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UK: Below-cost alcohol to be banned from April in England and Wales

Freitag 18. November 2011 von htm

A ban on the sale of alcohol below a minimum price will be introduced in England and Wales from 6 April 2012.

Shops and bars will not be able to sell drinks for less than the tax paid on them – a move the government says will cut crime.

It works out as 38p for a can of weak lager and £10.71 for a litre of vodka.

Health campaigners say the price „floor“ is too low to have any impact, but the drinks industry has described it as a „pragmatic solution“.

The move comes as the Scottish government presses ahead with plans to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol.

Its first attempt to do so, setting the price at 45p per unit, failed during the last Parliament, but MSPs have now reintroduced the bill and say the measure is needed as part of the „battle with alcohol misuse“. … (Source: bbc.co.uk, 11/08/11)

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