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12/27/2006 FORUT, die norwegische Entwicklungsorganisation, hat “Strategies to Address Alcohol Problems” von Professor Samarasinghes veröffentlicht.
FORUT published Professor Samarasinghes book: “Strategies to Address Alcohol Problems” who addressed the conference “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” in Colombo. He challenged NGOs and governments to address alcohol problems with a more strategic and systematic approach.

(Source: ADD Bulletin 3-2006)  Strategies to Address Alcohol Problems

12/23/2006 US-Präsident Bush hat das Gesetz "STOP (Sober Truth on Preventing) Underage Drinking Act" am 20.12.06 unterzeichnet. The STOP (Sober Truth on Preventing) Underage Drinking Act, called the most significant piece of underage-drinking prevention legislation passed by Congress in years, has been signed into law on Dec. 20 by President Bush.
(Source: Join Together, 12/22/06)
12/22/2006 In Colombo, Sri Lanka fand ein FORUTsymposium “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” statt. Professor Babor was the key note speaker in the FORUTsymposium “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” in Colombo, Sri Lanka informing the 130 participants from international and local NGOs as well as ministry departments about the evidence on effective alcohol policies. Professor Babor also spoke on the specific issue of alcohol and development.
In his introduction Mr. Babor discussed the positive and negative consequences of alcohol use for society and concluded that “the benefits connected with the production, sale, and use of this commodity come at an enormous cost to society”. He pointed to the fact that alcohol by WHO is rated as one of the most serious threats to public health on a global scale, on par with tobacco use. Even more so in “developing countries with low mortality”, where alcohol use is rated as the most important contributor to the total burden of disease. (Source: ADD Bulletin 3-2006)  FORUT, 12/22/06
12/22/2006 Nach Berichten, Miss Teen USA habe in New Yorker Clubs als Minderjährige Alkohol konsumiert, hat sich MADD von ihr getrennt. Following Underage-Drinking Reports, MADD Drops Miss Teen USA
Miss Teen USA has traditionally worked with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to prevent underage drinking, but MADD has severed ties with the reigning beauty queen.
(Quelle: Join Together, 21.12.06)      The Desert Sun, 20.12.06
12/22/2006 Kaum ist die Erfolgsmeldung betr. Kohl's hereingekommen, wird schon wieder ein Verkäufer dieser Sauf-Spiele bekannt.

Tell Target: Binge Drinking is No Game!
IconTarget, the national department store chain, is selling binge drinking games on its website. "The last man/woman standing wins!" says the instructions for Drinko, where the object of the game is to make your opponents drink as many shots as possible.  (Learn more about the drinking games). These games clearly promote high-risk drinking. - IMPORTANT: Please customize the sample letter with your own words. Individualized letters have much more impact.    (Join Together, 21.12.06)

12/22/2006 Nach einem Aufschrei stoppt Kohl's den Verkauf von Trinkspielen. After Outcry, Kohl's Agrees to Stop Selling Drinking Games
Kohl's Department Stores has agreed to stop selling controversial drinking games after public-health groups said that items like a roulette-wheel shot game promote dangerous and underage drinking. Join Together, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the Oregon Partnership and more than 2600 e-mails were involved. (See 12/18/06)
(Source: CSPI, 12/21/06)  
12/22/2006 Kinder werden in den USA immer mehr der Alkoholwerbung am Fernsehen ausgesetzt. As Big Liquor pours more ad dollars into cable and spot TV, underage viewers' exposure to alcohol ads has exploded, according to a study conducted by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University. Between 2001 and 2005, 1.4 million alcohol ads ran on TV at a cost of $4.7 billion, the group says. And the number of ads jumped 34% during the period, as spirits companies abandoned their self-imposed ban on TV. As a result, by last year, there were 23 times more TV ads for booze than in 2001.
Industry groups adopted a rule in 2003 that the maximum underage viewing audience cannot exceed 30%, but by this measuring stick, kids were overexposed to alcohol ads by a count of 93% on cable TV in 2005, according to the anti-alcohol group.
(Source: Media Daily News, 12/21/06)   BRANDWEEK, 12/20/06
12/20/2006 3 Minderjährige in Novato, CA, USA erhielten Gefängnisstrafen nach einer Geburtstagsparty, die tödlich endete. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News,-19.12.06) Novato Residents GetJail for Serving Alcohol to Teens Two Novato women who served alcohol at a 18th birthday party in Ignacio that turned tragic when two teens died in a drunken driving wreck were sentenced Monday to six months in the custody of the Marin County Sheriff's Office. A third defendant, Coady James Makinson, 19, of Novato was sentenced to three months in custody for a misdemeanor offense, but will serve in a jail alternative program. "Obviously, this is a tragic incident and to some degree it is not surprising," Judge Kelly Simmons said. "When you play with fire, someone's going to get hurt."  Marin Independent Journal, 12/11/06
12/20/2006 Die lokalen Behörden von Sturgis, MI, USA sind besorgt über das Aufkommen von alkoholischen Spykes.

