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UK: Nazi-themed drinking game ’sparked brawl on LSE union skiing trip‘

Donnerstag 19. Januar 2012 von htm

London School of Economics launches inquiry into allegations Jewish student’s nose was broken during incident in Val d’Isère
The London School of Economics is investigating allegations that a Nazi-themed drinking game led to a brawl in which a Jewish student’s nose was broken.
The inquiry relates to a skiing trip to Val d’Isère organised by the students‘ union last month and attended by 150 students from the university’s athletics union.
According to a statement released by the LSE’s Jewish society, the assault took place after a Jewish student objected to the drinking game. The violence was not serious enough for French police to be involved, a students‘ union source said.
The LSE said: „These are disturbing allegations relating to events which took place on a foreign trip organised by the students‘ union. Both the SU and LSE are investigating these events and are prepared to take disciplinary action if the allegations are shown to be true.
(Source: newsletter Active, 01/19/12) guardian.co.uk, 01/16/12

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