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The Australian National Binge Drinking Campaign

Dienstag 21. Juni 2011 von htm

Campaign recognition among young people at a music festival who report risky drinking.
The Australian Government launched a mass media campaign in 2009 to raise awareness of the harms and costs associated risky drinking among young Australians. The aim of this study was to assess if young people attending a music festival who report frequent risky single occasions of drinking (RSOD) recognise the key message of the campaign, „Binge drinking can lead to injuries and regrets“, compared to young people who report less frequent RSOD.
Conclusions: Whilst a high proportion of the target group recognised the campaign, our analysis suggests that participants that reported frequent RSOD – and thus the most important group to target – had statistically significantly lower odds of recognising the campaign message. (Source: BMC, Public Health, 06/20/11) Comment: Who wonders?

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