(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 19.12.06)

Three-inch alcoholic Spykes are beginning to cause a stir in the Sturgis area.
The Anheuser-Busch product has the potential of being dangerous for children, local officials say. “My concern is that this is such a blatant example of the alcohol industry marketing to youth,” said Rob Olsen, superintendent of Sturgis Public Schools.Spykes come in four flavors”, “Spicy Lime,” “Spicy Mango,” “Hot Melons” and “Hot Chocolate.” According to the bottles, the malts contain 12 percent alcohol and also contain caffeine, ginseng and guarana. Spykes are retailing in the area for about .75 to $1.09 each. According to marketing campaigns, Spykes are meant to be used “mouth to mouth”, either consumed straight or mixed with a beer.
12/20/2006 Die Leitung von Anheuser-Busch hat beschlossen, Ende 2007 den Sponsorvertrag mit NASCAR nach 25 Jahren nicht mehr zu erneuern.

Executives at Anheuser-Busch have decided to pursue another direction in their marketing of the Busch brand and will not renew their relationship with NASCAR when the sponsorship expires, after 25 seasons, at the end of 2007. Busch's Budweiser will continue to be the "official beer of NASCAR," writes The Charlotte (South Carolina) Observer. The beer will also continue to sponsor driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR's pole awards, and the annual Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. Join Together, 12/19/06
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 12/19/06)  MediaBuyerPlanner, 12/19/06

12/18/2006 In letzter Zeit sind nun drei Beispiele von nachteiliger Politik bekannt geworden. Der Direktor von Join Together ruft auf, diese den eigenen Parlamentariern in Erinnerung zu rufen. Alcohol Policies Really Matter says David Rosenbloom, Director of Join Together. He mentions three examples:
- The deadly results of Finland's decision to slash alcohol taxes: We reported today.
- Pubs and bars in England can now stay open almost around the clock. The resulting violence in many town centers, as drunk young men and women spill into the streets, has become a national scandal.
- New Zealand lowered its legal drinking age to 18 a few years ago and watched alcohol-related car crashes and deaths among teenagers increase sharply, reversing years of steady decline.     (Source: Join Together, 12/15/06)
12/18/2006 Seit Finnland die Alkoholsteuern 2004 um 40% gesenkt hat, ist Alkohol zur häufigsten Todesursache geworden.

Having seen increases in binge drinking among youths in the months after it slashed alcohol taxes by more than 40 percent, the government of Finland is now reporting that alcohol has become the leading killer of the nation's adults. More than 2,000 people ages 15 to 64 in Finland died from alcohol poisoning or alcohol-related illnesses in 2005. Close to another 1,000 Finns died from alcohol-related accidents or violent incidents.
(Source: Join Together, 12/15/06)     Toronto Star,12/09/06

12/18/2006 Kohl's eine US Warenhaus-Kette mit 817 Filialen verkauft im Internet und in den Läden Spielzeug für Trinkspiele. Kohl’s, the national chain of department stores with 817 locations nationwide, is promoting heavy and high-risk drinking by selling miniature versions of drinking games involving darts, roulette, and ping-pong in its stores and online (search for “shot game” or “pong” on The Center for Science in the Public Interest calls in its alert to write to Kohl's as a protest.
Join Together, 12/15/06      The Kentucky Post, 12.12.06
12/18/2006 New Mexico, USA will $2.25 Mio. im Kampf gegen Alkohol am Steuer einsetzen.

Gov. Announces Efforts to Combat Drunk Driving.
About $2.25 million in state and federal funds will finance several new initiatives aimed at combating drunk driving in New Mexico, Gov. Bill Richardson has announced. The new efforts include four full-time DWI law enforcement officers in Santa Fe County, increased DWI checkpoints and saturation patrols in several counties, and a "Drunkbusters" unit to respond to citizen calls.  (Source: Join Together, 12/14/06)     New Mexico Business Weekly, 12/12/06

12/13/2006 Bacardi bewegt sich in England mit ihrer neuen Plakataktion im Graubereich.

