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Most of articles from USA come from Marin Institute News Digest (weekly) and from "Join Together".

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23.12.2005 Am nächsten Montag herrscht im Giants Stadion in New York, USA ein Verkaufsverbot für alkoholische Getränke.

Officials fearing fan violence have banned alcohol sales at next Monday's football game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots at Giants Stadium.
Boston Globe, 20.12.05     Join Together, 21.12.05

21.12.2005 In Schottland ist der Alkoholismus im Steigen begriffen.

The 2,052 alcohol-related deaths in Scotland in 2004 show an increase of 4 percent from the previous year, or 20 percent since 2000, and have tripled since 20 years ago, according to figures released by the United Kingdom's National Health Service.
Join Together, 20.12.05              Scotsman, 19.12.05

20.12.2005 Ein nationales Podium unter Leitung des ehemaligen Governors von Massachusetts und Präsidentschafts-Kandidaten  Michael S. Dukakis wurde in den USA gebildet.

Today, just a handful of states retain cabinet-level agencies dedicated to alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention. Responding to this disturbing trend, a policy panel led by former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Michael S. Dukakis will begin work this week on determining which state organizational and financial structures most effectively support policies to prevent and treat substance-use problems, which affect an estimated 37 million Americans.Public testimony will be heard at hearings in Santa Fe, N.M., in January 2006 and in Washington, D.C., in February 2006. Written testimony also will be collected electronically at during those months.
The panel expects to release its recommendations in June, 2006. Press release of Join Together with the other panel members.

20.12.2005 Colleges in Florida und in andern Orten der USA haben die Alkoholwerbung auf ihrem Campus eingeschränkt. Colleges in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S. have restricted alcohol marketing on campus in an effort to curb student binge drinking and underage drinking.
(Quelle: Join Together, 15.12.05)
The Miami Herald,, 12.12.05
16.12.2005 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco hat die Kampagne mit Alkoholwerbung nach heftigen Protesten eingestellt. Battered by criticism, R.J. Reynolds has announced that it will end a promotion for Camel cigarettes that included potent drink recipes printed on coasters. (See 12/14/05)  (Quelle: Join Together, 12/15/05) Associated Press, 12/14/05
15.12.2005 Die amerikanische Regierung betreibt eine Inseratekampagne gegen das Trinken von Minderjährigen.  The USA federal government is running ads warning against underage drinking, telling parents that "young people drink to get drunk."  (Source: Join Together, 12/14/05 NEWS, 12/11/05
14.12.2005 Der Generalstaatsanwalt von New York, USA hat mit zwei weiteren General- Staatsanwälten zum zweiten Mal an die R.J. Reynolds Tobacco geschrieben. Attorney General Spitzer in New York, USA today called upon R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to immediately cancel a cigarette promotion that encourages binge drinking by young adults. The demand was made in a letter to R.J. Reynolds CEO Susan Ivey, which Spitzer sent jointly with Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr. and California Attorney General Bill Lockyer. (Source: Join Together, 12/13/05)            His press release, 12/13/05
13.12.2005 Seit der Senkung der Alkoholsteuern im März 2004 in Finnland um 1/3 haben die Todesfälle markant zugenommen. Finland cut taxes on alcohol products in March 2004 by one third. Now 1,860 Finns died from alcohol-related diseases in 2004, up 20 percent from 2003. Liver cirrhosis deaths rose 30 percent in just one year, as alcohol consumption jumped 10 percent. Join Together, 12.12.05)
Reuters Foundation Alert Net, 9.12.05
10.12.2005 Der US-Bundesstaat New Mexico hat wieder grosse Probleme mit Alkohol am Steuer.  Once hailed as a model for other states, New Mexico is now struggling to prevent a resurgence of drunk driving. 
(Source: Join Together, 9.12.05) 

New York Times, 4.12.05


Aufruf des Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC, USA. Die Parlamentarier in Washington sollen aufgefordert werden, die Alkoholsteuern zu erhöhen. Alert by CSPINET, USA: Dear Friends:
The current fiscal debates in Congress and the prospect of a budget impasse may help open the door for consideration of an increase in the federal excise tax on alcoholic beverages. We hope you will help stimulate discussion and support for this option by asking your legislators to consider this untapped source of revenue. 
Please visit our website at to take action on this important issue.
09.12.2005 71% der amerikanischen Bevölkerung würden eine Erhöhung der Alkoholsteuern um 5 Cent pro Drink befürworten. Seventy-one percent of Americans support a five cent per drink increase in federal alcohol taxes, according to new survey research commissioned by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). As lawmakers consider slashing popular social programs to bridge the federal budget gap, CSPI says they should instead consider raising taxes on beer, wine, and spirits--which could raise more than $20 billion in desperately needed revenue over the next five years.  Join Together, 7.12.05    CSPI Newsroom
07.12.2005 Eine Gesprächsrunde in Moorhead, Minn., USA war sich einig, dass die Gemeinden aktiv werden müssen, um den Alkoholkonsum zu senken.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 4.12.05)
Moorhead panel says communities must work to curb drinking. Community efforts are needed to change an environment that encourages alcohol abuse, educators say. "How can you expect individuals, especially our youths, to say no to alcohol when their environment tells them yes?" asked Karin Walton, director of the North Dakota Higher Educator Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention. Suzanne Williams, interim provost of Tri-College University, said aggressive drink promotions aimed at college students and alcohol-sponsored athletics are sending the wrong message. "We've got a culture and a society that is perpetuating the belief that high-risk drinking is a normal part of the campus experience," Williams said. She suggested raising taxes on alcohol and putting the proceeds into prevention., 12/2/05/Assoc. Press
03.12.2005 AWOL Maschinen (Alkohol ohne Flüssigkeit) könnten in Michigan, USA bald verboten werden. AWOL Machines Face Ban in Michigan
Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) machines could soon be banned in Michigan after the state Senate voted 34-0 to outlaw the devices.     
Associated Press, 11/30/05  
03.12.2005 Das Marin Institute bietet einen neuen Service an: Dossiers zu einzelnen wichtigen Themen. Need to Get Your Facts Straight? Now available on the Marin Institute's Web site are a new series of colorful Fact Sheets for advocates and others seeking information about today's most pressing alcohol issues. Topics include adult accountability, alcohol industry “responsibility” programs, marketing to youth and second-hand effect of alcohol use. We hope these tools help you prevent community alcohol problems in the coming year. 
30.11.2005 Die Herabsetzung des Mindestalters bei Alkoholkonsum hat eine dramatische Zunahme bei den alkoholbedingten Verkehrsunfällen durch Jugendliche zur Folge. Lowering the drinking age causes a dramatic increase in alcohol-related car crashes among young people, according to a new study based on data from New Zealand, where the government dropped the drinking age to 18 six years ago. This evidence is significant for the United States, because drinking and driving patterns among young people are similar. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  (AScribe Newswire, Nov. 28, 2005)     Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation 
30.11.2005 Das frühere Haus einer Studenten- Verbindung direkt ausserhalb der Colorado State University, USA ist im August als Lighthouse (Leuchtturm) neu eröffnet worden.  (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) The Lighthouse, which opened in August just off campus at Colorado State University, USA in the former Sigma Pi fraternity, is sponsored by the nearby Assemblies of God Timberline Church. A former fraternity house where a 19-year-old sophomore died of acute alcohol poisoning 14 months ago has become home to an unusual college ministry that works to prevent alcohol abuse and 21 students. Safety, not prohibition, is one of Lighthouse's main goals, said Reza Zadeh, Timberline's 28-year-old pastor who founded Lighthouse. ''We're not trying to kill someone's college experience, we just don't want them to get killed while in college." NEWS, 25.11.05
30.11.2005 In England ist eine Diskussion entbrannt, ob starken Rauchern, Alkoholikern und Übergewichtigen noch medizinische Leistungen erbracht werden sollen. An official healthcare watchdog group in the U.K. has suggested denying treatment to patients whose illnesses are "self-inflicted," such as smokers, heavy drinkers, and obese individuals.
(Source: Join Together, 11/29/05)  Daily Mail, 11/28/05 with invitation for comments. Our comment: This discussion means falling back in a time when alcoholism was regarded as a sin, but it is an illness. Alcohol dependency is mainly due to conditions of our society. The development from risky consumption to dependency is slow and not remarkable. In most cases alcoholism is a product of our alcohol friendly politics. We should have to change this.
29.11.2005 Eine Kommission des französischen Gesundheitsministers empfiehlt, dass Weinetiketten eine Gesundheitswarnung enthalten sollten, wie bei Zigarettenpackungen. A commission of the French Health Ministry says wine labels should include health warnings similar to those on cigarette packs, but vintners have responded angrily to the idea that wine drinking is in any way similar to smoking. Although wine consumption has declined for more than 40 years, there are still many alcohol related deaths in France. (45'000)
(Source: Join Together, 29.11.05)    BBC NEWS uk edition, 25.11.05
28.11.2005 MHF, der schwedische Motorfahrzeug Verband der Abstinenten setzt sich für die Einführung von Alcolocks ein. The Swedish railways intend to introduce alcolocks.
Sweden wants to test alcolocks for the EU. Within a year a common alcolock standard will be in place within the EU. An alcolock investigation progress report presented first results.
See our special page on alcolocks.
28.11.2005 Dank 62% Ja im Kanton Zürich wurde die Vorlage über den Sonntagsverkauf in Zentren den öffentlichen Verkehrs ganz knapp angenommen. (Quelle: Tages-Anzeiger, 28.11.05) With a very small mayority the Swiss voting people decided yersterday, that shops in centers of public transport (railway stations and airports) may stay open on Sundays. Now the labour unions want to fight against convenient stores of gaz stations which are only allowed on highways and mainroads.
24.11.2005 Heute tritt in England die neue Öffnungszeiten- Regelung in den Gaststätten in Kraft.  U.K.: A government admission that the new licensing laws may lead to an increase in alcohol related offenses plunged the measure into fresh controversy yesterday, just 24 hours before they come into effect. (Source: Harvard School of Public Health - World Health News /, 23.11.05)
23.11.2005 Am Dienstag brachte Supervisor Maxwell ein Gesetz in San Francisco, USA ein, mit dem die öffentliche Trunkenheit bekämpft werden soll. San Francisco, USA: In a bid to curb public drunkenness, drug dealing and gang activities, Supervisor Maxwell introduced legislation Tuesday that would require liquor stores to reclaim their turf from unsavory elements or face penalties for failing to do so. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News / San Francisco Chronicle, 16.11.05)
23.11.2005 Nach Heineken USA hat nun auch das amerikanische Bier Institut eine finanziell unabhängige Beschwerde- Instanz per 1.1.06 eingesetzt, die Reklamationen über unsittliche oder an Minderjährige gerichtete Bier- Inserate untersuchen soll.

