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USA: Alcohol Firms Tap New Media to Reach Young Drinkers

Dienstag 25. Mai 2010 von htm

Adolescents are being bombarded with alcohol marketing online as firms exploit new-media tools and lax regulation to put their brand images and information in front of young drinkers, according to a new report.
HealthDay News reported May 19 that American University professor Kathryn Montgomery — author of the report, Alcohol Marketing in the Digital Age (PDF) — said that alcohol is being sold through „a multiplicity of platforms throughout the day and night that includes online, offline, mobile, digital, music, video — a whole range of different ways that consumers interact with new digital marketing.“ (Source: Join Together, 5/21/10) our online-comment: Ridiculous is the fact that we allow an industry at all to advertise and promote their products which damage our health, reduce our quality of life and cost us billions each year in social costs. To say the state is making money from alcohol is ridiculous as well, when we compare the very small alcohol taxes with the enormous alcohol related social costs.
To speak with the children is a nice suggestion, often heard from the alcohol industry. A very small percentage of parents does it, the rest will use TV and the Web as babysitters as before.

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