Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Reflections on science and the governance of alcohol policy

Dienstag 22. Februar 2011 von htm

Authors: Peter Anderson, Antoni Gual
Aims: To consider, briefly, science’s role in informing alcohol policy, and how science could help reframe the present governance of alcohol policy. …
Results: Three endeavours are considered important for science’s role in informing alcohol policy: modelling studies that help predict the outcomes of differing policy approaches; studying the impact of live policy changes as a powerful set of natural experiments; and, improved study of the impact of integrated, coordinated and joined up alcohol policies, as opposed to the impact of individual alcohol policy measures. Three areas where science can contribute to strengthened alcohol policy governance include: analysis of different governance architectures that might promote joined-up actions between different sectors; the design of better metrics that measure the impact of public and private sector actions on health; and, by identifying incentives that help consumers make choices on the use of alcohol that improve health.
Conclusions: The impact of science on better alcohol policy governance can only happen if there is more and better dialogue between scientists and those who design alcohol policy. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 02/20/11) onlinelibrary.wiley.com, 02/16/11 our Comment: The problem is that politicians are under pressure of the alcohol industry and not willing to listen to science.

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