The Beer Institute (USA), a trade and lobbying group whose membership includes Golden-based Coors Brewing Co., will appoint a panel to encourage compliance with advertising standards beginning Jan. 1, 2006. The institute boasts about 100 brewer members from giants such as Anheuser Busch, Miller and Coors to small regional beer companies including Fort Collins-based New Belgium. The five-member panel will hear appeals from consumers who believe that beer companies haven't addressed their advertising issues, e.g. that beer ads violate decency standards or purposely appeal to those under 21. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News / Rocky Mountain News, 15.11.05)

19.11.2005 In den USA ist die Alkoholwerbung an Colleges stark unter Druck von Präventionsfachleuten, Schulleitungen und Parlamentariern geraten.  Alcohol companies are finding their college marketing practices under increased scrutiny by preventionists, school administrators, and lawmakers, USA Today reported Nov. 16.
The college years are generally considered the time when young consumers set their brand preferences for alcohol. They often keep to their brand a life time and spend a cumulative $231 billion. Join Together, 18.11.05    
USA TODAY, 16.11.05
(very detailed)
19.11.2005 Im US-Kongress haben 22 republikanische Abgeordnete mit der Opposition ein Ausgabengesetz
verhindert, das Ausgaben für die Prävention enthielt.
The full House of US-Representatives this week defeated a spending bill that included FY2006 funding for a majority of the federal government's addiction treatment and prevention programs. (See 11/16/05)
(Join Together, 18.11.05)
18.11.2005 Der Kampf um die Öffnungszeiten in England geht weiter. Die Polizei soll mit harten Massnahmen über die Feiertage das Binge Drinking bekämpfen. Im April 06 sollen die neuen Öffnungszeiten überprüft werden. New Drinking Laws: Extended Hours on Trial
(The Guardian, London, Nov. 16, 2005)
"Whether the act's new measures will curb the rising numbers of young binge drinkers as ministers assert, or just increase the amount of drinking as the opposition parties claim, has still to be tested."
(Source: Harvard School of Public Health)
16.11.2005 Das Britische Parlament beschloss endgültig, die Öffnungszeiten für das Gastgewerbe zu liberalisieren. The British Parliament has definitively liberalized the pub opening hours. About 700 pubs so far have applied for a 24-hours licence, much more than expected.
16.11.2005 Das "Legal Action Center" in Washington, DC ruft zur Aktion auf. 
Take Action on Federal Funding for Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Programs! See: Action Alert, Legal Action Center, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 505, Washington, DC 20002, (Source: Join Together, 18.11.05)
16.11.2005 Das Staats-Departement für Konsumentenschutz von Connecticut, USA meldete am 8.11.05, dass es den Verkauf von "Seriously Bad Elf ale" doch bewilligen werde. (siehe 5.11.05) Connecticut, USA, residents will be able to toast to their health this holiday season with a bottle of Seriously Bad Elf. The state Department of Consumer Protection announced Tuesday it would approve the sale of Seriously Bad Elf ale in Connecticut despite earlier concerns that the beer's label might appeal to children. But the regulation specifically exempts labels. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News / News, 11/08/05)  (See 11/05/05
11.11.2005 Schottland diskutiert über die Erstellung einer Alkohol- Entziehungsklinik für Kinder. (Quelle: Harvard World Health News, 10.11.05) Child drinkers in Scotland could face rehab clinics.
· Expert says problem is spiralling out of control
· Experimenting begins as young as age nine The average English 15-year-old drinks 11 units a week - about four pints of lager. The GuardianUnlimited home
11.11.2005 In Winterthur findet heute Abend ein grosses Studenten-Besäufnis statt. (Quelle: Tages-Anzeiger, 11.11.05)   LLL In Winterthur, a Swiss town with an old tradition in industry and culture, the fresh university students tonight get in 14 bars a free drink. In last years about 1000 drunken students have damaged localities and the police didn't look although it is forbidden to serve drunk persons. (We sent an e-mail to the towns council in charge of the police.)
10.11.2005 Die amerikanische Ärztegesellschaft hat einen Preis für journalistische Arbeiten in Bezug auf den Alkohol- Konsum Minderjähriger in den USA ausgesetzt. (Quelle: Join Together, 11/10/2005) The American Medical Association Shedding the Light on Alcohol journalism award was developed to expose the health and social consequences of underage drinking in America and to recognize excellence in journalistic writing.
The contest is open to all high school and college/university students nationwide, between the ages of 13 to 21. Winners will be awarded $750, $500 and $250 for 3rd place. Prizes will be awarded to (3) high school students and (3) college/university students. The deadline is 11/18/05 
10.11.2005 Halloween im vorwiegend schwulen  Castro Distrikt von San Francisco, USA war eine der ruhigsten Halloween- Veranstaltungen der letzten Jahre. Halloween in the predominantly gay Castro district of San Francisco Monday night was crowded, but more orderly and low-key compared to years past. Alcohol was banned. Though 300'000 were in attendance, a rough estimate put only about 15 percent of the attendees in costume. There were about 250 officers to prevent things from getting out of hand, as happened in 2002 when the wildness included four people being stabbed. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News / 
San Francisco Chronicle, 11/01/05)
10.11.2005 Alcohol and Health: Current Evidence: Hier finden Sie neue Untersuchungen. Alcohol and Health: Current Evidence: Here you find a list of new research. We have chosen one to show more in detail: Abstainers and Coronary Heart Disease: Are Unknown Risk Factors to Blame?
08.11.2005 Die englische Regierung stellt zur Diskussion, in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln den Alkoholkonsum zu verbieten. A ban on passengers drinking alcohol on public transport is being considered by the English government as part of a crackdown on binge drinking. They want to compensate the harm done by the liberalized opening hours. The opposition parties are against it. (Source: Harvard World Health News / BBC News, Politics, 30.10.05)
07.11.2005 Die alkoholbezogenen Todesfälle in Finnland stiegen 2004 um rekordmässige 20%.

(Quelle: Harvard's World Health News;

The number of alcohol-related deaths leapt a record 20 percent in Finland last year, comprising one-third of all deaths among men aged 45 to 49, the national statistics agency said. A gradual increase of alcohol import quotas within the E U along with dropping taxes on alcoholic drinks in Finland partially explain the tendency, according to experts. Agence France Press, 31.10.05)
05.11.2005 Der US Staat Connecticut will den Import eines englischen Biers für die Festtage verbieten, das auf der Etikette den Samichlaus zeigt. State wants to ban beer import because of elf on label. The state believes it would be really awful for kids to see the label on the British import Seriously Bad Elf. It shows a mean-looking elf with a slingshot firing Christmas ornaments at Santa's sleigh as it flies overhead. News, 10/28/05
05.11.2005 Der US Staat Nebraska entzog 2 Alkohollizenzen von Schnapsläden, die Todd Becker Alkohol verkauften, in der Nacht, als er starb. Fight against underage drinking just begun: Kearney liquor store forced to close second business. The state revoked the license of Bill's Liquor West - the store that sold alcohol to Todd Becker the night he died.   
05.11.2005 Das Center for Science in the Public Interest - Alcohol Policies Project berichtet von einem nationalen Treffen der US-Staaten in Washington zur Prävention betr.  Alkoholkonsum Minderjähriger. A “National Meeting of the States on Preventing Underage Alcohol Use,” on October 31 and November 1, 2005 was held in Washington D.C. Some were disappointed by the lack of real dialogue between federal presenters and state leaders. There was no substantive discussion of federal, state and local roles, responsibilities, and priorities for attaining progress to reduce underage drinking. Others noted that critical, but politically sensitive policy areas – such as alcohol advertising and taxes – were all but absent from the discussion. Nevertheless there were three positive points. 
1. Recognition of the problem at the cabinet level  2. Secretary Leavitt announced the launch of a new multi-media Ad Council/SAMHSA underage drinking prevention campaign. 3. U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona announced his intention to launch a first-ever national “Call to Action” on underage drinking prevention. (Use link for details)
29.10.2005 Die Yale Universität hat während der Rugby Spiele alle Trink- Spiele bei traditionellen "Tailgate Parties" verboten. Yale University has banned all drinking games -- including "beer pong" -- from traditional tailgate parties at school football games and says that tailgating must end at halftime.
(Source: Join Together, 28.10.05) 
29.10.2005 Nach einer neuen Studie an der Universität von Kalifornien in Los Angeles (UCLA) generiert jeder für die Therapie von Suchtabhängigen ausgegebene Dollar $7 Gewinn für die Gesellschaft. Every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment generates $7 in monetary benefits for society, according to a new study from researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). The study finds that the average cost of substance abuse treatment is $1,583, resulting in monetary benefits of $11,487 through reduced medical expenses, reduced costs of crime and increased employment earnings. (Source: Join Together, 27.10.05)   Substance Abuse Policy Research Program
29.10.2005 Am 24.11.05 werden Alkohol- Lizenzen von Pubs in England auf Antrag längere Öffnungszeiten bewilligt. Die Alkoholindustrie will nun möglichst viel profitieren. "The drinks industry is planning a ruthless campaign of economic incentives and psychological tricks to get customers to drink as much as possible when licensing laws are relaxed, on 11/24/05. Managers of massive 'vertical drinking' pubs are being offered bonuses worth up to £20,000 a year if they beat targets as the industry moves to exploit Britain's binge drinking culture."   The Observer, London 10/23/05,
28.10.2005 Mehrere Nachtclubs im italienischen Alpenraum werden ab Januar 06 ein versiegeltes Plastikglas einführen, das vor den "Vergewaltigungsdrogen" schützen soll. A new disposable, cone-shaped glass with a sealable top is designed to protect people out drinking from having someone slip a 'date-rape' drug in their cocktail or beer.
The French designers Stephane Mathieu and Richard Bille designed the "Billglass," which can be filled through its base and sealed, punctured only by the buyer's straw. 
(Source: Join Together, 26.10.05)
28.10.2005 Alkohol und Motorradfahrer sind in den USA ein wachsendes Problem. Nun soll ein Pilot-Projekt Abhilfe schaffen. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News) 'Riders Helping Riders': Alcohol and motorcycling growing problem, target of new pilot program for the nation. Deaths from traffic crashes have leveled off in recent years nationwide, but motorcycle fatalities are climbing ominously, nearly doubling in the last eight years. Experts believe one cause is the same culprit in many auto crashes - alcohol. Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, October 20, 2005
27.10.2005 Anheuser Busch, USA plant eine grosse Marketing Kampagne. Anheuser-Busch is orchestrating a marketing push that aims to boost not just its own suds but the image of the entire sagging beer category, which has suffered as more consumers pick up wine and spirits. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News; Advertising Age 10/17/05)
24.10.2005 Seit einem Jahr fragt die Polizei von Texas, USA bei angetrunkenen Autofahrern, wo sie den letzten Drink eingenommen hätten. Texas, USA: Police Asking Drunken Drivers Where They Last Drank. Then they started sending the information to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
(Spource: Harvard World Health News, 21.10.05)  
Austin American-Statesman, 10/14/05 
24.10.2005 Anheuser Busch, die grösste amerikanische Brauerei, hat das Marketing des "Bud Pong"-Spiels plötzlich gestoppt.   The nation's largest brewer abruptly abandoned its marketing of the drinking game 'Bud Pong' after media stories about such games sparked concerns about binge drinking and complaints about alcohol marketing.
(Quelle: Join Together, 20.10.05)
24.10.2005 Anheuser Busch's 'Bud Pong' verbreitet sich in Amerika wie eine Seuche und ist eine Aufforderung zum Binge Drinking. (Quelle: Join Together, 18.10.05) Brewers call them harmless fun, but critics say games like Anheuser Busch's 'Bud Pong' are intended to encourage binge drinking. Bud Pong involves two teams of players who stand around a table and try to toss ping-pong balls into cups of beer. When one team scores, the other team drinks. The New York Times, 16.10.05 (Free registering necessary)
23.10.2005 Amerika wird von gegensätzlichen Alkohol- Botschaften überflutet.
(Quelle: Join Together, 13.10.05)
Americans are confounded by often contradictory laws and societal messages regarding alcohol use. Lawmakers in Kansas, for example, recently passed a tough new drunk-driving law, and then lifted a ban on Sunday alcohol sales a few weeks later. The New York Times, 9.10.05
23.10.2005 Der Generalstaatsanwalt von New York, USA hat eine Untersuchung gegen die Schnapsindustrie des Staates eingeleitet. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) N.Y. State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has launched an investigation into the state's liquor industry. A Spitzer spokesman told The Buffalo News the office is looking at accusations that Big Alcohol pays off certain retailers with cash, trips and illegal deep discounts. A State Assembly hearing earlier this month heard testimony from critics who said the S-L-A had become too cozy with the industry it regulates., 10/05/05
23.10.2005 San Francisco zieht in Betracht, den Schnaps-Verkauf einzuschränken, um die ständig Betrunkenen vom Alkoholkonsum abzuhalten.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
In San Francisco's battle against chronic inebriation among the homeless who are taxing the emergency medical system, Mayor Gavin Newsom and other city officials are exploring new policies to limit liquor sales. Under one scenario, the city would ask liquor store owners in troubled neighborhoods to sign "good neighbor agreements." The stores might be asked to limit their hours, stop selling certain types of high-octane alcohol, or, not sell liquor at all on the 1st and 15th of each month, when welfare checks are usually distributed. Other towns are already very successful with this policy.

