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UK: One in eight deaths before retirement is caused by alcohol, study finds

Dienstag 22. Mai 2012 von htm

One in eight deaths of UK adults under the age of 64 is caused by alcohol, an international conference on tackling problem drinking has heard.

The social cost of alcohol abuse has been estimated to be £240 a year for each European, with the annual bill for the NHS alone being £2.7 billion.

A major conference of addiction specialists from across the world is meeting at Newcastle University and organisers have called for England to follow Scotland and set a minimum price per unit.

They have also demanded a ban on advertising alcohol.
Too easy: Prof Eileen Kaner from Newcastle University said the government had to be bolder about tackling cheap alcoholl

In Europe, alcohol consumption is more than twice the global average and it represents the biggest addiction in the UK, greater than any illegal drug or gambling.

(Source: Alcohol Reports, News, 05/21/12) dailymail.co.uk, 05/16/12

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Russian Olympians Will Stay Dry During London Games

Dienstag 22. Mai 2012 von htm

Alcoholic drinks will be banned at any event organized by the Russian delegation in which athletes or delegation officials participate, Kommersant reported, citing information from the minutes of a meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the official in charge of the team’s trip to London.
Kozak representative Ilya Dzhus confirmed the information to Kommersant. „Olympic values are not commensurate with using alcohol,“ he said.

The ban applies to the Russian Olympic Committee, the Sochi 2014 organizing committee, the All-Russian Association of Summer Olympic Sports and the company Bosco di Ciliegi, the official outfitter of the Olympic team.

But a federal official in the meeting with Kozak suggested that organizers can make alcoholic beverages available at parties for their corporate clients and sponsors, as long as athletes or members of the official delegation do not participate. …
(Source: Alcohol Reports, News, 05/21/12) The Moscow Times, 22 May 2012

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Rising Alcohol Addiction Concerns Iranian Health Ministry

Freitag 18. Mai 2012 von htm

The Iranian Ministry of Health says the consumption of alcoholic beverages has reached alarming levels in the southern areas of Tehran.
Shargh Newspaper reported on Tuesday that senior ministry official Bagher Larijani said: “According to reports from physicians and hospitals in the southern Tehran area, the spread of alcohol consumption is very concerning.”
He added: “Action regarding consumption of alcohol has become more pressing that ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.”

The ministry also announced that it has only limited data regarding alcohol addiction, however, their research indicates there are two million addicts in the population, including alcohol addicts.

Previously, the head of the Task Force against Smuggling announced that alcohol smuggling was a $730-million-a-year business, and only a quarter of that is discovered and confiscated by the government.
Source: Google Alcohol News, 05/17/12) Radio Zamaneh/fluechtlingshilfeiranev2010.wordpress.com, 05/17/12

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The UK Responsibility Deal and its implications for effective alcohol policy in the UK and internationally

Donnerstag 17. Mai 2012 von htm

In 2010, the UK Government’s Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network (RDAN) was set up with representatives of the alcohol industry and health organisations. Acknowledging that RDAN does not advance public health objectives, the health groups withdrew from RDAN in 2011. This editorial argues that social responsibility deals as in RDAN and the European Alcohol Health Forum will be significantly undermined unless Corporate Social Responsibility is consistent in all activities across the whole sector. … (Editorial in „Addiction“ by DR ADRIAN BONNER &
Source: Alcohol Reports, 05/15/12) onlinelibrary.wiley.com, 05/15/12

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THE GLOBE – Issue 2 – 2012

Freitag 11. Mai 2012 von htm

In this issue:

NCD Alcohol Target Dropped to Placate Drinks Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives used “to undermine alcohol control policies”

Free trade agreements “threaten public health”

Global Alcohol Policy Conference – DECLARATION

Adults in Europe consume three standard alcoholic drinks per day on average New report on alcohol in European Union
and more….
THE GLOBE No. 2, 2012

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USA: Minors Can Easily Avoid Age Requirements When Buying Alcohol Online, Study Suggests

Mittwoch 9. Mai 2012 von htm

Minors are often able to buy alcohol online, because many Internet alcohol sellers and shipping companies do not verify the buyer’s age, a new study suggests.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recruited eight participants, ages 18 to 20, to try to buy wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages online. They were told to lie about their age when filling out order forms. If they were asked to verify their age by a delivery person, they were instructed to say they were not yet 21, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Participants placed orders at 100 Internet sites, and most deliveries were made by FedEx or United Parcel Service. Of those orders, 45 were successfully made and received. Just 28 orders were rejected because the person placing the order was found to be a minor. The rest of the orders did not go through because there were technical difficulties, or because no one was home at the time of attempted delivery. …
(Source: Join Together, 05/8/12)

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N: Actis: Loss of income if the pubs close one hour earlier

Donnerstag 3. Mai 2012 von htm

Around 50 Norwegian municipalities currently have places that sell alcohol to three o’clock at night. If these pubs have to close the sale of alcohol an hour earlier, the income of each club will probably be reduced by around 10 percent, according to a new report from the Norwegian National Institute of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research (SIRUS).

– The main conclusion is that a one-hour reduction in the sales hours will reduce revenue per pint with an average of 9 to 12 percent, said SIRUS researcher Hans Olav Melberg.

– This is an average. Some restaurants and bars will experience a larger drop in sales, while others will experience a smaller effect, said Melberg.

The figures from the research are good news for all those who are working for an reduction of binge drinking and violence, says Sten Magne Berglund, Deputy Secretary General of Actis – a Norwegian Policy Network on alcohol and drugs. …
(Source: Eurocare Newsletter 4/2012)

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Swedish alcohol intake hikes after EU entry

Mittwoch 2. Mai 2012 von htm

Contemporary Swedes drink significantly more alcohol and eat more meat since the country joined the European Union in 1995, according to a new report by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket).

„With regards to alcoholic drinks and meat, the liberalisation of imports and price developments have contributed to increased consumption,“ the board explained in a statement.

One of the key points of negotiation during Sweden’s EU membership application process concerned the issue of the state-controlled alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget.

Sweden secured the right to retain the monopoly until 2004 after which time import restrictions were eased for private individuals. The board’s report notes that the easing of import restrictions has led to an increase in consumption. The report shows that the consumption of alcoholic beverages increased by 56 percent from 1995 to 2009, primarily of high-alcohol beer and wine.
(Source: Alcohol Reports, News 18/2012) thelocal.se, 04/28/12

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The Kremlin Moves to Ban Drinking While Traveling

Montag 30. April 2012 von htm

Russia’s love for booze took another hit this week, as the government moved to ban the sale of strong alcoholic beverages on passenger trains. A new regulation that took effect last month outlawed the sale of strong alcoholic beverages at catering facilities located in public transport and commuter trains, as well as on trains plying long distance routes. Experts say the measure, which is being touted by transportation officials as part of a radical overhaul of rail travel, would deny Russians the right to drink vodka while traveling, a favorite pastime for many since the Soviet times. …
(Source: Alcohol Reports, News 16/2012) Russia Profile, 04/12/2012

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Liqour sachets banned in Zambia

Montag 30. April 2012 von htm

The Government of Zambia has with immediate effect banned the manufacturing and sale of strong liquor sachets commonly known as tujilijili. This was announced by Minister Luo at a press briefing in Lusaka on Sunday 15 April, reports The Times of Zambia.
(Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/16/12)

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