Bacardi risks ASA Censure with 'low-calorie' Work
Bacardi's latest poster campaign, which highlights the low-calorie content of Bacardi & Diet Cola, is set to court controversy with the Advertising Standards Authority and alcohol charities. The poster, which reads "Bacardi & Diet Cola. 0 sugar. 0 carbs. 52 calories", could fall foul of a grey area in Ofcom regulations on alcohol advertising, which states that while alcohol ads can contain factual statements about product contents, including comparisons, they must not make health, fitness or weight-control claims.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -12/12/06)    Brand Republic, 12/12/06

12/13/2006 Die Verkehrsbetriebe in San Francisco (BART), USA widerrufen einen Entscheid vom 14.9.06, Alkoholreklame auf den Zügen zuzulassen. BART Board Overturns Decision to Allow Liquor Ads on Trains
The BART Board of Directors on Thursday overturned a 3-month-old decision to allow some booze advertisements on trains and in stations -- heeding the demand of community groups concerned about underage drinking. Although BART approved beer, wine and hard liquor promotions on Sept. 14, no such ads ever went up. Thursday's vote ensured they never will. The decision will cost the regional transit agency an estimated $400,000 in lost revenue, officials said. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -12/12/06)
San Francisco Chronicle, 12/08/06
12/13/2006 "THE GLOBE" 3/2006 ist erschienen.

Diese Ausgabe ist heute noch nicht im Internet einsehbar.


Main articles: WHO focuses on violence - strong link with alcohol
EU Alcohol Strategy - is the glass half full or half empty?
WTO/GATS negotiations and alcohol policy
A decade of failure: self-regulation of alcohol advertising in Australia
World Bank calls for action on youth and alcohol
Brazilian NGOs on the move
(Not yet online today)
12/12/2006 Die EU-Kommission eröffnete gestern eine Diskussion über eine zukünftige Gesundheits-Strategie.
The EU-Commission has yesterday launched a discussion document inviting stakeholders to comment on plans for a new EU Health Strategy.
The Health Strategy will be an overarching, strategic framework which will focus on core issues for improving health in the EU. These will include addressing health threats and tackling health inequalities, and will encompass health services and health promotion. The Strategy will take a strategic approach to mainstreaming health in other community policies, and cover global health issues.
This discussion document follows the full formal consultation in 2004 ‘Enabling Good Health for All – A Reflection Process for a new EU Health Strategy’, and invites stakeholders to comment on objective setting and implementation mechanisms.
Comments on the document are welcome to the mailbox until 12 February 2007.
Further information:
12/11/2006 Auf dem Weg zum Stopp: Der US-Kongress verabschiedet das erste namhafte Gesetz gegen den Alkoholkonsum Minderjähriger. Von Präsident Bush wird erwartet, dass er es unterzeichnet.

Going for STOP: US-Congress Passes First Major Underage-Drinking Law. Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.
A bill that's being called an important first step towards addressing the national problem of underage drinking was approved by both the U.S. Senate and House this week, and heads to President Bush's desk for approval. The Sober Truth on Preventing (STOP) Underage Drinking Act, which was initially approved on a 373-23 vote in the House of Representatives on Nov. 14, passed the Senate by unanimous consent on Dec. 6 and won final approval in a slightly amended form in the House on Dec. 7. (Source: Join Together, 12/08/06)

