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India: Mumbai votes to increase alcohol age limit

Mittwoch 8. Juni 2011 von htm

Mumbai has voted to raise the age limit for buying spirits from 21 to 25 and beer 18 to 21, sparking concern from the drinks industry and fury among young people.
Politicians agreed to change the minimum age as part of moves to discourage under-age consumption and problem drinking.
The measures – which include fines for illegal drinking, a ban on serving alcohol at public functions and ceremonies and more „dry days“ when the sale of alcohol is banned – will apply in Mumbai and across the state of Maharashtra.
But Indian spirit-makers and the hotel and restaurant industry reacted strongly against the decision, saying it would adversely affect business.
„Thirty per cent of white spirits is consumed by people under 25,“ said Deepak Roy, vice-chairman and chief executive of Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), which makes the Indian whisky Officer’s Choice. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 06/07/11) telegraph.co.uk, 06/02/11

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