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Moderate Drinkers Have Less Heart Risk — But Maybe Not Because of Drinking

Mittwoch 26. Mai 2010 von htm

Like many other studies, new research from France concludes that moderate alcohol drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease than abstainers.
However, researchers said that moderate drinkers also tend to have a higher social status, get more exercise, had better levels of „good“ cholesterol, are less depressed and are generally healthier — factors that may have more to do with their coronary health than how much they drink, HealthDay News reported May 19.
Researcher Boris Hansel said that „a causal relationship between cardiovascular risk and moderate drinking is not at all established“ by the study. (Source: Join Together, 5/25/10) Comment: I am quite sure that all those scientists who got positive health results for moderate drinkers have studied before the booklet by ICAP „Who are the abstainers?“ (ICAP: International Center on Alcohol Policies by the international alcohol industry) The majority of life long abstainers will be of low social status, with no money to buy alcohol, but living from unhealthy fast food. My experience with hundreds of organized life long abstainers show many very old people, only few ones with heart problems. But where I live I have seen several moderate drinkers of upper middle class with heart problems and some even died.

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