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Study: Moderate Drinking Doesn’t Sharpen Thinking Skills

Mittwoch 25. November 2009 von htm

Having a drink or two a day may not help maintain a sharp mind as people age, according to a new report.
Reuters reported Nov. 16 that researchers from University College London studied the alcohol use; social, economic and physical conditions; and thinking skills of 1,985 men and women ages 60 to 74. Data on the 87 percent of participants who said they drank moderately or didn’t drink at all were analyzed in further detail. … Researchers said that moderate drinkers likely have better mental skills as they get older because their superior social, economic, and educational status helped them improve their thinking skills throughout their lifetime, not because of drinking. (Source: Join Together, 11/24/09) Online-Comment: Now let’s see if the media report this study the same way they welcomed previous studies with the opposite result.

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