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WHO-Guide: Developing effective alcohol legislation

Sonntag 22. Mai 2011 von htm

Many governments realize the need for effective legislation to reduce the harm from alcohol use. This is also recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. But how to do it? WHO Western Pacific Regional Office has offered a guide.
The purpose of the legislation guide is to assist government agencies and ministries in developing country-level legislation to implement, monitor and enforce effective alcohol policies.
The guide provides advice on approaches to alcohol regulation to support development of effective legislation appropriate to each country. It provides practical advice based on international experience about the implications of legislative options, steps to be taken to implement legislation and best practice on how to enforce legislation and support compliance. …
Order or download the guide from the WHO WPRO web site: Addressing the harmful use of alcohol – a guide to developing effective alcohol regulation (Source: add-resources.org, 5/19/11)

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