Gouverneur Schwarzenegger in Kalifornien hat am 7.10.05 die Bill 417 zurückgewiesen! J

On Friday, October 7 Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 417. "I am taking this action to allow a full discussion of the issues surrounding flavored malt beverages,..."
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, with more links.)
08.10.2005 Markos Kyprianou,  EU-Kommissär für Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz, sprach am Europäischen Gesundheits Forum in Gastein. Markos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, today called for greater collaboration between the EU, Member States and civil society, in order to tackle the disparities in health that exist within Europe. He was speaking at the 8th European Health Forum in Gastein. The Commissioner underlined the importance of partnerships with civil society as central to fostering a culture of health in the EU which would see citizens encouraged to make healthier lifestyle choices. He also outlined the work being done by the Commission to mainstream public health into other EU policy areas, and stressed the important impact that public health can have on economic growth and competitiveness across the EU. The Commissioner’s speech in Engl. pdf and Word
07.10.2005 Der Chirurg, der dem Fussballer George Best eine neue Leber transplantiert hat, meint, dass Alkoholikern keine neue Leber gegeben werden sollte.  Guardian Unlimited Special Reports, 10/05/05 The surgeon who performed George Best's liver transplant says urgent measures are needed to identify patients who are likely to abuse alcohol after their operations, so they can be kicked off hospital waiting lists. Best, who yesterday remained in intensive care at the Cromwell hospital in London after suffering a kidney infection, satisfied surgeons that he was suitable for a liver transplant in 2002 after suffering alcohol-induced cirrhosis. But since his operation, he has resumed drinking against the advice of his doctor.
06.10.2005 Gouverneur Schwarzenegger in Kalifornien, USA steht vor einer heiklen Entscheidung. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 3.10.05) Governor Schwarzenegger faces sticky decision
Assembly Bill 417 pits Attorney General Bill Lockyer and opponents of teenage drinking against the liquor and retail industries, which say vetoing the measure could lead to a multimillion-dollar tax increase and reduce the supply of flavored malt beverages statewide.The Sacramento Bee, online, 3.10.05
06.10.2005 Die EU-Kommission veröffentlicht die 2. Ausgabe von "Konsumenten in Europa - Fakten und Zahlen", basierend auf Daten in den Jahren 1999-2004.  The Directorate General of the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection, and Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, have today launched the second edition of “Consumers in Europe – Facts and Figures”, a comprehensive collection of the most important data on EU consumer issues. Based on information gathered from 1999-2004, the publication includes details on expenditure patterns, consumer attitudes, relative purchasing power, indirect taxation levels and the different domains of consumption, from food and beverages to communication services. EU bookshop or Fax: 0352-2929-42758; 30€
05.10.2005 Die EU veröffentlicht ein neues Elisad-Projekt der Uni Bremen. The EU finances a new Elisad Internet Gateway: A qualitative resource for European web sites on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other addiction. (We are shown in the old project)
04.10.2005 Viele Pubs in England schenken neu Wein in 175 ml Gläsern aus statt wie bisher in 125 ml Gläsern. Pubs in Great Britain are adopting the use of 175ml wine glasses over the standard 125ml, raising concerns that the practice could increase the risk of drunk driving and health problems. (Source: Join Together, 10/03/05)         BBC NEWS, 9/29/05
02.10.2005 Die Polizei des US-Staates Rhode Island hat letztes Jahr die Alkohol- Kontrollen im Verkehr vernachlässigt. Der Vollzug ist stark von der lokalen Polizei abhängig. R.I. Study Finds Rhode Island (USA) police departments are inconsistent in their enforcement of the state's drunk-driving laws, with Providence police making just two dozen DUI arrests last year.  Rhode Island has been ranked poorly in national reports on state DUI enforcement; the death rate from drunk driving is high, DUI suspects can refuse to take a breath test, and the state Supreme Court has ruled that police drunk-driving checkpoints are unconstitutional.
Insurance Journal, Sept. 21.05    Join Together, 29.9.05
02.10.2005 Das Büro der Nationalen Drogen Kontroll-Politik (ONDCP) in USA vergab 72 Mio.$.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), USA awarded a total of $72 million to various youth drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention programs nationwide.Since the inception of the Drug-Free Communities Act in 1997, $320 million has been awarded to over 1,000 anti-drug coalitions.  (Source: Join Together, 10/02/05

30.09.2005 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), USA haben ein erfreuliches Umfrageergebnis bekanntgegeben Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has released a survey finding that 87 percent of Americans support sobriety checkpoints to prevent drunk driving    Joint Together, 29.9.05    2005 MADD and Nationwide Insurance Survey Conducted by Gallup
29.09.2005 Nach landesweiten Protesten hat der Detailhandelsriese J.C. Penney die T-Shirts mit Alkoholreklame aus der 'young men's' Abteilung zu den Männern verlegt und die Werbung im Katalog "Zurück zur Schule" eingestellt. After a nationwide protest-action, Retailer J.C. Penney has removed T-shirts featuring alcohol logos from the 'young men's' to the men's departments of its stores and stopped advertising the shirts in its Back to School catalog, the New York Times reported Sept. 26.      Join Together, 09/28/05
29.09.2005 Das Center for Science in the Public Interest hat den Washington Report Sept. 05 herausgegeben. The newest edition of Washington Report Sept. 2005 . This 
issue covers NCAA's decision regarding alcohol ads, an update on the beer tax rollback bills, Anheuser-Busch's potential campaign to promote beer as "healthy," victories against J.C. Penny and Coors, and more!
29.09.2005 In Montana, USA treten am 1.10.05 ca 200 Gesetze in Kraft. Einige davon betreffen Alkohol im Verkehr und der Verkauf an Minderjährige. (Quelle: Marin Institute News)   Montana became one of the last states to outlaw drinking while driving with the passage of an open container ban earlier this year. Although cities and towns in the state forbid open alcoholic beverage containers in vehicles, no prohibition has applied to highways before.
Other alcohol-related law changes include increased penalties for five or more drunken driving convictions and driving with a license suspended or revoked for drunken driving or refusing a breath test. The state will also try to crack down on underaged drinking by tracking beer purchases through keg registration and increasing penalties for selling or providing alcohol to minors. 
29.09.2005 Das Marin Institute ruft zur Aktion gegen die Firma Aramark auf, die in Sportsstadien Bier ausschenkt und dabei die eigenen Regeln nicht einhält. Take Action! Call by the Marin Institute.
The failure of stadium beer vendor Aramark to follow its own safe serving policies, and ineffective stadium security, contributed to an alcohol-fueled assault against Jeff Black and his young son. Join Jeff Black and other fans who’ve come forward with similar stories and help Eject Aramark From the Game for failing to ensure alcohol-safe sports stadiums. Take Action! With short film and a prepared letter.
29.09.2005 Der US-Staat New Hampshire hat einen Aktionsplan zur Bekämpfung des Jugendalkoholismus herausgebracht. The report, "Recommendations for Success: New Hampshire's Strategy to Reduce Underage Alcohol Problems," contains close to fifty recommendations for individuals, communities, and the state as a whole, and makes New Hampshire one of the first states in the nation to lay out a single state strategy on the subject. Join Together, 26.9.05/ New Futures
29.09.2005 Die EU gibt verschiedene periodisch erscheinende Publikationen zu Verbraucherschutz- und Gesundheitsthemen heraus. See a list of newsletters published periodically by the EU-Commission on health and consumer protection. Available in English, French and German. 
29.09.2005 Die EU hat die 2005 zur Unterstützung vorgesehenen Projekte veröffentlicht. The EU has publish a List of projects funded in 2005, e.g. Scientific Platform of the Working Party 'Lifestyle and other Health Determinants;
- Europe for health and wealth: Impact assessments in improving population health and contributing to the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy
29.09.2005 Die EU hat einen Berichtsentwurf zu einem Workshop vom 30.8.05 in Luxembourg veröffentlicht. EU-Public Health, 09/26/05 Draft report on Health, Social and Economic Impact of alcohol. Stakeholders’ workshop
Luxembourg, 30 August 2005 
25.09.2005 Die neue "The Globe" Ausgabe 2/2005 ist erschienen. (Noch nicht online) The new "The Globe" issue 2/2005 has been published. (Not yet online) Main feature: Launch of Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance, IAPA. And alcohol problems in India. In addition: The resolution "Public health problems caused by alcohol" accepted by the 58th World Health Assembly May 2005. (See link on our homepage, left border) 
25.09.2005 Non-Profit-Programme könnten in den nächsten 5 Jahren in den USA 40-71,5 Mia.$ an Regierungsbeiträgen verlieren. Nonprofit programs could lose $40 billion to $71.5 billion in federal funding over the next five years, the Philanthropy News Digest reported Sept. 16. To make up the difference, private giving would have to increase by two or three times its current rate, the report noted. 
(Source: Join Together, 23.9.05/ 2)
25.09.2005 Der Hurricane Katrina brachte den Alkohol- und andern Drogenabhängigen grossen zusätzlichen Stress. (Siehe Top- Aktuell auf der Homepage Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands of people with addictions from their treatment programs and support networks, added strain on people who may have been walking the line between moderate use and addiction, and put millions at risk of turning to alcohol or other drugs to ease the pain of dislocation, financial ruin, and personal tragedy. "Join Together", 23.9.05
23.09.2005 Institutionen der Alkoholprävention verlangen, dass die Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) die Alkoholreklame in den Bostoner Verkehrsbetrieben entfernen soll. Teen alcohol prevention experts and health officials say that pervasive alcohol advertising in Boston's transit system should be removed, but Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) leaders say the money (1,5-3 Mio.$ per year) is too good to drop the ads.

