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France says drivers must carry alcohol breath tests

Dienstag 28. Februar 2012 von htm

Starting July 1, you’ll have to carry a portable blood-alcohol test kit with you if you want to drive in France. You’ll be fined 11 euros — about $15 — if you can’t produce one when the gendarmes ask.
Who knew such a thing even existed?

Turns out they’re about the size of a cigarette, available in the U.S. and are much cheaper when purchased in bulk. Expect to pay as much as $7 at a retail counter but as little as $2 when you buy a bunch. We found them at Walmart and suggest you read the instructions before your first drink, just to be safe.

The chemically coated crystals inside these single-use devices react to concentrations of alcohol in the user’s breath, turning colors above a certain threshold. Most manufacturers sell the devices tuned for “zero tolerance” situations (such as school, they note), 0.05 percent (the legal blood-alcohol level in France), or 0.08 percent, the limit in the U.S. (See “Calculate your limit: Avoid a DUI disaster.”)
Friends in Europe suggest carrying two: One to use and one to show the police. …

(Source: Alcohol Reports, News, 02/27/12) foxbusiness.com, 02/24/12

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