Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Project Idea

Freitag 3. Juli 2009 von htm

Project Idea
– To reduce many problems which all are connected with alcohol consumption:
– Poverty
– Children and youth in families with alcohol problems
– Problems in partnership, domestic violence, divorce, children of divorced parents
– Criminality an violence, violence by youth, sexual violence, unintended pregnancy
– Drink driving, death and invalidity
– Alcohol on the work place, absenteeism, wrong decisions, economic damage
– Youth alcoholism, old age alcoholism, addiction, about 60 different deseases in connection with alcohol (WHO), a burden for hospitals, health and other insurence premiums, states taxes
– In total 6.5 Billion Swiss Francs each year and a terrible lot of human tragedies and harm

– New chances for youth in sports, fine arts, as well as for youth organizations, sports organizations, music teachers – if they keep to preventive basic ideas
– New chances for the marketing people to forget about unethical campaigns
– Possibilities for fruit- and winefarmers to compensate income losses as a result of a reduction in consumption
– All would have a profit in health, security, quality of life, financially

Here is the link to the details

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