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New York: State Busts More Than 100 Bodegas For Selling Alcohol To Underage Customers

Mittwoch 24. August 2011 von htm

More than 100 bodegas across the city were busted for selling alcohol to underage customers during a three-day sting by the State Liquor Authority.
The State Liquor Authority visited 212 stores beginning Monday, sending six young men and women inside while a state investigator looked on. At 123 of the undercover visits – or about 58% – the decoys, ages 18 to 20, successfully bought booze.
Of the bodegas visited by the SLA, the Bronx had the highest citation rate. Thirty-eight of the 48 stores – about 79% – sold alcohol to underage spies in the borough. Manhattan wasn’t far behind with 75% of the bodegas selling to customers under the age of 21. …
The state mailed violations to the 123 stores for selling alcohol to minors. First-time offenders face $2,500 fines. Repeat offenders can be slapped with fines of up to $10,000. Business owners can lose their liquor licenses after a third offense. (Source: Join Together, 08/23/11) nydailynews.com, 08/19/11

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