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Expert On Risks Of Alcoholic Energy Drinks Available

Sonntag 15. November 2009 von htm

Emergency physician Mary Claire O’Brien, M.D., of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, has done extensive research on the risks and dangers of alcoholic energy drinks (AEDs). She is available to comment on her research which has been cited in the ongoing effort by state attorneys general to ban the drinks. On Nov. 13, the FDA asked 30 munaufacturers of AEDs to provide safety data related to adding caffeine and other stimulants to their products. O’Brien’s research found that college students who reported consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks had significantly higher prevalence of alcohol-related consequences such as sexual assault and injury. Source: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Source: Medical News Today, 11/14/09) (Source: Medical News Today, 11/14/09) newscientist, 11/21/09

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