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USA: Burger King Selling Beer in South Beach

Donnerstag 27. Mai 2010 von htm

The Whopper Bar in Miami’s South Beach is exactly what it sounds like — a place where you can get a beer along with your Burger King sandwich. The new fast-food concept opened in February — it’s the first BK to sell alcohol in the U.S., though a couple of similar outlets are operating overseas.
USA Today reported that the Whopper Bar serves Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors beverages in aluminum bottles for $4.25 each, or $7.99 with a Whopper combo. The move is seen — surprise, surprise — as an attempt to attract younger customers. „The Burger King customer is aging,“ said Linda Lipsky, a restaurant consultant, „they’re just trying to grow up with the customer.“ (Source: Join Together-Blog, 5/26/10)

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