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Eurocare warns of alcohol-related cancer risks

Montag 2. Juli 2012 von htm

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance has launched a new website to flag up the risks associated with alcohol consumption and cancer.

Alcohol is a carcinogenic (cancer causing) substance, yet only 1 in 5 people are aware of the risks that alcohol can bring. 10% of the total cancers in males and 3% of the total cancers in females are thought to be associated with alcohol consumption. A range of cancers are linked to alcohol, including liver cancer and prostate cancer. Any alcohol can increase the risk, so there isn’t a „safer“ alcoholic drink to gravitate to. …
(Source: Eurocare, 07/02/12)

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AU: Sports get $25m to curb binge drinking

Samstag 30. Juni 2012 von htm

TWELVE sports associations will become teetotal when it comes to alcohol sponsorship after a $25 million deal with the government.

The groups have struck a deal to promote safe alcohol consumption by adults, alcohol-free sporting environments for minors and to reduce alcohol promotion in their codes.

But the AFL and NRL were not part of the deal. Those that do have a stake include national associations for soccer, basketball, netball, swimming, cycling, hockey, athletics, skateboarding, volleyball, equestrian, triathlon and canoeing. They will be precluded from sponsorship that promotes alcohol consumption as it would be in conflict with the health campaign message of Be the Influence, Tackling Binge Drinking.

(Source: Harvard World Health News, 06/29/12) smh.com.au, 06/24/12

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HEIDI : A new way of sharing and storing health information in the EU!

Freitag 4. Mai 2012 von htm

Today, HEIDI – an internet based wiki that presents reliable and comparable data about health in the EU – has been launched by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health & Consumers. Although Heidi has been set up by the Commission, the content is written by European health experts – who are responsible for their contributions and can directly upload and edit information.

HEIDI stands for Health in Europe: Information and Data Interface. It is a dynamic tool that collects, updates and shares information about health in Europe, for example on health status, health determinants, systems and policies. Keep up-to-date by bookmarking the site!

The abundance of health data and indicators in the HEIDI wiki is constantly being added to and updated. The data can be sorted per year, by country and by region, allowing at-a-glace comparisons across the years and between Member States and regions in the EU. For a selection of health topics, the tool allows for the data to be presented in a variety of graphs – line chart, bar chart, map chart and table chart.

For more information on EU health indicators:

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FIFA is forcing Brazilian government to change law

Samstag 21. Januar 2012 von htm

Press Release IOGT-International, 01/21/12
Fifa, football’s world governing body, keeps insisting that alcohol must be sold at all venues hosting matches in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fifa even speaks of a right to sell beer. But alcohol is currently banned from Brazilian stadiums as part of measures to reduce violence in football and to improve public health in general. The country’s health minister has urged Congress to maintain the ban in the new “World Cup law”.

But Fifa is not willing to accept these arguments and Secretary-General Jerome Valcke says: “Alcoholic drinks are part of the Fifa World Cup, so we’re going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that’s something we won’t negotiate.”

“No, we do not excuse your arrogance,” says Mr. Sven-Olov Carlsson, President of IOGT International, “and we cannot accept that Fifa is willing to jeopardize the fun of the game, the safety of children and families and the positive social development in Brazilian society.”
“We suggest Fifa to take a good, hard look at its own Corporate Social Responsibility because words should be followed by deeds,” urges Mr. Carlsson.

Fifa writes on its webpage: “Ensuring that the game of football reflects the highest values of society is essential to Fifa. Through its regulations and actions on and off the pitch, Fifa fights negative influences on the game and ensures that the fundamental values are respected.”

A WHO study carried out in (among others) Brazil, showed that about 46% of violence-related cases included alcohol use. The study also demonstrated that violence related injuries increase with alcohol use. Global evidence shows that alcohol marketing, like sports sponsorship, causes earlier onset of alcohol use among youth and heavier alcohol use for those already consuming. All over the world, alcohol is an obstacle for development and human dignity. It is the socially the most harmful drug.

“That’s why IOGT International strongly supports the Brazilian Health Minister and calls on the Brazilian Parliament to keep football stadiums free from alcohol,” says Mr. Carlsson and continues:
“Football is about creativity and freedom. Alcohol is not. So, why does Fifa force them together and knowingly accept that people will suffer? For the profit? We demand from Fifa to take its own words seriously and put people before profit. Let’s set football free.”