(Source: Join Together, 22.9.05)    Boston
21.09.2005 Join Together bringt die 2005-Ausgabe eines Hand- Buchs für die Prävention in der Gemeinde heraus. Join Together announces the release of the 2005 edition of their popular publication, "How do we know we are making a difference? A community alcohol, tobacco, and drug indicators handbook." (Printed and online, with many links)
21.09.2005 Die Fans der Michigan State University, USA können im Spartan Stadium keinen Alkohol trinken ausser sie vermögen einen Sitz in einer der Luxus-Logen. While alcohol is banned everywhere else inside the Spartan stadium of Michigan State University for college football games, beer and wine will be sold in the 24 luxury suites up until kickoff. No outside alcohol will be allowed, however. (Source: Join Together, 9/20/05)
Detroit Free Press, 9/17/05
21.09.2005 Der Generalmanager des Stadiums Coliseum in Los Angeles, USA sagt, dass Übereinkommen getroffen  wurde, wonach im Stadium während der Heimspiele der USC kein Alkohol verkauft werde.  An agreement not to sell alcoholic beverages inside the Coliseum during USC home games has been finalized, the general manager of the stadium said Tuesday. USC President Steven Sample announced in June that the sale and possession of beer or other alcoholic beverages would no longer be allowed because of increased surliness, foul language and other behavior that was harming the atmosphere. Los Angeles Times, 9/14/05 (free register aff.)
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
21.09.2005 Die Generalstaatsanwälte von Utah und Main, USA möchten die leichten Malzbiere aus den Lebensmittel- Läden und der Reichweite von jungen Alkoholkonsum-Einsteigern entfernt haben. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News) Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe wants to get low-alcohol malt beverages off grocery store shelves and out of the reach of young, novice drinkers. They have sent letters to attorneys general throughout the USA, saying stricter controls are needed over drinks such as Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Silver and Jack Daniel's Original Hard Cola, because advertising is enticing underage drinkers to try the beverages.
Salt Lake Tribune, 09/20/05
21.09.2005 Alkohol bleibt die am meisten missbrauchte Substanz in den USA. Die jährliche nationale Untersuchung zu Drogenkonsum und Gesundheit meldet 55 Millionen Rauschtrinker während des letzten Monats (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News) Alcohol remains the most commonly abused substance in 
The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health released its findings last week and revealed that over 22 percent of the American population (55 million people) ages 12 and older were binge drinkers in the past month. . . . More than 7 million binge drinkers were under the age of 21. . . The survey showed that the age range that participated in the most illicit drug use (18-25) also had the highest rates of alcohol abuse. In this group just over 41 percent were binge drinkers and 12 percent were heavy drinkers., press release, 16.9.05
21.09.2005 US-amerikanische Institute der Alkoholprävention wollen sich vehement gegen die Einfuhr des japanischen "Kinderbiers" wehren. Kidsbeer, a Japanese soft drink bottled and formulated to look like beer, may soon be available throughout Europe, but watchdogs of underage drinking say they will fight any effort to ship it to the United States. New York Times, Sept. 19, 2005    (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
19.09.2005 In den USA werden grosse Hoffnungen in neue Medikamente gesetzt, die bei Alkoholismus helfen sollen. Source: Join Together, 14.9.05)

The federal government is currently sponsoring more than 50 clinical trials involving drugs to treat alcoholism, and a handful of drugs are already in the pipeline. Treatment experts, patients, and pharmaceutical companies are hoping that new medications will have big benefits for people with alcohol problems -- a potential market of 18 million people in the U.S. alone.  The New York Times, 13.9.05

14.09.2005 Obwohl die Finanzierung für Join Together in Minnesota, USA letztes Jahr zu Ende ging, arbeitet die Koalition auf rein freiwilliger Basis weiter. Although Minnesota Join Together (MJT)’s funding ended last year, the coalition continues to work on a purely volunteer basis to advance policies that keep alcoh ol out of the hands of young people. MJT, whose members include youth, adults, and organizations across the state, has been active for more than 10 years.
14.09.2005 Das Marin Institute veröffentlichte 10 Tipps für den Umgang mit Parlamentariern. The Marin Institute says: Talk Back to irresponsible alcohol advertising. Prepared e-mail letter and palm cards.
And Ten Ways to Talk to a Legislator.
08.09.2005 Mehr Frauen in den USA trinken Alkohol "defensiv". 
Stung by stories of date-rape drugs dropped in drinks, women are more apt to buy their own drinks and keep an eye on them when they're sitting at bars.
(Quelle: Join Together, 7.9.05)
07.09.2005 Dänemark erhöht die Bussen für Alkohol am Steuer. Das Monatsgehalt wird mit dem Promillestand multipliziert Danmark has risen the fines for drunk driving. The monthly salary will be multiplied with the Permilles. E.g. 4000€ x 0,7
06.09.2005 Bundesrat Merz will die Biersteuer nach Alkoholgehalt abstufen. In Switzerland the Minister of Finance intends to split the taxes on Beer according to the alcohol content. Light beer would become cheaper, which is already the most consumed alcoholic beverage by male youth of 14-16 years. L
01.09.2005 In England warnen angesehene Ärzte vor der vorgesehenen Liberalisierung der Öffnungszeiten der Pubs. The BBC reported that Ian Gilmore and Kieran Moriarity of the Royal College of Physicians called the government's alcohol liberalization plan (opening hours) "insane."
(source: Join Together)          BBC News, 29.8.05
01.09.2005 Alcopops werden in Kalifornien, USA wie Bier besteuert. 20cents/gallon statt $3.30/gallon für Schnaps. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  Breweries since the 1990s have profited from a gray area between beer and hard liquor in alcohol laws, producing beverages known as "alcopops." California taxes beer at 20 cents a gallon, distilled spirits at $3.30 a gallon. Legislators are poised to change California law to protect a beer classification for these drinks. AB 417 was gutted and amended Aug. 22 to guarantee that "flavored malt beverages" would be taxed as beer. Senators should defeat this bill. The Sacramento Bee, 27.8.05 (Registration)
29.08.2005 Der Staat New York bringt einen neuen Führerausweis mit neuen technischen Gestaltungsmitteln heraus.  New York has unveiled a new driver's license that uses a variety of technologies to prevent forgery and underage drinking.  Aug. 26.
(Source: Join Together, 8/26/05)/ The Empire Journal
28.08.2005 Das Marin Institute hat betr. T-Shirts mit Alkoholreklame Briefe an zwei Verbände der Alkoholindustrie geschrieben. Regarding T-Shirt with Alcohol-Logos (see 8/22/05) the Marin Institute has written two letters to 

the US-Beer-Institute  

and to DISCUS (US-Spirits-Assoc.)  

26.08.2005 Die Generaldirektion Informationsgesellschaft und Medien der Europäischen Kommission lädt ein, bis zum 5.9.2005 Kommentare zum Themenpapier „FERNSEHEN OHNE GRENZEN“ abzugeben. EU: Public consultation on th revision of the "Television without frontiers directive". Conference on Sept. 20-22 2005 in Liverpool. 
26.08.2005 Der Alkoholkonsum Jugendlicher könnte die Trinkgewohnheiten der Eltern widerspiegeln. When it comes to curbing underage drinking, parenting expert Joe Connolly says adults need to stop blaming teenagers and start looking at their own drinking habits. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News / Palo Alto weekly, 17.8.05) 
24.08.2005 Der New Yorker Gouverneur hat gegen ein Gesetz betr. Versicherungsleistungen bei alkoholbedingten Verkehrsunfällen sein Veto eingelegt.

A bill that would have required New York insurers to pay for treating people injured in alcohol-related crashes was vetoed by Gov. George Pataki. The so-called Uniform Policy Provision Law, first adopted in the 1940s, allows insurance companies to deny claims from people injured while driving drunk.(Quelle: Join Togeter, 23.8.05)
Associated Press, 17.8.05

24.08.2005 "Brutale-Frucht", ein fruchtaromatisiertes Malzgetränk von Miller Brewing Co. in den USA wird nach Testverkäufen nicht in die USA-Produkte-Linie aufgenommen. "Brutal Fruit," a fruit-flavored malt beverage being test-marketed by Miller Brewing Co., won't be added to the company's U.S. product line. Miller tested the drink in Richmond, Va., Tampa, Fla., and Seattle this summer, but found that customers didn't like the taste. Brutal Fruit contained 5 percent alcohol and came in strawberry, mango, kiwi, and litchi (an exotic Chinese fruit) flavors.
(Quelle: Join Together, 23.8.05) The Associated Press
24.08.2005 Wal-Mart, die grösste Detailhandelskette der Welt, macht einen Handel mit Diageo, der weltgrössten Spirituosenfirma. Wal-Mart Inks Liquor Deal with Diageo
Seeing to boost its sales of hard liquor, Wal-Mart has partnered with industry giant Diageo PLC and plans to triple the shelf space it now devotes to spirits.
(Quelle: Join Together, 23.8.05)
The Salt Lake Tribune, 20.8.05
24.08.2005 Rückgang der alkoholbedingten Verkehrstoten in den USA 2004;  grosse Unterschiede in den Bundesstaaten. Drunk Driving Deaths Declined in 2004
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that 2 percent fewer Americans died in alcohol-related crashes last year. (Source: Join Together, 8/23/05), 8/22/05
23.08.2005 Eine japanische Firma will ein "Kinder-Bier" nach Europa exportieren. 
(Source: Join Together)
A Japanese company wants to export "Kids' Beer," a soft drink with a frothy head that's packaged in dark brown bottles and marketed to children who "want to be a bit like an adult," the reported Aug. 21.
22.08.2005 Aufruf des Marin Institutes zum Protest: Zurück zur Schule mit Jack Daniels?  Marin Institute Action Alert: Back to School With Jack Daniels?
The JC Penney's catalogs for back-to-school clothes and accessories in recent Sunday newspapers feature T-shirts decorated with logos for Jack Daniels, Budweiser, Miller Lite and Guinness. (Source: Marine Institute Alcohol News)
19.08.2005 Die britische Regierung will um Weihnachten-Neujahr eine Werbekampagne gegen das Rauschtrinken mit 5 Mio.£ finanzieren. New ads to tackle binge drink culture in the U.K. 
"Binge drinkers will be targeted by a government advertising campaign attempting to shame them out of overindulging when pub opening hours are extended this autumn. (Source: Harvard's World Health News/The Observer, 8/14/05)
17.08.2005 Ein Distrikt-Richter in Virginia, USA, hat verfügt, dass das staatliche Gesetz über das Fahren im angetrunkenen Zustand verfassungswidrig sei. Judge Challenges Presumption of Drunk Driving
A Virginia District Judge has ruled that the state's drunk-driving law is unconstitutional, saying that presuming that drivers with a blood-alcohol level over .08 percent are intoxicated is a violation of the right to due process.
(Source: Join Together, 15.8.05 / MSNBC, 12.8.05)
11.08.2005 Der Gouverneur von New York, USA soll über ein Gesetz entscheiden, das  es Versicherungen erlaubt, die Bezahlung der Gesundheits- Kosten bei  Verkehrsunfällen mit Alkohol und andern Drogen  abzulehnen. Addiction experts and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) leaders are calling for New York Gov. George Pataki to repeal a law allowing insurers to deny health coverage to patients injured while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

