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UK: Ten communities recieve DCLG funding to tackle binge and underage drinking

Donnerstag 17. Mai 2012 von htm

The 10 communities that will receive funding for work to tackle binge and underage drinking have been announced by Communities and Local Government. The fund was opened for bids earlier this year by Baroness Newlove, the government’s Champion for Active, Safer Communities.
The CLG press release states:

Over the next two years these innovative grassroots projects, backed by local authorities, police and retailers, are expected to deliver real results to end the fallout of problem drinking. Other communities will hopefully be inspired to follow their lead. The projects will address separate issues that are the greatest challenges in their neighbourhoods, with measures of their success that will include:

– a reduction in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents related to alcohol consumption
– fewer A&E admissions to local hospitals or fewer ambulance call outs as a result of drinking
– the consumption of alcohol by young people reducing to safe levels; and
– a reduction in purchasing of alcohol made on behalf of under 18s („proxy purchasing“).
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 05/16/12)

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