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Freitag 23. Dezember 2011 von htm

Unit C4 – Health Determinants, Brussels 17 November 2011
Summary Report, 12/22/11

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EU: Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA)

Dienstag 22. November 2011 von htm

High level meeting, Brussels, 17 November 2011. The 9th meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action
(CNAPA) took place on 17 November 2011. For the first time Member States were represented at senior level, in addition to regular CNAPA members. Attendance was very high. The meeting was chaired by Despina Spanou, Principal Advisor with DG Health and Consumers and Chair of the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF). … (Source: EU-DG for Health and Consumers, 11/21/11)

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EU Commissioner for Health takes clear stance for prevention

Donnerstag 27. Oktober 2011 von htm

Messages of Hope for Young Europeans

On Wednesday, John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, addressed the 9th plenary meeting
of the European Alcohol and Health Forum and in doing so conveyed several messages of hope for young Europeans and
their future.
“Today we express how gladly we welcome some of the key messages of Commissioner Mr. Dalli,” says Andrea Lavesson,
President of the European youth organization Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. “And the time for Mr. Dalli’s first
visit to the Alcohol and Health Forum has symbolic importance, too: as children and young people continue to suffer from
alcohol harm in many areas of their lives, the progress achieved under EU alcohol strategy to reduce alcohol harm will be
evaluated in 2012.”
Europe is the heaviest drinking region in the world. 9 Million Children and young people are exposed to growing up in families
with at least one alcohol addicted parent. 25% of young men between 15 and 29 years of age die too early. Under-age
alcohol use is more likely to kill young Europeans than all “illegal” drugs combined. Another aspect of this was mentioned
by Commissioner Dalli: “Despite our efforts, young people continue to drink at unacceptable high levels. Eight out of ten
people [aged 15 to 24] say they have easy access to alcohol.” Science shows that the earlier young people start using alcohol,
the higher will their consumption be later on in life – posing risks to individual health and to societal development.
More than 60% of all violent acts are connected to alcohol use. Every year the costs of direct social harm amount to €125
The conclusion for Commissioner Dalli is clear: “We must invest in promoting good health, rather than spending on ill
“For us it was very important to hear these messages from the EU Commissioner for Health,” says Andrea, from Active –
sobriety, friendship and peace. “To prevent alcohol harm is the smarter way, economically sound and exactly what young
Europeans deserve and need. Europe is in a critical period and we need to make strong efforts on different policy areas,
including public health, so that the next generation of Europeans is more creative, more innovative, healthier and more
“Alcohol policy such as measures to ensure the legal age limits are upheld, youth is not target by industry marketing strategies,
prices are high to make it hard for youth to buy alcohol – which were all mentioned by Commissioner Dalli, is not only
about enhancing health,” explains Andrea, from Active. “It is an important tool to enhance the European society, make it
more inclusive, more fair and more attractive for young Europeans. It is a tool to increase freedom.”
Sources: press release 10/20/11: http://www.activeeurope.org/attachedFiles/documents/press_release_19_Message_of_Hope_for_young_Europeans.pdf
Alcohol and youth fact sheet: http://www.activeeurope.org/attachedFiles/Active_factsheet_-_Alcohol__harm_and_young_Europeans.pdf
Dalli speech: http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/dalli/docs/speech_alcohol_health_forum_19102011_en.pdf
Dalli news: http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/dalli/docs/midex_19102011_alcohol_forum_en.pdf
Commission fact sheet: http://ec.europa.eu/health/archive/ph_determinants/life_style/alcohol/documents/alcohol_factsheet_en.pdf

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UK: Latest LAPE alcohol figures hit headlines over rising hospital admissions

Freitag 26. August 2011 von htm

Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE 2011) figures have been released, drawing media attention to areas with highest rates of harm and a continuing upwards national trend. Total alcohol-related admissions for England reached over one million in 2009/10; an increase of 879 alcohol-related admissions per day compared to five years ago.
The figures indicate that over the five years to 2009/10 there has been a 24.6% increase in the number of people being admitted to hospital due to alcohol specific conditions. However LAPE now includes data indicating there are more than six million people over 16 in England who do not drink alcohol. Patterns of abstention relate strongly to ethnicity as estimates range from 6.4% of adults in Mid Devon to 48.0% in London’s Newham borough. Other reported findings include: … (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 08/25/11)

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TOP NEWS: „Powerful Sway“ Of Industry To Cut Avoidable Deaths From Chronic Diseases, BMJ Raises Concern

Donnerstag 25. August 2011 von htm

In view of September’s summit on non-communicable diseases where world leaders will meet at the United Nations in New York, the BMJ raises serious concerns regarding the „powerful sway“ of the tobacco, alcohol, food and drug industries as international governments prepare to agree global targets to cut avoidable deaths from chronic diseases. … (Source: Medical News Today, 08/25/11)

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UK: BBC Panorama alcohol report questions industry influence

Samstag 6. August 2011 von htm

A BBC Panorama alcohol report, ‚Dying for a Drink‘, this week questioned the level of industry influence over Government policy whilst exploring the impact of alcohol misuse within hospitals. Scrutinising Government alcohol policy, Panorama revealed that industry representation on the Government and Partners Alcohol Working Group had recently increased from a few up to 7 out of the 16 members. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/3/11)

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