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UK: Alcohol industry sheds a billion units to cut hospital admissions and 1,000 deaths

Montag 26. März 2012 von htm

A billion units of alcohol will be shed by the alcohol industry through an ambitious plan to help customers drink within guidelines, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today.

The initiative, which is part of the Responsibility Deal, is being spearheaded by 34 leading companies behind brands like Echo Falls, First Cape and Heineken and will see a greater choice of lower strength alcohol products and smaller measures by 2015.

Market intelligence suggests consumers are increasingly looking for lower strength wines. In the past year, demand for lower and non-alcoholic beer has soared by 40 per cent across all retailers.

Key commitments include new and lighter products, innovating through existing brands and removing products from sale.

(Source: Alcohol Reports, 03/23/12)
Comment: Very interesting. The industry accepts that its products are responsible for hospital admissions and deaths. It admits to be able to lead the consumer to drink less dangerous products. Marketing works. Now we can wait again if the industry fulfills its promise.

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