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Lancet Comment Calls For More Research Into Alcohol Use, HIV

Dienstag 10. August 2010 von htm

According to a Lancet Comment, „alcohol remains conspicuously absent from the larger field of research and programming in HIV and substance use. … Patterns of hazardous alcohol consumption prevail in countries with the most severe HIV epidemics, notably eastern and southern Africa.“ In addition, „hazardous drinking patterns also dominate in the concentrated epidemics of eastern Europe and Asia, where alcohol use by injecting drug users and other marginalised groups might be an additional barrier to effective efforts to prevent HIV infection.“ The comment notes that both men and women are harmed by excessive alcohol use and calls for more research „focused on reducing alcohol-related sexual-risk behaviour, [which] might offer valuable lessons for the wider field of HIV and substance-use research“ (Fritz et. al, 8/7). (Source: Medical News Today, 8/09/10) our Online-Comment: „Conspicuously“ is the correct wording in this connection. Alcohol is
„tabu“ regarding HIV, poverty, developing aid and sexual-risk behaviour. Public health authorities and politicians are afraid they would have to fight for less alcohol consumption.

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