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Portman concern: Tesco moves alcohol units to front of pack

Mittwoch 2. Juni 2010 von htm

The Portman Group has challenged a decision by Tesco to move information on alcohol units from the back to the front of alcohol packaging. The supermarket giant said last week that it would move information on alcohol units from the back label of the pack to the front in order, it said, to „help consumers make responsible decisions“ about drinking. The announcement came as a new poll found that three in five UK adults would support tobacco-style health warnings on alcohol packaging. Tesco revealed the measure as part of wider plans to tackle anti-social and unhealthy drinking and said it would work with its branded alcohol suppliers to make front-of-pack alcohol unit information an industry standard.
Alcohol marketing watchdog The Portman Group questioned Tesco’s move decision, saying that it would make more sense to keep all warnings in one place on the back of the pack. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 6/2/10) packagingnews.co.uk, 24 May 2010

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