12/09/2006 Die thailändische Regierung will einen Monat warten, bis sie die Alkoholwerbung einschränkt. Nun reagiert die Alkoholindustrie. Thailand: Five Alcohol Companies Halt Ads
(The Bangkok Post, Dec. 2, 2006)
"Five major alcohol producers and importers will voluntarily suspend advertising in all mass media for one month starting on Monday in an effort to reach a compromise on the alcohol ad ban."  Source: Harvard World Health News, 12/08/06
12/09/2006 In den USA mehren sich die Stimmen, dass die Alcopops stärkerer Regulierung bedürfen. Sweet, Inexpensive 'Alcopops' Worthy of More Regulation
Editorial: (The Mercury News, California, Dec. 1, 2006)
Source: Harvard World Health News, 12/08/06
12/08/2006 Der Eurocare Newsletter im November ist erschienen. It shows a number of interesting information of the last few months. Three of them we have picked up here today. Some we have already reported earlier.
12/08/2006 Am 25.9.06 hat der spanische Gesundheit-Minister einen Gesetzes-Entwurf zum Schutz der Gesundheit und für die Alkoholprävention bei Minderjährigen eingebracht. On 25 September, the Spanish Ministry of Health published a Draft Act on Health Measures for the Protection of Health and the Prevention of alcohol consumption by Minors. Although limited to minors, the draft represents a significant breakthrough for alcohol policy in Spain, because it establishes a common legal framework for the whole Country, filling and bridging gaps and discrepancies among regional policies.  The Proposal establishes the minimum purchase age at 18 and, for the first time ever, retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises will require a license. In addition, the sale of alcohol will be prohibited at night and in mobile units. TV and radio advertising for alcoholic beverages will not be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.; No alcohol adverts will be permitted on the covers of magazines, and; Alcohol ads will not be allowed in bus-shelters or billboards placed less than 500 meters away from schools. Finally, sponsorship by the alcohol industry of events aimed at minors will also be banned. (Source: Eurocare November Newsletter)
12/08/2006 Der britische Premier-minister intervenierte in einem türkischen Gerichtsfall, um die Strafe für Diageo wegen Steuer-zahlungen zu reduzieren. British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was accused of abusing his position by writing on June 27 a secret personal appeal to the Turkish Prime Minister to stop his country’s courts imposing heavy fines on British drinks manufacturer, Diageo. Diageo is the world largest liquor producer and has in its Board a long-term donor to the Labour party. Lord Hollick, a senior non-executive director of Diageo since 2001 and a former special adviser to the Blair government, is thought to have donated at least £500,000 to Labour. In the leaked letter, Mr Blair appeared to warn Recep Tayyip Erdogan that if he did not intervene over the fines, Diageo and other companies would pull out, leading to loss of revenue for Turkish Customs and an increase in drinks smuggling. (Source: Eurocare November Newsletter)
12/08/2006 Im Eurocare-November-Newsletter wird aufgerufen, die eigenen EU-Parlamentarier zu beeinflussen. Request to support an Amendment to ban alcohol adverts on TV before 9.00 p.m. The EU 1989 Television without Frontiers Directive is currently being revised and updated to deal with the digital media environment. The legislation sets the rules for media service providers on advertising, sponsorship, product placement. Eurocare and other public health NGOs have been tracking the updated version of the TV without Frontiers Directive, now known as the Audiovisual Directive. One of the key principles in the proposed Directive is protection of children and minors from harmful content. The Directive is now about to go to vote in the Plenary of the European Parliament on 12 December 2006. The public health NGOs active on alcohol policy had worked hard to successfully convince the Industry, Trade, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) and the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee (FEMM) to vote for an amendment to ban all alcohol advertising between 06.00 am and 09.00 pm. Unfortunately, the lead Committee - Culture and Education - did not take up this issue in their list of recommended amendments for the Plenary session. Please contact your parliamentarian. (Source: Eurocare November Newsletter)
Contact your Member of the European Parliament ( and ask them to support the Westlund Amendment.
12/06/200 Die American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) (Kinderärzte) ruft zu mehr Medien-Erziehung für die Kinder auf. Ads Are Selling U.S. Kids Poor Health: Experts say.
Children and adolescents are being bombarded by so many ads that medical experts now fear for their health. Some 40,000 ads a year from television alone may be boosting obesity, poor nutrition and cigarette and alcohol use among U.S. youth, according to a revised statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The statement, which appears in the December issue of Pediatrics, calls for more media education to counter some of advertising's negative effects. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 12/04/06)  Alcohol Advertising and Youth 12/04/06        
12/06/200 Das Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement, USA ist von Shelton Brothers wegen Zensur angeklagt worden. Maine Bans Boozy Santa Beer Label: A beer distributor says Maine is being a Scrooge by barring it from selling a beer with a label depicting Santa Claus enjoying a pint of brew. In a complaint filed in federal court, Shelton Brothers accuses the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement of censorship for denying applications for labels for Santa's Butt Winter Porter and two other beers it wants to sell in Maine.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 12/04/06), 12/02/06
12/05/2006 In den USA verhindern Gesetze, dass die Alkoholindustrie Werbung mit Gesundheitsvorteilen machen darf. Many Obstacles to Advertising Alcohol Health Benefits in USA
Alcohol companies -- especially the wine industry -- would love to advertise recent research showing possible health benefits from moderate alcohol consumption. But a slew of state and federal laws stand in their way.
(Source: Join Together, 12/04/06)       New York Times, 11/25/06 (payable)
12/02/2006 In Thailand ist ein Streit um ein Verbot der Alkoholwerbung im Gange. Thailand: Fight To Ban Liquor Ads Continuing
"The Public Health Ministry said yesterday that it will not give up its fight against the Council of State over its refusal to ban alcohol advertisements. The ministry is still hoping to put the ban in effect by next Sunday, as originally planned."
(Source: Harvard World Health News, 11/30/06)      The Bangkok Post, Nov. 26, 2006
11/30/2006 Consumer Commissioner-Designate presented to European Parliament
On 27 November, Mrs Meglena Kuneva, the Bulgarian Commissioner-designate, attended a hearing at the European Parliament to present her plans for taking forward consumer protection matters from January 2007 until the end of the term of the current Commission in 2009. Mrs Kuneva was up until now the Bulgarian Minister for European Affairs and has a background in law and journalism. Inscription for EU-Newsletter
11/29/2006 In den USA haben nun alle 50 Staaten die 0,8‰-Grenze eingeführt. Nun wird angeregt, die Grenze weiter zu senken.

