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USA: Wade Michael Page: Excessive drinking cost Sikh temple shooter his military career, civilian job

Donnerstag 9. August 2012 von htm

OAK CREEK, Wis. —Wade Michael Page, the gunman in Sunday’s Sikh temple shooting, had a history of problems with alcohol, which led to him losing his military career and, more recently, a job as a trucker.

Page, 40, was shot to death by a Wisconsin police officer after he killed six Sikh worshipers at a temple here and shot another officer. He was discharged from the Army in 1998 because he had been found drunk during military exercises, according to law enforcement authorities. He was convicted of driving under the influence a year later in Colorado. And a trucking company confirmed Tuesday morning that it fired Page two years ago after he was pulled over in North Carolina for driving while impaired. ….
(Source: Join Together, 08/08/12) washingtonpost.com, 08/07/12

This to remember for all those who believe that their drinking is only their own business,their private affair.

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USA: Nebraska Policymakers Overturn State Supreme Court Ruling on Alcopops

Montag 30. April 2012 von htm

Last month the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that flavored malt beverages, also known as alcopops, are distilled spirits and should be classified and taxed as such, instead of the beer tax rate the state has been using. The ruling meant 12 times more alcopops tax revenue for the budget-beleaguered state, and less access to alcopops for youth, whom producers target with these products.

A ruling like that should have policymakers celebrating, wouldn’t you think? After all, their responsibility is to serve the health and welfare of the public they represent, along with keeping a balanced budget for the state. Or is it? Just one month after the ruling, state legislators effectively overturned the Nebraska Supreme Court’s decision with LB 824. Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman approved the legislation April 6. The new law keeps the status quo intact: taxing alcopops at the beer rate and keeping the products available wherever beer is sold. …

It’s no surprise to see certain legislators going out of their way to please the powerful alcohol industry lobby at the expense of the communities they are supposed to represent. However, we don’t often see a legislature deliberately override the state supreme court in order to make alcohol companies happy. Welcome to the Doghouse, Nebraska Legislature and Governor Heineman.
(Source: Alcohol Justice, 04/17/12)

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DK: First fine ever for targeting alcohol marketing at minors

Freitag 27. Januar 2012 von htm

Lately a ruling in Denmark – the first of its kind – provides that alcohol has no place in advertising targeted minors. The ruling is a victory for the Consumer Ombudsman, as well as for Alcohol and Society (former Danish Alcohol Policy Network) being the fruit of several complaints throughout the years.
Two years ago in 2008 the Danish Consumer Ombudsman clamped down on youth travel agencies with the law addition of 2006 as his legal basis. He thereby introduced a complete ban on alcohol in marketing targeted minors (below 18). December 2011 the law was put to the test and stood its ground. The court has sentenced the youth travel agency, Dansk Ungdomsferie Aps a 55.000 fine (7.000 Euros) for targeting minors and encouraging alcohol consumption. …
(Source: Eurocare Newsletter, 01/25/12)

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USA: Drunk Driving Penalties Vary Widely by Location

Sonntag 31. Juli 2011 von htm

Punishments for drunk driving vary widely by location, ranging from receiving a ticket to landing in jail for a first-time offense, according to USA Today.
When former NBA star and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was sentenced this week in the Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield for drunk driving, he was ordered to serve 20 days in the county jail for his first offense. Had he appeared in nearby Pontiac, MI, he most likely would not have gone to jail, the newspaper reports.
States that require mandatory jail time for first offenders include Alaska, Tennessee and Georgia, while no jail time is required for first-time offenders in California, Connecticut and Indiana. Wisconsin gives first-time drunk drivers a ticket. (Source: Join Together, 07/29/11)

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USA: Kansas Requires First-Time Drunk Drivers to Use Ignition Interlock Devices on Cars

Freitag 27. Mai 2011 von htm

A new law signed this week by Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas will require people arrested for the first time for drunk driving offenses to use ignition interlock devices on their cars. The law also requires the state to set up a central database of cases involving driving under the influence (DUI). …
The law, which goes into effect in July, strengthens the current law which suspends the license of a first-time DUI offender for 30 days, and allows a judge to order use of an ignition interlock device for another 330 days. The Associated Press reports that the new law mandates that the interlock device be used for 180 days after the license suspension.
Federal statistics showed that alcohol-related traffic deaths increased in Kansas in 2009 while they dropped nationwide. (Source: Join Together, 5/26/11)

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Ireland: First ‚liquor liability‘ trial over hotel guest death

Mittwoch 4. Mai 2011 von htm

Two barmen from the Irish Republic are due to go on trial for the manslaughter of a British man who died from acute alcohol intoxication. The landmark prosecution against Gary Wright and Aidan Dalton will begin in County Tipperary on Wednesday.
They are charged with unlawfully killing a guest at the Hayes Hotel in Thurles on 1 July 2008.
It is the first case of its kind under the liquor liability laws in Ireland. In England it is an offence to ‚knowingly sell or attempt to sell alcohol to a person who is drunk‘ but is punishable by a fine only. (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 5/4/11) bbc.co.uk, 5/3/11

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NZ: Adults need to ‚let go of their love for alcohol‘ – expert

Dienstag 26. April 2011 von htm

There is growing pressure for the government to tighten up New Zealand’s alcohol laws following a report into the death of a teenager from binge drinking.
Sixteen-year-old James Webster died from acute alcohol poisoning after attending a party in Auckland’s Grey Lynn in May last year.
Coroner Gordon Matenga recommended in the report that parents and schools develop alcohol awareness programmes to improve education around the issue.
However principals and health promotion experts have said this morning that it will take more than education to tackle the problem. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/25/11) tvnz.co.nz, 04/21/11 Comment: This is what has to be said to most governments in the western world.

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NL: Fine imposed for violating Dutch watershed ban on TV alcohol advertising

Montag 18. April 2011 von htm

In February 2011 the Dutch Directorate for Media ruled that the STER (Stichting Ether Reklame), the organisation responsible for providing the commercials to public channels in the Netherlands, had violated the new Dutch Media Law. The STER received a fine of 35.000 euro for broadcasting TV alcohol commercials for Heineken and Bavaria beer before 9 p.m. in 2010. The complaints were filed by the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP).
Since the 1st of January 2010 a legal watershed ban on alcohol advertising came into force in The Netherlands. Between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. alcohol commercials are not allowed to be broadcasted on radio and television. Sponsoring of programs by alcohol advertisers is still allowed. … (Source: Eurocare Newsletter March-April 2011)

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USA: Maker of Four Loko Sued for Fraud Again

Samstag 19. März 2011 von htm

Another lawsuit has been filed against Phusion Projects, LLC, maker of Four Loko alcoholic beverages, Crain’s reported March 9.
The new lawsuit, which is aiming for class-action status, was filed March 4 in the Southern District Court of California. It claims that Four Loko misled its customers about the potency of its caffeinated alcoholic beverages by using fruit flavors, colorful packaging, and clever shelf placement in stores to suggest they were similar to non-alcoholic beverages. Source: Join Together, 03/18/11)

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USA: Indiana Alcohol Board Wins Sales Permit Fight

Mittwoch 16. März 2011 von htm

Indiana liquor retailers have lost another round in their lawsuit against the state’s alcohol control board, Indystar.com reported March 5.
The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers sued the state Alcohol and Tobacco Commission in January 2010 for granting more permits for selling beer than were allowed under state law. (Source: Join Together, 03/15/11)

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