(Source: Join Together/ Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 9.8.05)

10.08.2005 Anheuser-Busch, die grösste amerikanische Brauerei, bringt im Oktober ein neues Bier auf den Markt. 

(Source: Join Together, 8/9/05)

Anheuser-Busch has launched a raspberry-flavored malt beverage spiked with caffeine, guarana, and ginseng and up to 6.6 percent alcohol, and dubbed it 'Tilt,' the Associated Press reported Aug. 8. It is seen as a companion to "B-to-the-E," with similar ingredients. But while B-to-the-E is aimed at men and women as a bar drink, Tilt is being marketed to men ages 21 to 27 as an "after work" drink.

06.08.2005 Die American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU klagt gegen ein Gesetz des US-Staates Michigan.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit to challenge the only state law requiring pedestrians under age 21 to submit to an alcohol test absent a police search warrant.
(Source: Join Together, 8/5/05 / The Washington Post)
06.08.2005 Die kanadische Provinz Saskatchewan hat die höchste Alkoholismusrate des Landes und stark ansteigenden Konsum von Methamphetamin bei Jugendlichen. The Canadian province of Saskatchewan, facing the country's highest alcoholism rate and spiraling methamphetamine use in young people, will see a $30 million increase in spending for alcohol and drug services over the next three years.
(Quelle: Join Together, 08/05/05/ 8/5/05) Registration afforded
04.08.2005 In den USA ist die Anzahl alkoholbedingter Verkehrstoten auf Autobahnen zum zweiten Mal hintereinander rückläufig. Alcohol-related deaths on U.S. highways declined by 2.4 percent, from 17,105 in 2003 to 16,694 in 2004. Overall traffic deaths were at 42,636 last year, down 0.6 percent from 2003, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (Source: Join Together/AP National News, 8/2/05/  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 
03.08.2005 Ab 1.8.05 gilt auch im US-Staat Minnesota die 0,8‰-Grenze. Damit ist dieser Grenzwert landesweit eingeführt. Minnesota, Becomes Last US-State to Enact .08 Limit.
As of August 1, .08 is the blood-alcohol level at which a Minnesota driver is considered intoxicated, giving the United States a uniform standard for drunk driving.
(Source: Join Together/Chicago Sun-Times, 8/1/05) (Archive)
01.08.2005 21 wird 21, Kommentar von Dwayne Proctor, Ph.D., M.A., USA anlässlich des 21. Jahrestags der Einführung des Trink-Minimalalters 21 durch Ronald Reagan. 21 turns 21. A commentary by Dwayne Proctor, Ph.D., M.A., a senior communications officer at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Proctor was formerly on the faculty of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.
On July 17 was the 21st anniversary of the day in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan signed legislation raising the national drinking age to 21 years old.
(Source: Join Together, 7/29/05)
01.08.2005 Die Brauerei Anheuser-Busch USA entfernte Plakate nach einem alkoholbedingten tödlichen Unfall auf dem  Fluss Oregon. Brewer Anheuser-Busch took down billboard beer ads featuring a model on a personal watercraft after a deadly alcohol-related crash on Oregon's Columbia River, the 

Oregonian reported July 27./Join Together
29.07.2005 Das Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), USA startet einen weiteren Schritt in seiner Kampagne gegen die Bier Inserate der NCAA und Anheuser-Busch, die sich auch an Minderjährige richten. The Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV, a project of CSPI, released a report on the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) efforts to build brand loyalty among young people in order to get them interested in sports and to boost the attractiveness of NCAA telecasts to advertisers. Since those recruitment efforts may deliver more and more young viewers to Anheuser-Busch and other beer marketers which advertise heavily on college sports, the Campaign is urging the NCAA to eliminate all beer ads from its broadcasts. Links on Internationales
25.07.2005 Die amerikanischen National Institutes of Health, mit dem National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) und dem National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) gewähren weitreichende Beiträge für die Forschung zur Prävention  von Alkohol- und anderem Drogenmissbrauch.  The National Institutes of Health, with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), are offering wide-ranging grants for research on alcohol and other drug abuse prevention.
Among the research topics suggested are the accessibility, effectiveness, and cost of drug and alcohol abuse intervention and services, factors that effect delivery of intervention, mixing science-based health practices with community-based programs, and research tools to augment health-services research. (Source: JOIN TOGETHER 7/22/05)
Link to Full Announcement         
24.07.2005 Die EU hat zum unterstützten EUROCARE- Projekt einen Zwischenbericht veröffentlicht. The EU has issued an interimreport for the project funded in 2003: EUROCARE - Alcohol Policy Network in the Context of a Larger Europe: Bridging the Gap
Interimreport engl.
Projektdescription engl.
24.07.2005 Weissbuch von CAMY über die Alkohol-Werbung für Kinder und Erwachsene.
The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University shows in the CAMY white paper: Policy change could lower ad costs without reducing adult audience. Reducing alcohol ads kids see won't cost industry adult market. Press release CAMY, July 5, 2005
15.07.2005 Die EU hat Beiträge an ein 2-jähriges Projekt zum Thema Alkohol bewilligt und heute bekanntgegeben.

The EU has granted a 2-years project on Alcohol:
ELSA - Enforcement of national Laws and Self-regulation on advertising and marketing of Alcohol
General objectives:
To assess and report on the enforcement of national laws and self-regulation on the advertising and marketing of alcoholic beverages in 25 Member States and applicant countries and Norway.
14.07.2005 Die Brauerei Anheuser-Busch in den USA hat ein Bier mit der Bezeichnung "B-to-the-E beer" herausgebracht, das mit Koffein, Guarana und Ginseng angereichert ist. Public-health groups in the U.K. are criticizing Anheuser-Busch's new "B-to-the-E" beer, which is infused with caffeine, guarana, and ginseng, the Guardian reported July 4. Critics say the beer violates an industry code barring marketing alcoholic beverages with claims that they boost physical or mental capacity. Anheuser-Busch says the "E" in the product name stands for "extra," not "energy."
(Quelle: JTO Direct/JOIN TOGETHER 7/13/05)
14.07.2005 Angeführt von kalifornischen Winzern haben einige Wein- Produzenten begonnen, den Alkoholanteil in ihren Weinen zu erhöhen. 

(Source: JTO Direct/JOIN TOGETHER 7/12/05
Led by California vineyards, some wine producers are increasing the alcohol content in their products. 
Some wines that previously had about 12 percent alcohol now have 14-16.5 percent alcohol. Most of the higher- alcohol wines come from California, but wineries from other regions of the U.S. and internationally are beginning to follow suit. The trend has picked up over the past three years, experts said.
14.07.2005 In Ergänzung des bestehenden Gesetzes, das den Besitz von Alkohol durch Minderjährige unter Strafe stellt, soll nun auch bestraft werden, wenn das Getränk bereits getrunken wurde, d.h. bei mindestens 0,2‰ oder äusserlichen Anzeichen von Trunkenheit. Das Gesetz SB 402 liegt nun beim Gouverneur zur Unterschrift. Bill SB 402 recently passed by the Missouri Legislature  broadens the scope of what constitutes possession of alcohol by someone under age 21 by including alcohol already in a minor's bloodstream. (Minimum 0,02% or if a minor is "visibly intoxicated") The Governor has to act now.


12.07.2005 Das National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's (NIAAA) wird 3-5 Beiträge von $400'000 gewähren. Three to five awards of $400,000 will be awarded to rural and small urban healthcare systems under the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's (NIAAA's) "Underage Drinking: Building Health Care System Responses" grant program. (Source: JOIN TOGETHER 7/8/05)
12.07.2005 SAMHSA, die Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration der US- Regierung hat 12 Beiträge von total $15.5 gewährt. SAMHSA Awards 12 Grants to Combat Underage Drinking.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration has awarded 12 grants totaling $15.5 million to various educational organizations and institutes of higher learning to combat underage drinking.
12.07.2005 Das Handels-Komitee des Senats im US Staat North Carolina hat dafür gestimmt, den maximal erlaubten  Alkoholgehalt in Bier von 6% auf 15% anzuheben.  The state Senate Commerce Committee of the North Carolina Senate voted to raise the cap on alcohol content in beer from 6 percent to 15 percent, and forwarded the measure to the full Senate for consideration, the Associated Press reported July 5. Similar legislation was passed in the state House in May. 
12.07.2005 Ein Bracelet um den Fussknöchel hilft Gerichten in den USA, die Abstinenz zu kontrollieren.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News/JS ONLINE, 7/3/05)

Device helps enforce sobriety for courts.
SCRAM has been used in 30 different states since its introduction in March 2003. About 1,800 people wear SCRAM bracelets nationally - close to 500 of them in Michigan, where it was first used. SCRAM is designed to measure alcohol consumption around the clock through skin perspiration. Every half-hour or so, the bracelet takes a reading that is sent via wireless modem to a monitoring center.

