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Finland: Scanners could reveal contraband on interstate rail services

Dienstag 16. August 2011 von htm

The Finnish Customs and Finnish State Railways (VR) are planning closer inspection of express train services between Finland and Russia. A scanning of an entire train was tested for the first time in Helsinki on Tuesday.
Currently on-board train inspections are carried out using sniffer dogs in addition to a manual check of all possible hiding places. This procedure is time consuming and often ineffective. …
Chief Inspector Kai Vehmersalo of the National Customs Board says the use of scanners could improve the search for illegal immigrants in addition to consignments of contraband tobacco, alcohol and drugs hidden in isolated train compartments. However, the cash for scanners is not yet on the financial timetable in either country. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/15/11) yle.fi, 08/9/11

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