The Case For Lowering Legal BAC Levels Even More
All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico now make it a crime to drive with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more. And, a new review of research from around the world makes a case for lowering the limit even more.
The review was done by James Fell and Robert Voas from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a nonprofit group in Calverton, Md. Fell and Voas report that when the United States lowered the legal BAC limit from .10 to the current .08, alcohol-related crashes and injuries dropped by an average of 7 to 8 percent. In countries where the limit was lowered to .05 BAC, additional reductions took place.
Comment: Switzerland is a good example. The new 0.05% limit has brought a decline of 22% less fatalities on the roads in the first year. In the first 6 months of the second year the decline went on. But it is necessary to say that additional measures are needed, e.g. more controls and controls without suspicion.  (Source: Joint Together, 11/22/06)

11/23/2006 Die New York Times berichtet über eine neue Strategie gegen Alkohol am Steuer.

A New Strategy to Discourage Driving Drunk
"The threat of arrest and punishment, for decades the primary tactic against drunken drivers, is no longer working in the struggle to reduce the death toll, officials say, and they are proposing turning to technology -- alcohol detection devices in every vehicle"
In the first phase of the plan, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, backed by others, will announce here on Monday a campaign to change drunken driving laws in 49 states to require that even first offenders install a device that tests drivers and shuts down the car if it detects alcohol. Many states already require the devices, known as ignition interlocks, for people who have been convicted several times. Last year New Mexico became the first to make ignition interlocks mandatory after a first offense. With that tactic and others, the state saw an 11.3 percent drop in alcohol-related fatalities last year. (Source: Harvard World Health News, 22.11.06)
The New York Times, Nov. 20, 2006       Chicago Tribune, 11/20/06

11/22/2006 Am 5. Dez. 06 findet in Paris im Rahmen der Etats généraux ein Treffen statt. A national meeting on alcohol will take place in Paris on the 5th of December, 2006. The main objective of this day is to summarize the regional and online debates in October and November, as well as the jury recommendations. 
(Source:                      Inscriptions
11/22/2006 Arretierungen wegen Alkohol am Steuer haben in Colorado, USA während Halloween eine Rekordzahl erreicht. Halloween DUI Arrests Increase Across the State
DUI arrests reached an all-time high of 528 in Colorado over the Halloween period...Many holidays are becoming more closely associated with drinking, creating concerns for law enforcement officials and sober drivers. According to Bob Maust, chairman of CU's standing committee on substance abuse, the concept of Halloween in the mind of a young adult is one largely created by the alcohol industry.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/20/06), 11/21/06
11/22/2006 Aufruf zum Handeln: "Warum ist James Bond lizensiert zum Verkauf von Alkohol an unsere Kinder?"

