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UK: Alcohol policy in tatters as health experts revolt

Samstag 19. Februar 2011 von htm

The government’s „responsibility“ deal on alcohol looks likely to fall apart as health experts, angered by the limited concessions required of the drinks industry, consider walking away from the table.
The deal, between the industry, the government and health experts – including the chiefs of groups such as Alcohol Concern and the British Liver Trust, as well as senior doctors working on alcohol-related health problems – was billed, when launched last summer, as a fresh, collaborative approach to a serious public health problem. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 02/17/11) guardian.co.uk, 02/17/11 Comment: This could be foreseen. Some years ago, the World Health Organization declared, that alcohol prevention should be planned without the help of the alcohol industry. The industry only agrees with measures which will not reduce their profits. Such discussions are a waste of time and manpower an give the industry a moral acceptance.

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