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Drinking at Work on the Rise in Silicon Valley

Samstag 19. März 2011 von htm

Doesn’t having a beer in the afternoon when you’re at work sound pretty cool? Sure it does — but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
Drinking at work is apparently getting more popular, especially in Silicon Valley workplaces, Bloomberg reported March 13.
Companies like Crowdflower, Tello, Twitter, and Yelp all reported making alcohol in some form available to their employees on a fairly constant basis – in some cases, 24/7.
Twitter keeps its employee fridge stocked with nonalcoholic drinks, plus beer and wine. „We treat employees as adults,“ said Twitter spokeswoman Jodi Olson, „and they act accordingly.“ (Source: Join Together, 03/18/11) Comment: A new study in Switzerland shows that the additional alcohol-related employee costs at workplaces are one Billion Swiss Francs a year.

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