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UK Government rejects health watchdog’s alcohol policy

Mittwoch 2. Juni 2010 von htm

The Government clashed with its medical advisers yesterday over how to tackle Britain’s burgeoning problem of heavy drinking. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) called for the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol to discourage supermarkets from discounting the cheapest products and promoting heavy drinking. It said its recommendations were backed by more than 100 scientific studies.
But Health Secretary Andrew Lansley rejected its analysis and said ministers instead favoured banning supermarkets and off-licences from selling alcohol „below cost price“. Mr Lansley said: „It is not clear that [Nice’s] research examines specifically the regressive effect on low-income families [of a minimum price], or proves conclusively that it is the best way to impact price in order to impact demand.“ (Source: Google Alkohol News) n2day.com, 6/2/10 / bbc.news.co.uk, 6/2/10) with our online-comments. (2)

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