12.07.2005 Eine deutsche Firma bringt ein Nikotin-Bier heraus.
German Company Launches Nicotine Beer
NicoShot beer contains 3 milligrams of nicotine alkaloids and is being billed as "the world's first smoking-cessation beer." Manufacturer Nautilus GmbH Laboratoriumsbedarf said NicoShot is brewed like regular beer, with a tobacco-leaf extract added at the end of the brewing process. (Source: Join Together, 7/1/05)
12.07.2005 Die USA vergibt Beiträge an Präventionsprogramme an Colleges und Universitäten betr. Alkohol und andere Drogen. The US-Government offers grants for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses 
Purpose of Program: To support projects addressing high-risk drinking and drug use which can become practical models for replication and adaptation in other college communities. Grants for 10 projects, total sum $750'000. (Source: JOIN TOGETHER, 6/30/05/Fed Grants)
12.07.2005 In seiner kürzlichen Stand-der-Nation-Ansprache erwähnte Präsident Putin, dass jährlich 40'000 Menschen in Russland an Alkoholvergiftung sterben, oft an gefälschtem Alkohol. In his recent state-of-the-nation speech, President Vladimir Putin noted that 40,000 people die from alcohol poisoning in Russia each year, often from counterfeit liquor."

(Source: HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH/The Globe and Mail, Toronto)

25.06.2005 Im US-Staat New Mexico müssen wegen Alkohol am Steuer Verurteilte einen Zündungsunterbrecher im Wagen anbringen lassen. First-time drunk-driving offenders in New Mexico will be required to install ignition-interlock devices in their cars for a year to prevent them from driving under the influence of alcohol again, USA Today reported June 23. Anyone convicted of four drunk-driving offenses will have to keep the device on their car for the rest of their lives. An ignition-interlock device costs offenders about $1,000 per year. JOIN TOGETHER 6/24/05
24.06.2005 Die EU-Kommission ruft zur Eingabe von Finanzgesuchen für Projekte zur Konsumenten Politik auf. The EU Commission provides financial support for specific projects realised at national or European level, intended to implement the objectives of the consumer policy. 
Call for proposals the deadline for submissions is 16 September 2005 
24.06.2005 Die Gruppe von Anwälten "Banding Together Against Alcohol Advertising (MBTAA) drängt die Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) auf Bus- und Bahnlinien auf Alkoholreklame zu verzichten.  Join Together Online, June 17, 2005
A group of Boston-area advocates known as Massachusetts Banding Together Against Alcohol Advertising (MBTAA) is urging the MBTA and its ad agency, Viacom Outdoor, to ban alcohol advertising on bus and train lines, arguing that alcohol ads promote underage drinking and binge drinking . 
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
24.06.2005 Am 1. Juli tritt in Colorado, USA ein Gesetz in Kraft, das Erwachsene bestraft, die Alkohol an Minderjährige abgeben. The Daily Sentinel, June 17, 2005
July 1, a new law takes effect in Colorado. Adults who provide teenagers with alcohol lose their driving license and spend a few months in jail.
 (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
24.06.2005 Tausende von Grossisten und Detailisten in Alabama, USA haben die "Retailer Recognition Campaign" lanciert. Alabama's retailers, wholesalers and grocers, representing thousands of businesses in the state, have joined forces with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, the national We Card program and the Alabama chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to launch the Retailer Recognition Campaign: a statewide initiative aimed at reinforcing responsible retailing sales practices. Business Wire, AL, June 16, 2005 (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
24.06.2005 Das Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) hat kürzlich aufgerufen, Kommentare zur geplanten Etikettierung von alkoholischen Getränken einzusenden.  The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) recently requested comments on a wide range of issues concerning informational labeling of alcoholic beverages. Now the comment period has been extended 90 days past the original June 28 deadline. Principles that should govern the labeling of alcoholic beverages (CSPI). Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 82 / Friday, April 29, 2005 / Proposed Rules
24.06.2005 Comenius-Siegel 2005 für 
Das Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung hat für den zusammen mit der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugend und Bildung e.V. in Wiesbaden erstellten Internetauftritt das Comenius-Siegel erhalten. In der Auswahl waren 150 Einreichungen. Das Comenius-Siegel ist die wichtigste deutsche Auszeichnung für didaktische Multimediaprodukte. 
24.06.2005 "HaLT" hilft Kindern und Jungendlichen mit einer Alkoholvergiftung. Das
Bundesmodellprojekt (D) wurde mit dem  Otto-Kuhn- Preis ausgezeichnet.
"HaLT" ("Hart am Limit") wird heute während des Hauptstadtkongresses Medizin und Gesundheit mit dem Oskar-Kuhn-Preis der Bleib-Gesund-Stiftung ausgezeichnet. "HaLT" bietet Kindern und Jugendlichen, die bereits durch exzessiven Alkoholkonsum aufgefallen sind, eine umfassende Beratung an. 
24.06.2005 Das Alcohol Policies Project, CSPI, USA ruft dazu auf, die Senatoren zu bitten, das EUDL Programm weiter zu finanzieren.  The Alcohol Policies Project, CSPI asks to urge Senators in Washington to fully fund the EUDL program that provides states with the federal support they need to prevent underage drinking and the tragedy associated with it.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
24.06.2005 Das Trinken Jugendlicher kostet den US-Bundesstaat Tennessee jährlich $1,3 Mia. Er liegt damit an 17. Stelle. WBIR, TN, June 9, 2005 (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
A report released late last year shows underage drinking costs Tennesseans $1.3 billion a year [and] Tennessee ranks 17th among the 50 states. Taxpayers pay for pain and suffering, medical costs and work lost. Underage drunk- driving is one of the biggest reasons for the high cost. 
24.06.2005 Das höchste Gericht in Kansas, USA lehnte die Haftbarkeit von Geschäften und Einzelpersonen ab, die Alkohol verkaufen oder zur Verfügung stellen, wenn dies Tod oder Verletzungen zur Folge hat.  (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)

The state's highest court (Kansas, USA) refused Friday to make businesses and individuals who sell or provide alcohol legally liable for damages in civil lawsuits if the people they serve later kill or injure someone . . . Douglas County District Judge Jack A. Murphy had dismissed the lawsuit, noting that Kansas has no "dram shop" statute that makes sellers or providers of alcohol legally liable for injuries or deaths caused by others. Legislation is needed.
Kansas City Star, /Associated Press, KS, June 10, 2005

24.06.2005 Der Kommandant des US- Luftwaffen-Stützpunkts Shaw in Sumter sagt, dass für seine Piloten der Alkohol die grössere Bedrohung darstelle als der Krieg. US-Shaw Air Force Base commander in Sumter says alcohol greater threat than war. Colonel Phil Ruhlman is offering the 4,500 men and women at Shaw a day off if the command goes 60 days without a drunken driving arrest. The longest stretch without a drunken driving arrest so far is 42 days. Ruhlman says DUI cases have dropped 60%  WISTV, SC June 13, 2005    (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News) 
14.06.2005 In den USA ist eine grosse Aktion im Gange gegen Alkohol im Sport. Wir haben darüber berichtet. Over 185 national, state, and local organizations have so far joined the Campaign on no alcohol in sports as Endorsers. (We have reported on it.) The organizers are still looking for more organizations.
08.06.2005 Die Universität von Süd- Kalifornien, USA, verbietet ab 17. September den Alkoholverkauf während ihrer Football-Heimspiele im Los Angeles Coliseum. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  Alcohol will no longer be served at Southern California football games this fall at the Los Angeles Coliseum, officials of the University of Southern California said Wednesday. The University and the Coliseum Commission agreed to end alcohol sales on game days starting with the Sept. 17 because of fans complaining they can't enjoy the game because of public drunkenness., 1.6.05 San Francisco Chronicle, CA
08.06.2005 Alkohol- und Drogenabhängigkeit kosten die USA jährlich geschätzte $500 Mia. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) Alcohol and Drug Addiction costs annualy $500 billion, nearly equal to the Federal Budget Deficit, which is more than the gross domestic product of over 200 countries in the world. This statement was recently given by Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 
08.06.2005 Das Repräsentantenhaus von Louisiana, USA berät ein Gesetz 754, das Convenience Stores erlaubt, gefrorene Spezialgetränke zu verkaufen. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) Shreveport Times, LA, USA, June 3, 2005
The Louisiana House of Representatives reviewing Bill 754 discusses a proposal to allow convenience stores to sell frozen specialty drinks such as daiquiris in closed containers prepared for consumption off the premises. That means some 6,000 convenience stores and grocery stores throughout the state could sell frozen specialty drinks.
03.06.2005 Die Generalversammlung der WHO hat die Resolution über Alkohol Strategien am 25.5.05 angenommen. "Public health problems caused by harmful use of alcohol"
This World Health Assembly resolution calls on WHO to intensify international collaboration in reducing public health problems caused by the harmful use of alcohol.
It was accepted on May 25, 2005 at the General Assembly.
26.05.2005 Das Appelationsgericht von Virginia, USA hat das Urteil gegen ein inzwischen geschiedenes Paar bestätigt:  The Virginia Court of Appeals has upheld the convictions of a former couple sentenced to more than two years in prison for supplying alcohol to teenagers at their son's 16th birthday party. The now-divorced Earlysville couple were originally sentenced to eight years in prison in 2003. 
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)


Das Marin Institute gibt ein Büchlein heraus “Roadmap” (Weg, Lösungen zu Alkohol- Problemen in der Gemeinde) The Marin Institute publishes a new booklet: Press Release Marin Institute  /  “Solutions to Community Alcohol Problems: A Roadmap for Environmental Prevention” 
(22 pages, 1 copy free, additional copies 5$ each)
18.05.2005 Der US Supreme Court entschied, dass die Bundesstaaten selber regeln können, ob Alkoholhandel im Internet über ihre Grenzen stattfinden darf. Supreme Court: State to Decide Question of Internet Alcohol Sales. Its decision handed down today reaffirmed Michigan's right to regulate the sale and distribution of alcohol within its borders -- but said the state must ban in-state alcohol producers from selling over the Internet if it will not allow out-of-state producers to do the same., May 16, 2005
17.05.2005 Mehr als 55 führende Wirtschaftsfachleute haben in den USA der Regierung einen Brief geschrieben, in dem sie die Regierung drängen, die Alkoholsteuern nicht zu senken, sondern zu erhöhen. 


