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UK: The likely impacts of increasing alcohol price

Mittwoch 19. Januar 2011 von htm

…a summary review of the evidence base.
‚Below cost‘ ban announced as duty + VAT re-opens pricing debate.
The Government has announced the ‚below cost ban‘ will be defined as the rate of duty + VAT, despite concerns from critics that few drinks are sold below this level. A Home Office press release said „This is an important first step in delivering the government’s commitment to ban the sale of alcohol ‚below cost‘ price.“
However some media reports described the measures as ‚minimum pricing‘, a different approach based on cost per unit. See here for the differences between a below cost ban and minimum pricing. The ban on sales below a duty + VAT rate has been calculated as preventing retailers from selling… (Source: Alcohol Policy UK110119 / Home Office, January 2011

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