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Mittwoch 3. Juni 2015 von htm


Public Health NGOs have today resigned from the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, following the announcement by Commissioner Andriukaitis that he has no plans to establish a new EU Alcohol Strategy[1]. The Commissioner’s decision goes against demands from Member States and the European Parliament for a new comprehensive Strategy to tackle alcohol harm in Europe.

Membership of the Forum, which is chaired by DG Sante, includes drinks industry representatives and public health NGOs. More than 20 health bodies, including Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance), EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) and the CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors) today tendered their collective resignation in an open letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis.

Signatories to the letter outline their “deep concerns” about the neglect of public health and the prioritisation of alcohol industry interests. These include:

·        The Commission is ignoring calls from the European Parliament and Member States to develop a new EU Alcohol Strategy

·        The Commission plans to include alcohol within a wider framework for tackling chronic disease, which would fail to address many harms caused by alcohol to those other than the drinker, such as drink driving, domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation

·        There is no evidence to show that the EU Alcohol and Health Forum has had any impact on public health

·        The Forum was established to support the implementation of the previous EU Alcohol Strategy, which ended in 2012. With no new Strategy planned, membership of the Forum cannot be justified.

Signatories also expressed disappointment that the Commissioner had rejected requests for public health experts to have a formal structure to meet with Commission officials to discuss alcohol policy, free from vested interest groups.

Mariann Skar, Secretary General of Eurocare, said: “The Commissioner himself stated drinking behaviours in Europe are good for the Alcohol Industry but not good for Health. Eurocare represents 58 organisations in 25 countries and we deeply regret the Commission’s decision not to establish a new EU Alcohol Strategy. This flies in the face of persistent demands from Member States, the European Parliament and NGOs. The EU is the heaviest drinking region in the world and with 120,000 premature deaths related to alcohol each year, we absolutely must have a comprehensive strategy to tackle alcohol harm.”

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the EU Alcohol and Health Forum’s Science Group said, “This is a sad day for those who care about health in Europe. The Commission’s prioritisation of alcohol industry interests over public health has been laid bare. Many NGOs have participated actively and in good faith in the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, in the hope of making progress and reducing alcohol harm. However, with no evidence to indicate the Forum has achieved any meaningful results, and no promise of a new Alcohol Strategy, we see no alternative to walking away from this failing organization.”

Nina Renshaw, Secretary General of EPHA, said, „The alcohol industry must have raised a few glasses to DG SANTE after their admission at the last Forum meeting that they don’t even aim to improve health. The Commission has finally admitted what the health community has long suspected – that they have abandoned alcohol policy altogether.  The Forum has proved worse than useless, a free PR front for the industry. The Commission even endorses the industry introducing drinking culture to young kids by promoting „responsible“ drinking in primary schools. The health community had to call time on this charade.“

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Eurocare Newsletter, Issue 5, 2012

Samstag 26. Mai 2012 von htm

In Focus
Alcohol harms you, others and the society – why does Europe need an alcohol strategy? 27 June 2012, European Parliament, Brussels
Finland takes important steps to restrict alcohol marketing
News from Eurocare
Alcohol Focus Scotland: Minimum pricing
NordAN: Conference reminder
EHYT: Cannabis Connotations of an Alcohol Ad cause a stir in Finland
Eurocare Italy: Partnership between Diageo and Italian Automobile Club
DHS: Focus on alcohol and cancer
News from the European Union Institutions
Report from the Chair of the European Alcohol and Health Forum
Presentations from the High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes
Question from MEP: Alcohol consumption in Europe
Question from MEP: Benefits of red wine
Question from MEP: Foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
Question from MEP: Wine imports: possible tax increase and imposition of quotas
News from across Europe
Scottish minimum price at 50p per unit
Ireland – Minister to end alcohol sponsorship of sports
Germany – Public Transit Pub: Will Alcohol Bans Stop Party Trains?
News from the World Health Organization
World Health Statistics
New research and reports
ALICE RAP Policy Brief on alcohol: ‘Alcohol – the neglected addiction’
Study on the affordability of alcoholic beverages in the EU
Research shows high level of serving alcohol to inebriated customers
Call for Papers Special Issue on International Perspectives on Alcohol Control Policies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Upcoming Events ….
(Source: Eurocare, 25/05/2012)

