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Teenagers, Cigarettes And Alcohol: Survey Finds Usage By American Kids Lower Than In Europe

Donnerstag 7. Juni 2012 von htm

The U.S. had the second-lowest proportion of students who used tobacco and alcohol compared to their counterparts in 36 European countries, a new report indicates.

The results originate from coordinated school surveys about substance use from more than 100,000 students in some of the largest countries in Europe like Germany, France and Italy, as well as many smaller ones from both Eastern and Western Europe.

Because the methods and measures are largely modeled after the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future surveys in this country, comparisons are possible between the U.S. and European results. The 15- and 16-year-old students, who were drawn in nationally representative samples in almost all of the 36 countries, were surveyed last spring. American 10th graders in the 2011 Monitoring the Future studies are of the same age, so comparisons are possible. …
(Source: Medical News Today, 6/6/12)

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News coverage of alcohol’s harm may sway support for liquor-control laws

Donnerstag 23. Februar 2012 von htm

If people see news coverage of alcohol’s role in violent crime and fatal injuries, they may give more support to alcohol-control laws, according to a study in the March issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. It’s estimated that drinking is involved in almost one third of deaths from accidents and violent crime. But the news reports on those deaths often make no mention of alcohol.

„People have some awareness of the social cost that alcohol can have,“ said the study’s lead author, Michael D. Slater, Ph.D., of Ohio State University in Columbus. „But only a small fraction of news stories on violent crime and non–motor vehicle accidents acknowledge the contributing role of alcohol.“ As a result, many people may not realize how often drinking contributes to accidents off the roadways, as well as to violence, Slater noted.

And that lack of awareness might dampen the public’s support for alcohol-control laws, such as the strict enforcement of underage-drinking laws or prohibitions on serving alcohol to intoxicated customers. …
(Source: Google alcohol news, 02/22/12) innovations-report.de, 02/22/12
Comment: It seems often as if it is the internal policy of medias not to show the role of alcohol. Uninformed people will not ask for stronger alcohol regulations. The alcohol industry is happy. We pay for the immense social costs and have the lack of quality of life.

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DK: Majority support raising drinking age

Mittwoch 11. Januar 2012 von htm

16-year-olds can currently buy beer and wine in stores, but must wait until they are 18 to be served in bars.
In an Opinion poll of 1,126 Danes conducted for Retail Institute Scandinavia, 73 percent said it was “a good idea” or “a very good idea” to forbid the sale of alcohol to individuals under 18.
Sharing that opinion was the health minister, Astrid Krag of the Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF).
“Danes’ high alcohol consumption is to blame for poor health and a lower life span, and especially among the younger population we have a problem that we must tackle,” Krag said to Berlingske newspaper. “Therefore, I’m happy to the see the opinion results and I believe that the age limit is one of the things we should adjust.” … (Source: Alcohol Reports – News, 01/09/12) theCopenhagenpost, 01/06/12

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French Teen Drinking Raising Serious Concerns

Dienstag 13. Dezember 2011 von htm

France, with a culture that embraces wine, is facing serious concerns about teenage binge drinking, NPR reports.

Many parents in France and other European countries permit their teens to drink alcohol at home. But new French pop-up street parties, organized through Facebook, are encouraging teens to drink shots of vodka, and are contributing to a growing problem of binge drinking among teens.

According to Bertrand Nalpas, who leads the Alcohol and Addiction Office at the French National Institute on Health and Medical Research, the number of French teenagers who drink heavily is on the rise. He estimates that about 20 percent of French 17-year-olds are drunk at least three times a month, even though new laws in France prohibit anyone under 18 from buying alcohol. … (Source: Join Together, 12/12/11)

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Prevention of Teen Substance Abuse …

Donnerstag 17. November 2011 von htm

Prevention of Teen Substance Abuse Must Start with Tackling America’s Underage Drinking Epidemic. Let’s Make it Cool for Teens Not to Drink!

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.A recent survey of 7th through 11th graders in the Connecticut gold coast town of Westport, Connecticut, nails the importance of targeting alcohol use among teens for parents, teachers, pediatricians and public health professionals who seek to prevent teen substance abuse and addiction.

