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European Commission: 2nd Eurobarometer on alcohol

Dienstag 4. Mai 2010 von htm

Brussels, 21 April 2010. Eurocare welcomes the Eurobarometer Special Report on attitudes towards alcohol, released today by the European Commission and finds it a very useful instrument to measure the success of the EU Alcohol Strategy that was adopted in October 2006.
The report shows there has been little variation in the prevalence of alcohol consumption since the question was last asked in autumn 2006 (75%) and that there is still ample cause for concern.
Eurocare is particularly worried about frequent binge drinking being so widespread across the EU, especially among young people:
* Three out of four respondents said they consume alcoholic drinks up to three times a week
* Young people aged 15-24 years are more likely than older age groups to have five or more drinks at a time.
(Source: Eurocare, 4/21/10) 1.- Special Eurobarometer 331 „EU citizens’ attitudes towards alcohol“
2.- European Commission Press release
First Progress Report on the implementation of the EU Alcohol Strategy, 2009
Further info on EU alcohol policy and action http://ec.europa.eu/health/alcohol/policy/index_en.htm

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