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The UK Responsibility Deal and its implications for effective alcohol policy in the UK and internationally

Donnerstag 17. Mai 2012 von htm

In 2010, the UK Government’s Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network (RDAN) was set up with representatives of the alcohol industry and health organisations. Acknowledging that RDAN does not advance public health objectives, the health groups withdrew from RDAN in 2011. This editorial argues that social responsibility deals as in RDAN and the European Alcohol Health Forum will be significantly undermined unless Corporate Social Responsibility is consistent in all activities across the whole sector. … (Editorial in „Addiction“ by DR ADRIAN BONNER &
Source: Alcohol Reports, 05/15/12) onlinelibrary.wiley.com, 05/15/12

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Dienstag 1. Mai 2012 von htm

The 10th Plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) took place on 26 April 2012 in Brussels. The topic of the forum was
responsible marketing.

The session focussed on responsible marketing started with a brief overview of ongoing activities and commitments to action under the Forum. Results from three studies financed from the EU Health Programme were then presented. …
(Source: EU, 04/30/12)

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EU-wide alcohol marketing rules planned

Montag 30. April 2012 von htm

Europe’s eight biggest drinks makers have agreed to introduce continent-wide rules on the marketing of alcohol.
AB InBev, Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg, Diageo, Heineken, Pernod Ricard and SAB Miller will work with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and national trade associations to establish and implement common standards on social media marketing and age appropriate advertising and scheduling in each of the 27 member states (see below).

Although a voluntary agreement, the move follows pressure from the European Commission’s flagship alcohol harm reduction initiative, the European Alcohol Health Forum (EAHF) to establish a set of harmonised rules across the European Union following concern that standards were fragmented. …
(Source: Alcohol Reports, News 16/2012) marketingweek.co.uk., 04/16/12

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THE GLOBE – Issue 1, 2012

Montag 6. Februar 2012 von htm

Alcohol and Youth in Africa, Asia and Europe
Also in this issue:

Alcohol Policy Youth Network / Nigerian Alcohol Prevention Youth Initiative / The IFMSA and the European Alcohol and Health Forum / Jyothirgamaya: Spreading the light of awareness by Ms Deepa Nair / “Alcohol-free Boat Races: the role of youth networks and social campaigns to change social attitudes on alcohol” / Alcohol and the young brain: girls at especial risk? / Teenage alcohol consumption associated with computer use / Alcohol and Unsafe Sex / Cigarette and alcohol use at historic low among US teens / Transatlantic Cooperation to combat underage drinking

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EU Commissioner for Health takes clear stance for prevention

