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UK: Drug strategy 2010 outlines joint drug and alcohol treatment objectives

Freitag 10. Dezember 2010 von htm

The 2010 drugs strategy Reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life has been released by the Home Office. It outlines that „severe alcohol dependence raises similar issues [to drug dependence] and that treatment providers are often one and the same. Therefore, where appropriate, this strategy will also consider severe alcohol dependency.“
An alcohol chapter on page 7 states:
‚Alcohol plays an important part in the cultural life of this country, with large numbers employed in production, retail and the hospitality industry. Pubs, bars and clubs contribute to community and family life and also generate valuable revenue to the economy. However, alcohol is a regulated product. Some individuals misuse it, contributing to crime and anti-social behaviour, preventable illness and early death. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 12/10/10) alcoholpolicy.net, 12/08/10

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