The survey by the Governor’s Prevention Initiative for Youth revealed that 25 percent of the town’s 9th graders, 37 percent of 10th graders, and 60 percent of 11th graders had been drinking alcohol in the previous 30 days. Translated from substance abuse statistical jargon to plain English, this means that these high school freshman, sophomores and juniors are current drinkers, likely drinking regularly. … (Source: CASA, Chairman’s Corner, 11/15/11)

our online-comment:
As long as politicians are not willing to reduce the harmful impact of the alcohol industry on society (TV-marketing is only one sector of many) in order to reduce alcohol consumption in general, youth will miss the good example and will hardly be convinced by educational prevention. Alcohol-lobbies are a sort of corruption. Not only in the Third World.

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Social Media and the Alcohol Industry

Donnerstag 22. September 2011 von htm

Facebook deal with Diageo fuels under-age drinking fears
A multimillion-dollar deal agreed between Facebook and drinks company Diageo will fuel the under-age drinking epidemic by exposing increasing numbers of young people to alcohol marketing, health experts are warning.
Advertising to the predominantly young people who use Facebook has been hugely profitable for Diageo, which makes the drink of choice for most teenagers who can obtain it – Smirnoff vodka.
Announcing the deal, Diageo said Smirnoff had become „the number one beverage alcohol brand on Facebook worldwide“. Its brands in the US had enjoyed a 20% increase in sales „as a result of Facebook activity“. The deal will, said Diageo, „drive unprecedented levels of integration and joint business planning, and experimentation between the two companies“. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 09/21/11)
see also: Heineken, Google, and a Hundred Million Minors, 08/24/2011

Social media guidelines drafted for alcohol brands
Alcoholic drinks brands looking to market their products through social media could will now have to follow a set of principles created by the European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) and the Distilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS).
The guidelines will come into effect in the US and Europe on September 30th and concern any alcohol brand wanting to use blogs, social networking sites, mobile apps and user-generated content. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 09/21/11) Comment: This is self-regulation by the industry and as usually will not be much effective.

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Vermont Leads U.S. in Underage Drinking

Samstag 6. August 2011 von htm

Vermont has the highest rate of underage drinking in the nation, a new federal report reveals. The state ranks second in youth marijuana use, the Burlington Free Press reports.
The report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a state-by-state analysis of a range of behavioral health issues. The report found 36.6 percent of 12- to 20-year-olds in Vermont said they drank alcohol in the previous month, the highest rate in the nation. Utah had the lowest underage drinking rate, 14.2 percent. … (Source: Join Together, 08/4/11)

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New York Doctors Report on Dangers of Four Loko

Donnerstag 4. August 2011 von htm

A report by doctors at New York’s Bellevue Hospital describes how 11 young people—10 of them under the legal drinking age of 21—were rushed to the emergency room after drinking the “alcopop” Four Loko. Some of the patients ended up in potentially deadly situations, according to NY1. One patient fell onto the subway tracks, another was unconscious at school, and a third was found alone in a park…. (Source: Join Together, 08/3/11)

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UK: Fewer 11-15 year olds drinking finds NHS survey

Sonntag 31. Juli 2011 von htm

Latest figures from a national survey of 11-15 year old pupils suggests fewer young people are drinking, and are less accepting of drunkenness. However it also finds no clear trend in consumption levels for those that do drink. The findings come from an annual survey which in 2010 included 7,296 pupils from 246 schools.
Some key findings from the report includes:
Between 2009 and 2010 the percentage of 11-15 year olds who had tried alcohol fell from 51% to 45%.
In 2010, the mean amount consumed by pupils who had drunk in the last week was 12.9 units. Mean consumption levels have varied between 11.6 units and 14.6 units since 2007, with no clear trend. (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 07/28/11)

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USA: Drop in Underage Alcohol Sales in Indiana Follows Strict ID Law

Donnerstag 28. Juli 2011 von htm

Following the institution of an Indiana law requiring anyone buying and carrying out alcohol to show identification, regardless of their age, state inspectors report fewer of the state’s liquor stores, bars and restaurants are selling alcohol to those under 21. Under a recent revision to the law, store clerks are no longer required to ask customers for ID if they reasonably appear older than 40. …
The Associated Press reports that State Excise Police conducted more than 5,000 inspections in the first half of 2011, in which people ages 18 to 20 accompany officers and try to purchase alcohol. They found that 8.8 percent of bars and restaurants violated the law, as did 4.3 percent of liquor stores, compared with more than 40 percent in 2009. (Source: Join Together, 07/28/11)

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