Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Event: Working Towards a Holistic Alcohol Strategy in Europe

Donnerstag 12. August 2010 von htm

ommunication, Education and Public Awareness
The Silken Hotel, Brussels, Thursday 30th September 2010; KEY SPEAKER: Mr. Michael Huebel, Head of Unit – Health Determinants, DG SANCO, European Commission
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EU citizens experience the highest rate of alcohol consumption in the world (11 litres of pure alcohol per adult each year), and on top of the already serious public health concerns over binge-drinking, statistics on alcohol-related violence make sobering reading.
This timely International Symposium will examine the latest initiatives at both EU and National level, discuss the range of alcohol-focused projects supported by the World Health Organisation and consider recommendations for future actions to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol misuse.

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