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Amy Winehouse’s last drug was alcohol

Samstag 29. Oktober 2011 von htm

The British singer Amy Winehouse died as the result of consuming a huge amount of vodka, autopsy report published on Wednesday revealed. This proves once more that alcohol is as dangerous as hard drugs, writes the left-liberal daily The Guardian: „It’s a silly idea, that ‚drug addiction‘ is somehow a different thing to ‚alcohol addiction‘. The problem is addiction, and the idea that an abusive relationship with legal alcohol is of a lesser order than an abusive relationship with illegal drugs, is one of those fake distinctions that would be pitiful if it wasn’t so dangerous. … (Source: eurotopics.net, 10/27/11 (The Guardian – United Kingdom | Wednesday, October 26, 2011)

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The rise of the teetotal generation

Dienstag 19. Juli 2011 von htm

Binge drinking among young people may have peaked according to official new data.
Amid the constant furore surrounding binge drinking among Britain’s young people, a quiet revolution is taking place. Increasing numbers are abstaining from alcohol in what appears to be a rejection of media stereotypes and peer pressure.
An annual survey of young people’s drinking habits, to be published by the NHS Information Centre in two weeks, is expected to show another rise in the number of young teenagers who have never had a drink. This follows nine years of steady increases in the proportion of 11 to 15 year olds who have never tried alcohol, from 39 per cent in 2001 to 49 per cent last year.
These figures coincide with a 21 per cent decline in the number of children under the age of 16 needing hospital treatment for alcohol-related diseases in the past two years, suggesting that safe drinking messages may be starting to get through. (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 07/19/11) independent.co.uk, 07/06/11

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Royal Wedding: UK Citizens Want Extra Hours To Drink, Party

Freitag 29. April 2011 von htm

So Friday is the big day. In a highly anticipated wedding, not only in the United Kingdom but the world, there is some controversy if pubs and drinking establishments will be allowed to stay open longer and be a bit lax on the rules in the UK. Some will and some won’t as the nation prepares for a four day Bank Holiday where drinking is expected to go up a notch.
Early responses from the 44 licensing boards north of the Border show some are refusing to get in line with plans in England and Wales to award additional drinking time to pubs on Friday, April 29 and the following weekend. … (Source: Medical News Today, 04/28/11) Comment by Active: The Boozification of the Royal wedding. About Grownups who don’t know how to party:
Today is the big day. Media frenzy is at its height and people’s expectations are on their peak when the highly anticipated Royal wedding in London, UK will take place. But as Britain prepares for the festivities, there’s not only controversy about wedding dresses, wedding date, etiquette and so on. There is also some controversy if pubs and bars should or should not be allowed to open longer and if it should be allowed to be “lax on the rules”.
“The world doesn’t need more booze, Europe doesn’t need more booze and Britain surely doesn’t need more booze”, says Andrea Lavesson, who is the President of Active – sobriety, friendship and peace, and continues: “Every time there is a big event, we hear these calls for a suspension of existing rules, so that grownups could use more alcohol. But more alcohol means more violence, more road accidents, more suffering and deaths. And all that certainly doesn’t belong to festive occasions like today.” …

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SA: Alcohol advertising ban: media between a rock and a hard place

Dienstag 26. April 2011 von htm

South African media’s indecision to support alcohol advertising ban could be linked to the fact that media companies stand to lose huge revenues if the legislation were to come into effect, one media analyst charged this week. Shepherd Mpofu, of Wits University’s Department of Media Studies, said there is no logical reason why the media have to support a move that will have a negative consequence on them. …It was reported last week that the media have agreed to support the proposed ban, but that statement has since been denied and corrected by the South African National Editor’s Forum (SANEF), which confirmed that it will instead throw its weight behind the campaign against alcohol abuse, as it does not have a position on the proposed alcohol advertising ban.
… „The government has a right to be worried about these effects. Crime is increasing, and the spread of sexual transmissible diseases, poor work output, poor performance at school and a lot of other societal malfunctions are just some of the few effects of alcohol abuse.“
The Soul City Institute insists that an independent and vibrant media is uniquely poised to unpack and critically interrogate the role of alcohol advertising and marketing, and shape the public debate around alcohol-related harm reduction.
Mpofu said: „If the media were to play a responsible role in society, then there is every reason to support the ban on alcohol advertising. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/25/11) bizcommunity.com, 04/19/11

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UK: Relaxation of licensing hours for the Royal Wedding have been confirmed.

Dienstag 12. April 2011 von htm

An order allows licensed premises in England and Wales to stay open between 11pm on Friday 29 April and 1am on Saturday 30 April, and between 11pm on Saturday 30 April and 1am on Sunday 1 May. More here. (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 04/12/11)

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USA: Woman Accused Of Serving Alcohol To Underage Guests

Dienstag 11. Januar 2011 von htm

Arrest Report Says More Than 100 Juveniles Attended Open-House Party.
VERO BEACH, Fla. — A Vero Beach woman was arrested Saturday night after she hosted an open-house party where alcohol was served to more than 100 underage guests, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said.
Laura Bloom was arrested on charges of open house party and contributing to the delinquency of a child, both misdemeanors. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 01/11/11) wpbf.com, 01/10/11

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Thailand: Alcohol in the Globalized World

Dienstag 14. Dezember 2010 von htm

– Thailand will never give trade benefits higher priority than public health, declared Thai Prime Minister Abhisit at this year’s National Alcohol Conference in Bangkok.
More than 800 national and international representatives from civil society, academics, health professionals, government representatives and many other groups, representing millions of people, is a strong force. But is it strong enough to keep alcohol out of the Free Trade Agreements negotiations and strengthen the protection of public health?
This was one of the issues raised during the 6th National Alcohol Conference, NAC, in Thailand, held the 22 – 23 November in Bangkok. This year’s conference was jointly hosted by Center for Alcohol Studies, CAS and Integrated Management of Alcohol Intervention Program, IMAP and the theme for conference was “Alcohol in the Globalized World”. (Source: ADD, 12/13/10)

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USA: Texas Rangers: A Class Act

Mittwoch 3. November 2010 von htm

We are, unfortunately, used to seeing booze ads during sports. (Baseball: the nation’s pasttime. Alcohol: the nation’s poison?) And, come October, we’re used to seeing baseball players celebrate playoff series‘ wins with televised champagne sprays.
So, this playoff season when the Texas Rangers won the American League Divisional Series, and then the A.L. Championship Series (ALCS), the Ale of choice — Ginger Ale — was a welcome surprise.
The Rangers gave dual celebrations — one nonalcoholic — out of respect for their ALCS MVP center-fielder Josh Hamilton, who is sober and in ongoing recovery. They also gave a separate champagne party for players. (Source: Join Together, 11/02/10)

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AA Original Manuscript Shows Debate Over Religion

Sonntag 3. Oktober 2010 von htm

The original manuscript of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Big Book is being published for the first time, along with edits that changed its references to religion, the Washington Post reported Sept. 22.
The first AA manual, called: „Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism,“ was published in 1939, the Associated Press (AP) reported Sept. 28. (Source: Join Together, 10/1/10)

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Working Towards a Holistic Alcohol Strategy in Europe

Freitag 17. September 2010 von htm

Communication, Education and Public Awareness
The Silken Hotel, Brussels, Thursday 30th September 2010
KEY SPEAKER: Mr. Michael Huebel, Head of Unit – Health Determinants, DG SANCO, European Commission
Event DetailsWebsiteRegister to Attend

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