Action Alert: Why is James Bond 'Licensed to Sell' Booze to our Kids?
Everyone knows that James Bond likes his martinis, but why is he pitching vodka and beer to kids in his new PG-13 movie “Casino Royale” ? Both Smirnoff Vodka and Heineken appear in the film and in a massive worldwide co-promotional campaign. Heineken and Smirnoff are using the film and the dashing Bond image to promote alcohol to millions of kids and teens who will see the movie. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/20/06)

11/20/2006 Alkoholvergiftungen von Minderjährigen in England nehmen zu. Underage Alcohol Poisoning Increases In UK.
During the last five years the number of under-eighteens admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning has gone up by 20%, according to a BBC Panorama programme. Apparently, 20 children are diagnosed each day in the UK with alcohol poisoning. Hospital admissions went up from 6,288 in 2000 to 7,500 in 2005. (Source: Medical News Today, 11/20/06)   BBC Panorama programme, called "Booze: What every teenager needs to know". 11/20/06
11/18/2006 Am 1. Nov. genehmigte der Rat mit 373:23 "The Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP) Act, H.R. 864" (ungefähr: Gesetz über die nüchterne Wahrheit dem Alkoholkonsum Minderjähriger vorzubeugen)

House Passes Underage-Drinking Prevention Bill
A bill that's being called the first national legislation to focus exclusively on underage-drinking prevention,  The Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP) Act, H.R. 864, was passed 373-23 on Nov. 1. by the U.S. House of Representatives, and now heads to the Senate for consideration. "Our nation must no longer be complacent about underage drinking and its alarming consequences," said Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.), the lead sponsor of the legislation. "We must bring this national public-health crisis out of the shadow and into the bright light of a national priority."
(Source: Join Together, 11/17/06)

11/17/2006 Philip Morris startet eine Inseratekampagne in der Filmbranche. Sie ruft damit Filmemacher auf, ihre Marke in den Filmen nicht zu zeigen.
Philip Morris: Don't Film Our Brands
"The nation's largest cigarette maker is asking Hollywood not to put its products on the big screen, citing studies that have shown cinematic portrayals of tobacco use can entice children to smoke. Richmond-based Philip Morris USA said Wednesday that it will run advertisements in Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and other trade publications imploring moviemakers: 'Please Don't Give Our Cigarette Brands a Part in Your Movie.'"(Source: Harvard World Health News, 11/16/06)        Associated Press, 11/15/06
Philip Morris learned from its preventive advertising campaign which showed a contrary effect: It supported the smoking of youth. It doesn't matter which brand of cigarettes are smoked in a movie. The brands of Philip Morris, the market leader, get always most of the profit. And it can play the moral leader. The so-called self-regulation of the alcohol industry sends its greetings.
11/16/2006 Die russische Regierung überlegt die Wiedereinführung des staatlichen Alkoholmonopols.

Russian Gov't Considers Takeover of Alcohol Industry
Reacting to a wave of alcohol poisonings, the Russian government is considering reestablishing its former monopoly over alcohol production and sales, which was operating till the 1980th and brought most of the states income.
(Source: Join Together, 11/15/06)      TIMESONLINE, 11/13/06

11/15/2006 Das Johnnie Walker Classic golf event in Phuket gerät in Schwierigkeiten.

Johnnie Walker Classic at risk. Golf event 'will go overseas' if logo, brand not shown.Riche Monde (Bangkok), distributor of Johnnie Walker scotch whisky, has urged the government to decide within two weeks whether it can use the logo and brand to promote the upcoming Johnnie Walker Classic golf event in Phuket in March 07. If not the alcohol company is ready to move the event to either South Korea or South Africa. The Johnnie Walker Classic has been thrown into jeopardy by government legislation banning alcohol advertising and sponsorship, which will take effect on December 3.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -13.11.06)     The Nation, 10.11.06

11/15/2006 Alcopops fördern den Alkoholkonsum der Jugendlichen. Dagegen werden in einem Artikel Umweltstrategien erläutert.

Alcopop Problem Feeds Underage Drinking.  In Substance Abuse Prevention Partnerships, community groups sponsored by the South County Collaborative, South County (California, USA) residents have been involved for the last year in "environmental strategies" to increase the success of substance abuse prevention. These environmental strategies are well described in the article.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/13/06)   GILROY DISPATCH, 11/10/06

11/15/2006 Die Ergebnisse der US-Wahlen können Auswirkungen bei der Alkoholgesetzgebung in den Bundesstaaten haben.

Uncap Beer Tax? The 2007 Oregon (USA) Legislature will be under Democratic control for the first time in 18 years, potentially opening the door for a state beer tax increase. Oregon's beer tax, among the lowest in the nation, has not been adjusted since 1976.

