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TOP News: Does Moderate Drinking Confer Health Benefits Or Not?

Samstag 28. August 2010 von htm

While moderate drinking – one to less than three drinks per day – is linked to a decrease in mortality in middle-aged and older adults, there is also concern that the health benefits of moderate drinking have been overestimated. A new study of the association between drinking and mortality during a 20-year period, which controlled for confounding factors such as previous problem drinking, confirms an association of moderate drinking and reduced mortality among older adults. … „Our findings demonstrate that abstainers were significantly more likely to have had prior drinking problems, to be obese, and to smoke cigarettes than moderate drinkers and scored significantly higher than moderate drinkers on health problems, depressive symptoms, and avoidance coping,“ he said. „In addition, abstainers were significantly lower than moderate drinkers on socioeconomic status, physical activity, number of close friends, and quality of friend support and significantly less likely to be married than moderate drinkers. Moreover, all of these factors that were associated with abstention significantly predicted mortality.“ … (Source: Medical News Today, 8/27/10) our online-comment: This study is the end of all those alcohol friendly research we have had in the last decade. We always said, that the control group of abstainers used in those studies was a swindle, now that’s the proof. In German newspapers the headlines still say the contrary. Perhaps they learn now that the wind has changed. We have to thank a lot to that team of researchers!

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