Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Statement on alcohol policy

Dienstag 10. August 2010 von htm

IOGT International is the largest international non-governmental organization working for the promotion of an alcohol-free lifestyle. At its Congress this month it published the following statement:
According to the World Health Organization, WHO, alcohol is the third most prominent cause of ill health in the world, killing 2.6 million people every year. Alcohol is an obstacle to development and closely linked to poverty, inequity, violence, traffic accidents and the spread of various diseases such as HIV.
The Congress of IOGT International sees the need for a strong and global action and highly supports the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy, undertaken by the World Health Assembly in 2010.
IOGT International:
– Demands the governments within the member states to use the strategy in their policy work to reduce the harm of alcohol, with particular attention to alcohol as an obstacle to development.
– Supports the evidence-based and cost effective methods within the strategy, such as taxation and restrictions of marketing and availability
– Welcomes the formulation saying that non drinkers should get support and protection from any pressure from the alcohol-industry or others to drink
– Will support the policy makers with experience from the work of our member organizations as well as knowledge in alcohol prevention, rehabilitation and policy work (Source: IOGT International)

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