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UK is increasing the price of alcoholic beverages

Sonntag 18. April 2010 von htm

The UK government by Chancellor Alistair Darling has revealed its 2010 budget introducing measures to reduce and prevent alcohol-related harm. The Chancellor announced that alcohol duties will increase. The cider duty is to rise by 10% above inflation from midnight on Sunday. Wine, beer and spirit duties to rise by 2% from midnight on Sunday and further 2% rise planned for two years from 2014. This coincides with an article in Lancet, published 24th of March, shows that increasing the price level on alcohol are related to health benefit for all groups, and not only the heavy drinkers. The researches from University of Sheffield have found that general price increases were effective for reduction of consumption, health-care costs, and health-related quality of life losses in all population subgroups. Higher prices – better health! (Source: active’s newsletter April 2010, 4/16/10) Eurocare, 3/25/10

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