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EU Commissioner for Health takes clear stance for prevention

Donnerstag 27. Oktober 2011 von htm

Messages of Hope for Young Europeans

On Wednesday, John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, addressed the 9th plenary meeting
of the European Alcohol and Health Forum and in doing so conveyed several messages of hope for young Europeans and
their future.
“Today we express how gladly we welcome some of the key messages of Commissioner Mr. Dalli,” says Andrea Lavesson,
President of the European youth organization Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. “And the time for Mr. Dalli’s first
visit to the Alcohol and Health Forum has symbolic importance, too: as children and young people continue to suffer from
alcohol harm in many areas of their lives, the progress achieved under EU alcohol strategy to reduce alcohol harm will be
evaluated in 2012.”
Europe is the heaviest drinking region in the world. 9 Million Children and young people are exposed to growing up in families
with at least one alcohol addicted parent. 25% of young men between 15 and 29 years of age die too early. Under-age
alcohol use is more likely to kill young Europeans than all “illegal” drugs combined. Another aspect of this was mentioned
by Commissioner Dalli: “Despite our efforts, young people continue to drink at unacceptable high levels. Eight out of ten
people [aged 15 to 24] say they have easy access to alcohol.” Science shows that the earlier young people start using alcohol,
the higher will their consumption be later on in life – posing risks to individual health and to societal development.
More than 60% of all violent acts are connected to alcohol use. Every year the costs of direct social harm amount to €125
The conclusion for Commissioner Dalli is clear: “We must invest in promoting good health, rather than spending on ill
“For us it was very important to hear these messages from the EU Commissioner for Health,” says Andrea, from Active –
sobriety, friendship and peace. “To prevent alcohol harm is the smarter way, economically sound and exactly what young
Europeans deserve and need. Europe is in a critical period and we need to make strong efforts on different policy areas,
including public health, so that the next generation of Europeans is more creative, more innovative, healthier and more
“Alcohol policy such as measures to ensure the legal age limits are upheld, youth is not target by industry marketing strategies,
prices are high to make it hard for youth to buy alcohol – which were all mentioned by Commissioner Dalli, is not only
about enhancing health,” explains Andrea, from Active. “It is an important tool to enhance the European society, make it
more inclusive, more fair and more attractive for young Europeans. It is a tool to increase freedom.”
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