(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/13/06)  The Register-Guard, 11/12/06

11/15/2006 Lokale Gruppen und County Verantwortliche unternehmen Aktionen, gegen die Alkohol Werbung und Alcopops

SAN RAFAEL, CA—, USA: Activity is picking up in Bay Area communities and among county supervisors fighting to protect children from the alcohol industry's harmful advertising in a series of events this week. Community groups and local youth have spurred both the San Francisco and Contra Costa County Boards of Supervisors to take action on BART's recent decision to allow alcohol ads in stations and trains. Advocates will also file suit in Alameda County to keep sweet, fruity "alcopops" out of kids' hands.   A lawsuit will be filed in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, asking the Board of Equalization to correctly tax alcopops. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/13/06)

11/14/2006 Russland schwankt durch das Alkohol Problem. Russia Staggered by Alcohol Problems
Alcoholism is having a profound effect on Russia, where more than 42,000 people die each year from drinking bootleg alcohol and heavy drinking has pushed the average life expectancy down to 66, well below that of the neighboring European Union.
(Source: Join Together, 11/13/06)      Associated Press 11/12/06
11/14/2006 Keine Rabatte bei Alkoholdetaillisten für häufig Konsumierende in North Carolina, USA.

No 'Frequent Drinkers' Clubs in N.C.
North Carolina's Alcohol Beverage Control Commission won't allow alcohol retailers to offer discounts to frequent buyers or issue coupons for alcohol purchases. North Carolina First Lady Mary Easley, national co-chair of the group Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol-Free, criticized the proposal, calling it irresponsible and dangerous. Alcohol retailers previously failed to get the plan through the state legislature. (Source: Join Together, 11/13/06)   Associated Press, 11/10/06

11/13/2006 Der EU-Kommissar für Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz, Markos Kyprianou  - The European health commissioner Markos Kyprianou  in an interview on the website  He compared Tobacco with alcohol, saying: “Alcohol is a question of excessive abuse. In small, moderate amounts it can even be beneficial for health”. IOGT International reaction comes from International Deputy President Kristina Sperkova
11/09/2006 Schneller Anstieg der Zahl von Alkohol-Toten in England. Alcohol-related deaths in the U.K. have risen from 4,144 in 1991 to 8,386 last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. British officials reported that alcohol death rates were higher for men than women: 17.9 deaths per 100,000 population versus 8.3 deaths per 100,000 among females. Included in the report were deaths from diseases and conditions known to be caused by alcohol use, including liver disease and pancreatitis.
(Source: Join Together, 11/8/06)       Office for National Statistics       BBC, 11/7/06
11/09/2006 Das Parlament von Neuseeland wies ein Gesetz zurück, das das Mindestalter von 18 auf 20 erhöhen sollte. N.Z. Lawmakers Reject Bid to Raise Drinking Age
A bill that would have raised the legal minimum drinking age in New Zealand from 18 to 20 was soundly defeated by lawmakers. (72-49) "That decision in 1999 was detrimental. There has been a trickle-down effect and people under 18 now find it easier to get alcohol," said Martin Gallagher, a Labor party member of Parliament and lead sponsor of the defeated bill. "It has had devastating consequences for young people." But supporters of the age-20 law said lowering the drinking age would just increase illegal, unsupervised drinking and stigmatize responsible 18- and 19-year-olds.
(Source: Join Together, 11/8/06)    The New Zealand Herald, 11/8/06
11/09/2006 In Missouri, USA gilt unterschiedliches Haftbarkeitsrecht bei Alkoholverkäufen in Bars oder Convenience-Läden Missouri's alcohol-liability law, which allows lawsuits against bars and restaurants but not convenience stores and grocery stores, is not unconstitutional, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled. The high court rejected an appeal by a St. Louis woman who wanted to sue a convenience store that sold beer to her 20-year-old son the night before he died in an auto crash. The court said that the state liability law, which only allows lawsuits against those who sell alcohol by the drink or for onsite consumption, did not draw an unconstitutional distinction between alcohol outlets. (Source: Join Together, 11/8/06)                 Associated Press, 11/7/06 
11/09/2006 Die WHO erhält eine neue Generaldirektorin. The Chinese Margaret Chan, a medical doctor, who studied in Canada, should be confirmed today by the plenary assembly of the World Health Organization as new General Director. As director of the health services in her town of birth Hongkong she fighted successfully against lung disease Sars and bird flue. In 2005 she became in charge of the WHO-Sector for infections disease and is leading also the programme against the bird flue.   (Source: Tages-Anzeiger, 11/9/06)    Associated Press, 9.11.06
11/08/2006 In Texas belaufen sich die Folgekosten des Alkohol-Konsums nun auf rund $22 Milliarden. Alcohol related health costs and damages in Texas, USA is now roughly $22 billion annually. The current state taxes on alcohol total about $1.1 billion annually according to the State Comptroller Office so this means state taxes only offset about 5 percent of the $22 billion in alcohol health costs and damages. Obviously every Texas family is being forced to pay (or subsidize) some part of the estimated $21 billion balance through increases in other taxes and in higher health and auto insurance rates. State alcohol taxes have not been increased in 22 years which according to the Austin American Statesman newspaper, is due to the alcohol industry's powerful lobby group in Austin. The $22 billion each year is more than just an economic burden, it is also a measurement of the pain, suffering and loss endured by Texas families each year.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/6/06), 11/2/06 (Archiv)
11/08/2006 Das Stimmvolk von Massachusetts, USA entscheidet, ob es die Zahl der Alkohol-Verkaufsstellen mit Wein erhöhen will.

