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Maryland, USA: The „dime a drink“ pledge

Dienstag 10. August 2010 von htm

Aside from the self-destructive and Walter F. Mondale, politicians don’t generally run on a promise to raise taxes. They’re more inclined to run from that prospect. So health care advocates probably shouldn’t expect to hire extra mail sorters for all the candidates returning pledge forms committing themselves to a proposed „dime a drink“ liquor tax increase.
Members of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative are probably aware of this. They’ve not even bothered with the governor’s race and instead directed the campaign entirely at those running for the House of Delegates and state Senate. There are primaries in hardcore Democratic districts where such a pledge might actually make a difference. (Source: Marin Institute, 8/10/10) healthcareforall.com, 7/20/10

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