Some of America's most distinguished economists today called for what they say are long-overdue increases in federal excise taxes on alcoholic beverages to help offset the massive economic and social costs of alcohol. In a declaration to Congress organized by the Coalition for the Prevention of Alcohol Problems (CPAP), the economists, who include four Nobel laureates, say legislation promoted by the alcohol industry to reduce such taxes would damage public health, increase budget deficits, and threaten the safety of Americans, especially young people.
12.05.2005 Im US Staat Connecticut ist ein Gesetz in Vorbereitung, das Jugendlichen Konsum und Besitz von Alkohol in fremden Häusern verbietet. A proposed state House bill in Connecticut, USA would make it illegal for adults to allow minors to possess and consume alcohol on their property. It would also make it illegal for minors to possess alcohol on private property.
The rights of parents should not be touched. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
08.05.2005 "The Globe" issue 1/2005 ist erschienen und online erhältlich. The main theme is the Pacific Region. Alcohol has become the leading risk factor in disease burden of the Western Pacific. Also in this issue: Two resolutions on alcohol to the WHO General Assembly and to the Socio-Medical Committee of the World Medical Association.
06.05.2005 Eine amerikanische Studie zeigt, dass die Zahl der tödlichen Verkehrsunfälle zurückgeht, wenn der Zugang zu Behandlungen bei Suchtmittelmissbrauch verbessert und die Erhältlichkeit von Alkohol in der Gemeinde reduziert wird Communities can decrease alcohol-related fatal crashes by providing better access to substance abuse treatment while reducing the availability of alcohol in the community, according to a new study supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). A report of the study appears in the April, 2005 issue of the journal Injury Prevention. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
06.05.2005 Im Capitol von Texas, USA bedeuted Alkohol das grosse Geld. Alkoholproduzenten, -Händler und Detailisten werden dieses Jahr gegen 4 Mio.$ für Lobbyisten aufwenden. At the Texas Capitol, booze means big money. Beer, wine and liquor manufacturers, distributors and retailers will pay lobbyists up to $4 million to sway legislators in 2005, according to state report totals compiled by The Associated Press.(Sources: Marin Institute Alcohol News, Texas Ethics Commission, data compiled by The Associated Press.)
04.05.2005 Die EU veröffentlicht ein Health and Consumer Protection Programme 2007-2013 (versch. Sprachen) On 6 April 2005 the EU Commission adopted a Health and Consumer protection Strategy and a proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision creating the Community Programme for Health and Consumer protection 2007-2013.
02.05.2005 Die EU veröffentlicht ein revidiertes Strategiepapier zur Gesundheitspolitik. Health Strategy 2000 (EN, DE, FR, ES)  published by EU, updated version. 
02.05.2005 Ein Komitee des Europ. Parlaments strich ein wesentliches Element im Gesetzesentwurf eines Verbotes von irreführenden Gesundheitsanpreisungen. The European Commission's drive against obesity hit a major setback on Friday 21 when a European Parliament Committee dropped a key element of the draft proposal to ban misleading nutritional claims (Article 4). (Including Alcohol)
(Source: Eurocare)
02.05.2005 Unter dem Titel "Gesundheit in Europa" fand am 13./14. April 05 in Paris eine Konferenz der Gesundheits- Minister der 25 Länder der EU statt. Health Ministers of the 25 countries of the European Union have met in Paris on 13th and 14th April, together with the Commissioner in charge of health and consumer protection: "Protecting the health of European citizens"
Link to documents
02.05.2005 Die Verkäufe von Alkoholika an Minderjährigen nahmen nach der 2. Kontrollrunde in Butte, Montana, USA ab. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) More stores are passing undercover compliance checks as Butte police continue inspections to limit alcohol sales to minors. 61% of stores passed the first wave October through December. That compliance rate jumped to 81 percent after the second wave January through March 2005.
Montana Standard, MT, April 17, 2005
14.04.2005 1997 wurden die Teilnehmer einer internationalen Konferenz über Alkoholpolitik in Chicago gewarnt, in den nächsten 5 Jahren würde eine konzertierte Aktion stattfinden, die die Gesundheitsvorteile des massvollen Trinkens hervorheben würde. Health benefits of drinking greatly exaggerated
The Buffalo News, NY, April 9, 2005
It was in Chicago in 1997 when at an alcohol policy conference, delegates from around the world were warned: Over the next five years, the most formidable challenge would be a concerted campaign to stress the health benefits of moderate drinking. -  Now it's eight years and counting. The reports, studies and press releases keep appearing, as if off an assembly line. And the newspapers, morning shows and news magazines pick them up for a public eager to believe that indulgence can actually be good for them. - But when it comes to investigating these exuberant claims about alcohol, the media have been oddly uninquisitive. What happened to the old question: Who benefits? The chief beneficiary is the alcohol industry. 
12.04.2005 Die EU schreibt wieder einen eEurope Award aus und lädt ein, sich zu bewerben. (bis 1. Juni 05, 12.00 Uhr MEZ) eEurope Awards for eGovernment - 2005
"Transforming public services" - Call for applications to demonstrate eGovernment good practices in Europe
Informations  Deadline: June 1st, 2005



Eurocare ersucht nochmals die Mitgliedstaaten der WHO, die Resolution zum Alkoholproblem zu unterzeichnen und zu unterstützen. urocare distributes a draft resolution and its final text, adopted by the Executive Board of WHO on behalf of the 58th General Assembly in May 2005. With comment by Derek Rutherford, Eurocare. As well a Policy on alcohol for Europe and its countries. (Bridging the Gap) 
Please use the policy and contact your own governments to support the resolution.      J Switzerland has signed! J
06.04.2005 Am 1. April begann in Amerika der 19. Alkohol- Bewusstseins-Tag. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) 19th Annual Alcohol Awareness Month, which is the time for parents, schools, communities, organizations, and all of America to take a stand against the problem that is costing the United States $185 billion dollars per year, alcohol abuse and alcoholism.     eMediaWire
30.03.2005 In Amerika wird zu einer politischen Hilfsaktion aufgerufen. Action Alert by CSPI regarding a Bill in US-Congress to reduce alcohol taxes. Details
29.03.2005 Ein Anlagefonds, Pax World Funds, in Portsmouth, N.H., USA hat seine Aktien von Starbucks Corp. verkauft.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
Pax World Funds, a Portsmouth, N.H.-based fund family, that invests only in businesses it deems socially responsible has dropped Starbucks Corp., citing the coffee giant's launch of a java liqueur with whiskey maker Jim Beam. It sold 375,000 shares of Starbucks worth an estimated $23.4 million, about 1.6 percent of its Pax World Balanced Fund portfolio.   Yahoo! News/AP   
22.03.2005 Am 21.3.05 wurde im Senats Komitee für regulierte Industrien von Florida, USA ein Gesetz behandelt, das "Alkohol ohne Flüssigkeit" verbieten soll. Distilled Spirits Council Urges Ban of Alcohol Vapor Devices; Senate Committee on Regulated Industries Hears Bill Today
USNewswire, March 21, 05 (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
The Distilled Spirits Council today urged swift passage of legislation introduced in Florida banning "alcohol without liquid" (AWOL) devices that allow consumers to inhale alcohol by mixing alcohol with pure oxygen.
16.03.2005 Das Marin Institute ruft zur Unterstützung einer Kampagne gegen die Radio- und TV-Alkoholwerbung beim Uni- und College-Sport auf. Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV in November since 2003. CSPI has worked with Representative Osborne and a growing grassroots network to build national support for ending alcohol sponsorship of NCAA broadcasts. You can support the campaign by writing to the NCAA Division I Board of Directors. More Informations
15.03.2005 Ein neues Gesetz soll im US-Staat New York Minderjährige abhalten, mit gefälschten Fahrausweisen Alkohol zu kaufen. Teenagers who doctor their driver licenses so they can buy alcohol would lose all driving privileges until they turn 21 under a law proposed Friday by Gov. George E. Pataki and Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro.
Buffalo News (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)
12.03.2005 The EU has published the ammendments by the EU Parliament and accepted by the Commission on Unfair Commercial Practices Amendment 3 Rev 1, Recital 18 is about a commercial practice, specifically aimed at a particular group of consumers, such as children....
EU-Informations in many languages
08.03.2005 Die EU hat Papiere zur neu geschaffenen Executive Agency for the Public Health Programme veröffentlicht. The European Union has published a number of documents regarding the new Executive Agency for the Public Health Programme: Programme 2003-2008; Budget; Objectives; Next stages.


Die EU überarbeitet Ihre Richtlinien zur grenzüberschreitenden TV- Werbung The "Television without Frontiers" directive in the European Union is going to be revised. Eurocare has introduced three proposals in the Focus Group 2. 
        Eurocare proposals
26.02.2005 Die EU und die USA vereinbaren eine engere Zusammenarbeit bei der Produkte-Sicherheit

New guidelines to strengthen transatlantic co-operation on product safety issues were agreed today in Orlando, Florida. The arrangement encompasses regular exchanges of information and the establishment of a series of joint initiatives to help safeguard consumers’ health and safety.

26.02.2005 Die EU-Kommission begrüsst die Verabschiedung des neuen Gesetzes über den unlauteren Wettbewerb im EU-Parlament. Unfair commercial practices: EU-Commission welcomes Parliament’s approval of new law.
The law is expected to be formally endorsed by the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks and should be implemented EU-wide by 2007. Pressrelease
25.02.2005 Das Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, D.C. USA ruft zu einer Unterstützungsktion auf. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, D.C. USA calls: Please pass this alert along to other organizations and individuals who are concerned about underage drinking. Distribute it widely if you can! You may view it online:
23.02.2005 Eine Senatskomitee in Haway, USA bringt ein Gesetz ein, das bestimmen soll, dass jedem Minderjährigen unter 21 Jahren der Führerausweis zeitweilig entzogen wird, der Alkohol konsumiert. Egal ob er fährt oder nicht. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, HI, USA, February 17, 2005
Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona urged lawmakers yesterday to pass a proposal to the Senat to suspend the driver's license of anyone under 21 who is caught with alcohol.
The suspension would be imposed regardless of whether the person was driving while in possession of the alcohol. 
23.02.2005 Die NBA gibt neue Verhaltens-Richtlinien für alle ihre Stadien aus. Es geht um Sicherheit, Alkohol- Verkäufe und Verhalten. Jedes Stadion muss auch ein Fahrer-Programm anbieten. The NBA will be instituting new security guidelines after the All-Star break. The league announced Thursday a set of security and behavioral guidelines for all its arenas. Some of the guidelines include security, alcohol sales and behavior. Arenas must stop all alcohol sales during the fourth quarter, limit alcohol cup size to 24 ounces, and limit buyers to two drinks per purchase. Each arena must also have a designated driver program.
23.02.2005 Die Starbucks Corp. startete am 17.2.05 mit ihrem neuen Kaffee-Liqueur in Partnerschaft mit Jim Beam Brands, ein Teil von Fortune Brands.
New York Times, NY, February 17, 2005, see also RockyMountainNews,  Nov. 24, 04 and our text last year.
The Starbucks Corporation's latest attempt to create a beverage that is not just for breakfast starts today with the nationwide introduction of an alcoholic coffee drink.
It will market the drink, Starbucks Coffee Liqueur, through a partnership with Jim Beam Brands, a unit of Fortune Brands.
The liqueur will be sold in bars, liquor stores and restaurants in 750-milliliter bottles for $22.99. It will not be available at Starbucks coffee outlets. 
23.02.2005 Am 20.1.05 fand bei der EU  ein Treffen der Interessenvertreter zum Thema Alkohol statt. Health, Social and Economics Impact of alcohol.
Stakeholders' workshop, Luxembourg Jan. 20, 2005. Reports, Agenda, List of participants and a lecture on the Alcoholproblem by IAS London now available on Events.
21.02.2005 Im amerikanischen Kongress wird die "STOP Underage Drinking Act" wieder eingebracht.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) hails today’s re-introduction of the bi-partisan, bi-cameral STOP Underage Drinking Act (S. 408 in the Senate/H.R. 864 in the House). It applauds the hard work of the lead sponsors, who have stimulated a necessary conversation on the federal responsibility to do more to protect young lives.
21.02.2005 Der Senat von Wyoming,  USA, hat ein Gesetz genehmigt, das unter Strafe stellt, eine Party zu beherbergen, an der Alkohol oder illegale Drogen von Minderjährigen konsumiert werden.  The Wyoming Senate on Monday approved a bill that would establish a penalty for anyone hosting a party where minors consume alcohol or illegal drugs. The legislation, which will be returned to the House, would also prohibit individuals from permitting an underage drinking party on premises they own or lease. The bill would impose a penalty of up to six months in jail and a fine up to $750, or both. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  Billings Gazette, WY, February 14, 2005
21.02.2005 In Pasadena, CA, USA wird ein Gesetz eingebracht, das es Städten erleichtern soll, gegen problematische Schnapsläden scharf durchzugreifen. Pasadena News, CA, February 09, 2005
State Sen. Jack Scott, D-Pasadena, has introduced legislation aimed at helping cities crack down on problem liquor stores. SB 148 is designed to give cities more leverage in enforcing city codes while requiring liquor stores to conform to city zoning laws. 
20.02.2005 Im Wall Street Journal vom 2/2/05 erschien ein Artikel über die Beschwerden zum Bud Light Referee Inserat von Anheuser-Busch. 

