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USA: ‚Icing‘ Drinking Game Goes Viral

Donnerstag 10. Juni 2010 von htm

Smirnoff Denies Responsibility
From college campuses across the U.S. to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, „icing“ has become the first viral drinking game of the modern era, the New York Times reported June 8.
A modification of „tag“ involving alcohol, players „ice“ one another by handing off a warm Smirnoff Ice malt beverage, which must then be consumed on one knee immediately, regardless of the setting. The only way to avoid being „iced“ is if the target also has a Smirnoff Ice in their possession – in which case the attacker must consume both drinks in the same fashion.
Thanks to social media and websites like BrosIcingBros.com, the fad has spread almost overnight, even targeting celebrities like Coolio and rock band The National. (Source: Join Together, 6/9/10)

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