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D: Testkäufe – Jugendliche kommen zu leicht an Alkohol

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Mannheim. Minderjährige kommen trotz Verbots zu leicht an hochprozentigen Alkohol. Dieses Ergebnis von drei gemeinsamen Testkauf-Aktionen legten heute Stadtverwaltung und Polizei vor. Danach wurden in gut der Hälfte der getesteten Geschäfte (in 33 von 65) Spirituosen an minderjährige Testkäufer abgegeben. Erster Bürgermeister Christian Specht kündigte an, die Kontrollen fortzusetzen. (Quelle: Google Alkohol News, 30.6.11) morgenweb.de, 29.6.11

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D: Bewährung wegen tödlicher Trunkenheitsfahrt

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Im Prozess um eine Trunkenheitsfahrt mit einem Toten und drei Verletzten ist der Angeklagte zu einem Jahr Haft auf Bewährung verurteilt worden. Der 25-Jährige war im November 2010 in Eschau (Lkr. Miltenberg) mit 1,6 Promille Alkohol im Blut in eine Fußgängergruppe gefahren.
Die Bewährungsfrist wurde auf fünf Jahre festgelegt. Außerdem ist der Führerschein des jungen Mannes für zweieinhalb Jahre gesperrt. (Quelle: Google Alkohol News, 30.6.11) br-online.de, 29.6.11

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D: Grünen-Wahlkampfmanager Stephan gefeuert

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Berlin. Dieser Vorfall gehörte sicher nicht zum Wahlkampfkonzept der Berliner Grünen-Kandidatin Renate Künast: Knapp drei Monate vor der Berliner Abgeordnetenhauswahl haben sich die Grünen von ihrem Wahlkampfmanager André Stephan getrennt. Sie entbanden den 31-Jährigen, der betrunken Auto gefahren und festgenommen worden war, am Mittwoch von seinen Aufgaben, wie die Parteispitze mitteilte. Gegen Stephan wurde ein Ermittlungsverfahren eingeleitet. Die Nachfolge soll nach Angaben der Grünen zeitnah geregelt werden. (Quelle: Google Alkohol News, 30.6.11) abendblatt.de, 29.6.11

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USA: APIS Announces Update of Alcohol Policy Information

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS), a project by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, announces its latest update of state-by-state alcohol policies. The update reports developments in 29 current APIS policy topics, for the period 1/2/2009 through 1/1/2010. Visit the APIS website to obtain details on these and other important policy developments across the country. Many of these changes are consistent with the goal of reducing underage drinking and its consequences as well as alcohol-related death and injury in the general population. (Source: Marin Institute, 06/29/11)

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USA: Gasolina “Party in a Pouch” Adds New Fuel to the Booze Fire Targeting Urban Kids

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Gasolina-CapriSun Following in the footsteps of brands like Four Loko and Blast who use colorful, youth-oriented packaging and pop-culture icons to market their products to an underage, urban demographic, newcomer Gasolina Urban Blends has upped the ante with its “Party in a Pouch“ line: Brightly colored, 200-ml aluminum pouches complete with little straws inside to suck up the vodka, tequila, and rum, plus some fruit juice.
These pouches look remarkably similar to Capri Sun. Yes, the same packaging you see at youth soccer games across the country has now been repurposed for easy-access, take-anywhere alcohol. … (Source: Marin Institute, 06/29/11)

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USA: Are Alcohol Companies Making Illegal Health Claims?

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Marin Institute, the alcohol industry watchdog, released a new study today: Questionable Health Claims by Alcohol Companies: From Protein Vodka to Weight-Loss Beer. The report analyzes Big Alcohol’s latest marketing scheme to jump on the healthy product bandwagon made popular by the food industry. But, the report concludes, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, such marketing messages are “legally tenuous, morally unsound, and potentially dangerous.”
“The wine industry has been exaggerating wine’s health benefits for years. Now Big Alcohol is taking such messages to a whole new level,” said Marin Institute’s Research and Policy Director Michele Simon, JD, MPH and coauthor of the report. “Major alcohol companies are exploiting ineffective or non-existent regulatory oversight with deceptive marketing and potentially dangerous products.” … (Source: Marin Institute, 06/29/11)

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Adolescent Substance Use: America’s #1 Public Health Problem

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Nine out of 10 Americans who meet the medical criteria for addiction started smoking, drinking, or using other drugs before age 18, according to a national study released today by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University.
Adolescent Substance Use: America’s #1 Public Health Problem reveals that adolescence is the critical period for the initiation of substance use and its consequences. The CASA report finds 1 in 4 Americans who began using any addictive substance before age 18 are addicted, compared to 1 in 25 Americans who started using at age 21 or older.
Adolescent Substance Use at Epidemic Levels:
The CASA report underscores the fact that addiction is a disease with adolescent origins. The underdeveloped teen brain makes it likelier that teens will take risks, including using addictive substances that interfere with brain development, impair judgment and heighten their risk of addiction. (Source: CASA press release, 06/29/11)

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UK: Supermarkets promote alcopops more than any other drink

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

– reports the Telegraph. A survey found 47 per cent of alcopops had been on offer in the past year, compared to only 20 per cent of red wines and 10 per cent of after-dinner tipples such as port. The Health Secretary recently called on supermarkets to take further action on front of store sales as part of the controversial Responsibilty Deal. (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 06/29/11) telegraph.co.uk, 06/05/11

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UK: The Risks And Benefits Of Alcohol Drinking In The Elderly

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

The Royal College of Psychiatrists of London has published a report related primarily to problems of unrecognized alcohol misuse among the elderly. The report provides guidelines for psychiatrists and family physicians on how to find and how to treat elderly people with misuse of alcohol and drugs. Forum members consider it very important to identify abusive drinking among the elderly and this report provides specific and very reasonable recommendations to assist practitioners in both the identification and treatment of such problems. … (Source: Medical News Today, 06/28/11)

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Young Adult Binge-Drinkers May Be Damaging Their Brains

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

It’s considered a rite of passage among young people – acting out their independence through heavy, episodic drinking. But a new University of Cincinnati study, the first of its kind nationally, is showing how binge drinking among adolescents and young adults could be causing serious damage to a brain that’s still under development at this age.
Researcher Tim McQueeny, a doctoral student in the UC Department of Psychology, is presenting the findings this week at the 34th annual meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism in Atlanta. … (Source: Medical News Today, 06/28/11)

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