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USA: Groupon Faces Widespread Alcohol Sale Problems, Attorney Says

Dienstag 22. März 2011 von htm

Groupon faces widespread problems related to its discount deals with restaurants and retailers who sell alcohol. According to an attorney who specializes in alcohol law, the Massachusetts crack-down of deals involving drinks is likely just the start. California, New York and at least 15 other states likely will find fault with the popular deals.
This attorney, who I am not naming at his request because he represents a Groupon competitor that is facing similar alcohol troubles, contacted me after this morning’s post to point out that, in fact, Groupon does appear to be in violation of New York and California law, and likely many more states. In fact, this memo from the California Alcoholic Beverage Commission appears to suggest Groupon, as an Internet provider soliciting sales that include (or can include) alcohol, needs to hold a license in that state. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/22/11) blogs.forbes.com, 03/21/11

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