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Alcohol adverts soon to be on Norway cable TV(?)

Dienstag 23. August 2011 von htm

New EU regulations could force the Norwegian government to overturn its current ban on alcohol advertising.
Labour’s (Ap) long hard-fought battle to retain the ban on advertising booze is now hanging by a thread following statements by the EU. Norway will not be exempt from the new European Union TV Directive (AVMSD).
European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes wrote to the government saying it has no choice but to adopt it.
Deputy Foreign Minister Erik Lahnstein said to NRK this was an example of uncommon EU “plainspeaking”.
“The EU says it is consideration for the internal market that weighs heaviest, not Norwegian public health arguments. This puts the government in a difficult situation.” … (Source: Alcohol Reports-News, 08/22/11) theforeigner.no, 08/18/11 our online-comment: The European Union seems to be an economical union only. Not a union for the people. I hope Norway finds a way to resist.

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