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Alcohol marketing research: the need for a new agenda

Freitag 11. Februar 2011 von htm

by Petra S. Meier. Article first published online: 19 OCT 2010
ABSTRACT Aims: This paper aims to contribute to a rethink of marketing research priorities to address policy makers‘ evidence needs in relation to alcohol marketing.
Method: Discussion paper reviewing evidence gaps identified during an appraisal of policy options to restrict alcohol marketing.
Findings Evidence requirements can be categorized as follows: (i) the size of marketing effects for the whole population and for policy-relevant population subgroups, (ii) the balance between immediate and long-term effects and the time lag, duration and cumulative build-up of effects and (iii) comparative effects of partial versus comprehensive marketing restrictions on consumption and harm. …
Conclusion: It is essential that studies into marketing effect sizes are geared towards informing policy decision-makers, anchored strongly in theory, use measures of effect that are well-justified and recognize fully the complexities of alcohol marketing efforts. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 02/07/11) onlinelibrary.wiley.com

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