Community Alcohol Networks were claimed to have achieved :

51 per cent reduction in alcohol fuelled anti social behaviour
violent crime has reduced by 22 per cent
criminal damage has seen an 11 per cent reduction ….
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 06/18/12)

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S: European Conference on Alcohol Law Enforcement

Donnerstag 31. Mai 2012 von htm

In 2011 we organized the First European Conference on Alcohol Law Enforcement in Rotterdam. The conference was a successful start of a network on alcohol law enforcement in Europe. This year we are continuing the network initiative with a conference in Stockholm at 15 and 16 November 2012. Theme of the second conference is Reducing public drunkenness and over-serving related violence. Every European city is facing this problem and every law enforcer that is active at night-time will recognize this issue. There are some very interesting best practices on reducing alcohol related violence in Europe and there is a lot of research on evidence based interventions. In November we will present those best practices and bring the specialists on this topic in Europe together with the members of the European Network for Alcohol Law Enforcement.

Signing in for the conference is possible by this link: http://www.fhi.se/conf20121115
(Source: European Network for Alcohol Law Enforcement, 05/31/12)

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UK: Ten communities recieve DCLG funding to tackle binge and underage drinking

Donnerstag 17. Mai 2012 von htm

The 10 communities that will receive funding for work to tackle binge and underage drinking have been announced by Communities and Local Government. The fund was opened for bids earlier this year by Baroness Newlove, the government’s Champion for Active, Safer Communities.
The CLG press release states:

Over the next two years these innovative grassroots projects, backed by local authorities, police and retailers, are expected to deliver real results to end the fallout of problem drinking. Other communities will hopefully be inspired to follow their lead. The projects will address separate issues that are the greatest challenges in their neighbourhoods, with measures of their success that will include:

– a reduction in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents related to alcohol consumption
– fewer A&E admissions to local hospitals or fewer ambulance call outs as a result of drinking
– the consumption of alcohol by young people reducing to safe levels; and
– a reduction in purchasing of alcohol made on behalf of under 18s („proxy purchasing“).
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 05/16/12)

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Scotland sets sights on 50 pence per unit minimum price & agrees ’sunset clause‘

Dienstag 15. Mai 2012 von htm

The Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has announced a 50 pence per unit target minimum through the Minimum Pricing Scotland Bill.
Announcing the decision, Nicola Sturgeon said:

„Too many Scots are drinking themselves to death. The problem affects people of all walks of life. It’s no coincidence that as affordability has increased, alcohol-related hospital admissions have quadrupled, and it is shocking that half of our prisoners now say they were drunk when they committed the offence… Introducing a minimum price per unit will enable us to tackle these problems, given the clear link between affordability and consumption.“

The Scottish government were recently reported to have agreed to a „sunset clause“ in the planned legislation, under a deal to win Conservative support. Minimum pricing will be ditched after six years if it fails to have an impact, which Sturgeon deemed „a perfectly reasonable and legitimate position to take.“ …
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 05/14/12)
see also: bbc.co.uk,

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N: Actis: Loss of income if the pubs close one hour earlier

Donnerstag 3. Mai 2012 von htm

Around 50 Norwegian municipalities currently have places that sell alcohol to three o’clock at night. If these pubs have to close the sale of alcohol an hour earlier, the income of each club will probably be reduced by around 10 percent, according to a new report from the Norwegian National Institute of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research (SIRUS).

– The main conclusion is that a one-hour reduction in the sales hours will reduce revenue per pint with an average of 9 to 12 percent, said SIRUS researcher Hans Olav Melberg.

– This is an average. Some restaurants and bars will experience a larger drop in sales, while others will experience a smaller effect, said Melberg.

The figures from the research are good news for all those who are working for an reduction of binge drinking and violence, says Sten Magne Berglund, Deputy Secretary General of Actis – a Norwegian Policy Network on alcohol and drugs. …
(Source: Eurocare Newsletter 4/2012)

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9 Million Children of Alcoholics in Europe deserve hope and dreams

Mittwoch 22. Februar 2012 von htm

Press release from Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace:

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is also one day of the week for Children of alcoholics (CoA). The awareness week for CoA serves to raise attention for the situation and feelings of the affected, and it serves to make sure the fate of millions of young Europeans is not forgotten and doesn’t remain invisible.

There are 9 Million children and young people in the EU alone who grow up with at least one parent being
alcohol addicted. These children suffer neglect, feelings of shame and self-blame for their parents’ alcohol addiction. They suffer from continuous conflicts in their home and many have to witness and endure violence.

“The problem is big and despite some good and useful steps into the right direction, more can and must be done to prevent destroyed childhoods,” says Andrea Lavesson, President of Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. “Valentine’s Day offers the best opportunity to extent our hearts to embrace the pain and suffering of 9 million innocent children and young people.”

Europe is the heaviest alcohol consuming region in the world, where alcohol is a causal factor in 16% of child abuse and neglect cases. Studies show that CoA are much more exposed to other health risks, to negative influences on their intellectual capacity and their mental health. Research also shows that one third of CoA will become alcohol addicted themselves.

“Children and young people with alcohol addicted parents often live in both emotional and material poverty,”
says Andrea Lavesson from Active.
(Source: Eurocare Newsletter, 02/20/12)

“It is a moral, economic and social imperative to prevent harm, invest into the present of children and young people, into their hopes and dreams. We need a new EU alcohol strategy, evidence-based alcohol policies in the countries; municipalities need to invest in support structures for CoA; schools need effective alcohol policies; teachers need know-how in how to identify children and youth; journalists need to help breaking the taboo that still exists around this issue. And as society we need to make sure that children of alcohol addicted parents feel that they too can have a better life one day.”

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Underage Drinking Hospitalizations Cost $755 Million in the U.S. Each Year

Sonntag 19. Februar 2012 von htm

Hospitalization for underage drinking costs an estimated $755 million in the United States each year, according to a new study by the Mayo Clinic.

Approximately 40,000 youth ages 15 to 20 were hospitalized in 2008, the most recent year for which data is available, according to Science Daily.

The study found that among U.S. teens, about 18 of every 10,000 teenage males and 12 of every 10,000 teenage females were hospitalized after drinking alcohol in the year studied. The average age of those hospitalized was 18, and 61 percent were male. Hospitalizations due to alcohol were highest in the Northeast and Midwest.

Nearly one-fourth of the hospitalizations included an injury stemming from causes including traffic accidents, assaults or fights. An estimated $505 million of the cost of hospitalization involved treatment of injuries. …
(Source: Join Together, 02/16/12)

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