Donnerstag 27. Oktober 2011 von htm

Messages of Hope for Young Europeans

On Wednesday, John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, addressed the 9th plenary meeting
of the European Alcohol and Health Forum and in doing so conveyed several messages of hope for young Europeans and
their future.
“Today we express how gladly we welcome some of the key messages of Commissioner Mr. Dalli,” says Andrea Lavesson,
President of the European youth organization Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. “And the time for Mr. Dalli’s first
visit to the Alcohol and Health Forum has symbolic importance, too: as children and young people continue to suffer from
alcohol harm in many areas of their lives, the progress achieved under EU alcohol strategy to reduce alcohol harm will be
evaluated in 2012.”
Europe is the heaviest drinking region in the world. 9 Million Children and young people are exposed to growing up in families
with at least one alcohol addicted parent. 25% of young men between 15 and 29 years of age die too early. Under-age
alcohol use is more likely to kill young Europeans than all “illegal” drugs combined. Another aspect of this was mentioned
by Commissioner Dalli: “Despite our efforts, young people continue to drink at unacceptable high levels. Eight out of ten
people [aged 15 to 24] say they have easy access to alcohol.” Science shows that the earlier young people start using alcohol,
the higher will their consumption be later on in life – posing risks to individual health and to societal development.
More than 60% of all violent acts are connected to alcohol use. Every year the costs of direct social harm amount to €125
The conclusion for Commissioner Dalli is clear: “We must invest in promoting good health, rather than spending on ill
“For us it was very important to hear these messages from the EU Commissioner for Health,” says Andrea, from Active –
sobriety, friendship and peace. “To prevent alcohol harm is the smarter way, economically sound and exactly what young
Europeans deserve and need. Europe is in a critical period and we need to make strong efforts on different policy areas,
including public health, so that the next generation of Europeans is more creative, more innovative, healthier and more
“Alcohol policy such as measures to ensure the legal age limits are upheld, youth is not target by industry marketing strategies,
prices are high to make it hard for youth to buy alcohol – which were all mentioned by Commissioner Dalli, is not only
about enhancing health,” explains Andrea, from Active. “It is an important tool to enhance the European society, make it
more inclusive, more fair and more attractive for young Europeans. It is a tool to increase freedom.”
Sources: press release 10/20/11: http://www.activeeurope.org/attachedFiles/documents/press_release_19_Message_of_Hope_for_young_Europeans.pdf
Alcohol and youth fact sheet: http://www.activeeurope.org/attachedFiles/Active_factsheet_-_Alcohol__harm_and_young_Europeans.pdf
Dalli speech: http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/dalli/docs/speech_alcohol_health_forum_19102011_en.pdf
Dalli news: http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/dalli/docs/midex_19102011_alcohol_forum_en.pdf
Commission fact sheet: http://ec.europa.eu/health/archive/ph_determinants/life_style/alcohol/documents/alcohol_factsheet_en.pdf

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EU: Summary report of the 7th Meeting of the Science Group of the Alcohol and Health Forum

Freitag 29. April 2011 von htm

Please click here to access the summary report of the7th Meeting of the Science Group of the European Alcohol and Health Forum that took place in Brussels on 25 October 2010. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/28/11)

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Easy for minors to buy alcohol in European Union

Samstag 9. April 2011 von htm

Copenhagen’s bars willingly sold alcohol to 15-year old Swedes.
The work of young members of UNF, The Swedish Youth Temperance Association, reveals the actual strength of actions by the alcohol industry in the European Alcohol and Health Forum. Young UNF members from Sweden’s border regions to Denmark went to Copenhagen to conduct mystery shopping and the results give a clear signal: of in total 7 tested bars and pubs, Swedish minors were without problems able to buy alcohol 11 times. 4 out of these 7 places are part of a project of City of Copenhagen and the alcohol industry.
The City of Copenhagen runs a project, called “tryg den af” (engl.: “Have fun. Be safe”) together with the alcohol industry for responsible selling and serving. It is about certified bars and pubs that take responsibility for not selling alcohol to youth under the age of 18. How responsible selling and serving really is in Copenhagen was now revealed by UNF members. (Source: Press release activeeurope.org, 04/08/11)

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EU: Alcohol and Health Forum

Donnerstag 10. März 2011 von htm

SCIENCE GROUP 8th Meeting, 21 March 2011, 11h00 – 17h00
Brussels, Froissart 101, room 02/169
7) Update on recent developments (Commission services)
8) Work towards formulating scientific advice on reducing the negative impact of harmful
and hazardous alcohol consumption on the workplace (EAHF Task request)
o Draft report on initiatives and guidelines developed by alcohol producer companies
to reduce consumption and potential harm in the workplace
o Draft report on the evidence relating to the topics of the Task request (Source: EU, Agenda, 03/10/11)

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