(Quelle: Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Victory! The Wall Street Journal (2/2/2005) featured an article, Beer Industry Tests FTC's Patience,that discussed the FTC reaction to and further fallout from the Bud Light Referee ad complaint. Based on beer industry comments in the article, the ads will no longer be appearing.
Furthermore, the Beer Institute is now considering the FTC’s recommendation for an external review panel to address advertising complaints. Center for Science in the Public Interest
05.02.2005 Das Marin Institute ruft dazu auf, bei der Brauerei Anheuser- Busch gegen ihre Bierreklame zu protestieren, die sich oft an Jugendliche richtet, vor allem jetzt zur Zeit des Super-Bowl. Bud and Bud Light beers spend $24 million to reach the largest underage TV audience of the year. Heavy drinking during the Super Bowl at public and private venues is linked to higher rates of auto crashes, public drunkenness, and violence. The Marin Institute asks now:
You don’t have to take it anymore. Make a difference now:
1. Talk Back to Big Alcohol. Use our pre-filled Web form to slam Anheuser-Busch for over-exposuring millions of underage youth to ads for Budweiser and Bud Light.
2. Take action to prevent alcohol problems in your community.   (Marin Institute)
5.02.2005 Ein Richter in Los Angeles hat eine Klage gegen zwei Brauerei-Giganten abgelehnt, sie hätten mit ihrer Werbung Minderjährige zum Trinken ermutigt. In a legal victory for the beverage industry, a Los Angeles judge has dismissed a class-action suit accusing beer giants Anheuser-Busch Cos. and Miller Brewing Co. of encouraging underage drinking by targeting teens with their advertising.
(Source: CSPINET)  Los Angeles Times
05.02.2005 In einem BBC-News Artikel wird über eine internationale Forschungsarbeit berichtet, die aufzeigt, dass Alkohol global fast gleich viele Schäden anrichtet (4%) wie Tabak (4,1%) und hoher Blutdruck (4,4%). In a BBC-NEWS article researchers warn that the global burden of alcohol (4%) is almost the same as of tobacco (4,1%) and high bood pressure (4,4%).
The price of alcohol should be increased, say researchers.
The opening hours should be reduced. But many governments prefer (with the help of the industry)  education which is not effective. (Source: Eurocare)
05.02.2005 Anheuser-Busch sagt, sie hätten die Bud Light Referee Werbung zurückgezogen.  Anheuser-Busch says it has dropped the Bud Light Referee Ads. Today the Wall Street Journal (2/2/2005) featured an article, Beer Industry Tests FTC's Patience,that discussed the FTC reaction to and further fallout from the Bud Light Referee ad complaint by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington.
05.02.2005 Allied Domecq zieht ihr schamloses Plakat zurück, nachdem das Marin Institute beim Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), protestiert hatte.  Following the complaint by The Marin Institute to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), Allied Domecq has decided to withdraw its billboard advertisement for its Sauza Tequila. The complaint said the ad encourages heavy, irresponsible consumption, suggests that drinking Sauza will lead to nudity, and actively promotes the use of Sauza Tequila for its sexually disinhibiting effects. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  Alert by  Marin Institut
05.02.2005 In Montana, USA soll per Gesetz die Registrierung von Bierfässchen eingeführt werden. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  Rep. Rosie Buzzas, D-Missoula, proposes keg registration and increasing penalties for selling or providing alcohol to minors. About 24 US-states already have similar laws with good results.    also: DENVERPOST.COM
04.02.2005 In Texas, USA wurde ein Gesetz vorgeschlagen, das verbietet, am 21. Geburtstag vor 7.00 morgens in einer Bar oder im Restaurant Alkohol zu konsumieren. To prevent others from binge drinking on their 21st birthdays, state Rep. Rob Eissler, R-The Woodlands, has filed a bill which would make it illegal for someone to drink alcohol at a bar or restaurant before 7 a.m. on his or her 21st birthday.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) 
28.01.2005 In mehreren US-Staaten sind Sammelklagen gegen die Alkoholindustrie hängig, weil deren Werbung auf Jugendliche gerichtet sei.

Filed last February in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Goodwin case is one of five pending class actions that assail the marketing practices of the beverage industry. The others have been filed over the last 14 months in Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Washington. Los Angeles Times, 27.1.05

5.01.2005 In Missouri, USA, wird wieder versucht, per Gesetz die Alkoholsteuern leicht zu erhöhen. Sie gehören zu den niedrigsten in den USA. Backers of a bill that would increase Missouri's liquor taxes are hoping Missouri lawmakers read their mail. For 34 years the taxes remained unchanged. They belong to the lowest nationwide because of the strong lobbying by Annheuser- Busch. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) St. Louis today Website, January 13, 2005
5.01.2005 Die WHO-Exekutive unterstützte eine Resolution der EU zuhanden der nächsten Generalversammlung betr. Alkoholproblembekämpfung. The WHO executive board backed a resolution brought by the European Union and others calling on the head of the United Nations health agency to carry out a study within 2 years  and recommend steps to combat the world’s mounting drink problem, WHO officials said.
EU-Resolution (Quelle: WHO online)
5.01.2005 Ein Gericht in New Jersey verurteilte den Alkohol- Konzessionär des Giant- Stadiums und den Fahrer zu total 135 Mio.$ Schadenersatz Professional sports teams and their stadium and arena vendors might have to review their alcohol-related policies in the aftermath of a New Jersey jury this week awarding $135 million to the family of a girl paralyzed in a 1999 automobile accident caused by a drunk driver following a New York Giants football game. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  The Washington Post, 1/22/05 (with free registering)
25.01.2005 Der neue EU-Kommissär für Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz hat eine Rede zur zukünftigen Bedeutung der öffentlichen Gesundheitspolitik in der EU gehalten. Speech of the new EU-Commissionar Markos Kyprianou about the new importance of Public Health in the Union according to the new constitution.
"The new European Healthcare Agenda"

Full text of speech in EnglischLast part of speech

17.01.2005 "THE GLOBE" 3/2004 ist erschienen.



THE GLOBE 3/2004 was issued.
  Alcohol Policy Network (The Bridging the Gap project made a statement about alcohol policy issues for countries) 
Alcohol: Our Kids'Drug of Choice
. An American study.
Competition Policy and Alcohol: a Dangerous Cocktail (Alcohol Policy in Australia)
Focus on Youth Drinking (The Europ. ESPAD-Study 2003)
13.01.2005 Das amerikanische Departement für Gesundheit und Dienste für Menschen und Landwirtschaft gab den neusten Diät-Ratgeber 2005 heraus mit Sektion Alkohol. The Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture today released the latest version of Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, which includes a section on alcohol. Despite a few changes, the Guidelines' overall sound advice is little changed since the 2000 edition, focusing on moderation for drinkers and a short catalogue of those who shouldn't drink at all. Center for Science in the Public Interest
13.01.2005 Der französische Gesundheitsminister hat einen Gegenvorschlag zur Abänderung des Loi Evin vorgelegt. On Jan. 18, 2005 the French Senat will debate on a change of the Loi Evin (Alcohol advertising). Now the minister of health has brought forward a proposition against the proposed amendments which is accepted by the organisations of prevention. It makes some points clearer but not worse. New Pressrelease by A.N.P.A.A. (French)
11.01.2005 Eine elegante Stadt im Westchester County ist geschockt, weil ein Zahnarzt und seine Frau verhaftet wurden. A tony Westchester County town has been rocked by the arrest of a prominent dentist and his wife for hosting a booze-soaked New Year's Eve bash for almost 50 underage high schoolers. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  
New York Daily News
11.01.2005 Die Brauerei Heineken USA hat eine unabhängige Kommission eingesetzt,die Reklamationen über ihre Werbung beurteilen soll.
Three experts from politics, advertising and psychiatry are at disposition for one year.
Comment: Brauer und Schnapsfabrikanten versuchen, sich vor möglichen Anklagen wegen Werbung, die zu Alkoholismus oder dem Trinken von Jugendlichen beiträgt, zu schützen. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News) Reuters
10.01.2005 Die EU lädt zu einem Informationstag ein: Das Programm Öffentliche Gesundheit 2003-2008 Following the adoption of the annual work plan, a Call for Proposals will be launched on 15 January 2005. The 2005 Call for Proposals is the most important means of implementing the 2005 Work Plan and the main financing instrument for the programme’s activities.  Information day 2005, 3 February 2005, Luxembourg Programm 
08.01.2005 Werbung und Alkoholkonsum - Wissenschaftliche Grundlagen und Konsequenzen für politische Massnahmen  Studie des ISF Zürich Advertising and alcohol consumption - scientific basic facts and consequences for political measures)  English summary by us.
Research by ISF Institute on studies on dependencies, Zurich
07.01.2005 Auf den Seiten des Center for Drug Research (cedro) der Universität Amsterdam. erschien ein Artikel über Alkohol-Prohibition und Drogen-Prohibition (engl.) On the site of the Center for Drug Research (cedro) of the University of Amsterdam the article " Alcohol Prohibition and Drug Prohibition, Lessons from Alcohol Policy for Drug Policy" was published by Harry G. Levine and Craig Reinarman


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Dossiers: Suchtmittelwerbung; Alcopops; Absinth; WTO - GATS; Alkoholkonsum Jugendlicher; Alkohol und Verkehr /  Drink Driving; Wein (Alkohol) sei (mässig genossen) gesund; Sport und Alkohol; Strukturelle Prävention; NPA (Nationales Programm Alkohol); botellón



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