When is the cost of convenience too high? The voters of Massachusetts, USA are being asked to decide whether to expand the number of alcohol outlets in the state where wine can be purchased. Adults who like a glass of wine with dinner may be tempted by the convenience of 'one-stop shopping' at their favorite supermarket or corner store. Passage of Question 1 on the ballot will allow for an additional 2,879 places where adults can buy alcohol in Massachusetts, 23 of them will be in New Bedford.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -11/6/06)     Southcoast Today, 11/1/06

11/08/2006 Alkohol-Marketing, das auf Jugendliche zielt, ist fast überall und geht in eine neue Dimension: Cyberspace. New Trends in Underage Drinking may be Taking Turn for the Worst.
Marketing of alcohol to underage drinkers is just about everywhere and can now be found in another dimension..cyberspace. "Internet marketing in which you get the message through, underground, you make it a part of the cultural experience your product becomes their daily space, u-tube a lot of these internet sites are used for this purpose," said Director of Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation's Center for the Study of Law and Enforcement Policy, Jim Mosher. This is just one of many ways companies make their products popular to underage drinkers. Some of the most dangerous drinks consumed by teens are what they call distilled spirits or "alco-pops". (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -6.11.06)  KNST, NE Kansas, 11/2/06
11/06/2006 Newsletter von Join Together mit Subventionsangeboten. Here is the Newsletter of Join Together with Funding opportunities, USA, 11/06/06:
Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program
MN: Healthy Kids, Communities Awards
NY: Heckscher Foundation Grants
NY: William T. Grant Foundation Awards
OH: Dominion East Community Impact Grants
11/06/2006 Die US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sucht Kommentare aus der Öffentlichkeit.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking public comment about alcohol advertising practices as it compiles a list of questions for the beer, wine, and liquor industries. (Quelle: Join Together, 11/3/06)      Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/25/06

11/02/2006 Mehr als die Hälfte der Gewalttaten werden in England nach Rauschtrinken verübt. More than Half of U.K. Violence Tied to Binge Drinking.
Binge drinking is the root cause of 56 percent of all fights and other incidents of violence in Great Britain, according to a study from the U.K. Department of Health
(Quelle: Join Together, 2.11.06)     Evening Standard, 20.10.06
11/02/2006 Zwischen 2003 und 2004 stiegen die alkoholrelevanten Arrests auf College Campus in den USA um 10% an. College Alcohol Arrests Up. The U.S. Department of Education says that alcohol-related arrests on college campuses rose 10 percent from 2003 to 2004. Between 2002 and 2003, by comparison, alcohol-related arrests rose just 2.7 percent.
Source: Join Together, 11/2/06    
Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/27/06
11/01/2006 Dem neuen amerikanischen Kongress wird ein Gesetz vorliegen, das den Alkoholkonsum von Minderjährigen senken soll.

(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -10/31/06)

Beer PAC aims to put Congress under influence.
When Congress returns Nov. 13, one bill likely to get a vote is a small measure to curb underage drinking. But the bill before the House is much different from the version lawmakers introduced last year. Gone are sections that urged the NCAA to ban alcohol ads during sportscasts and that called alcohol "the most heavily used drug by children." Added is a sentence that could help beer distributors fend off challenges to state regulations that require them — and only them — to transport beer to retailers. The changes are mainly due to the influence of PAC (political action committee) of The National Beer Wholesalers Association, the third biggest lobby funding lawmakers: $2.38 Mio. per 2005/6.    USA TODAY, 10/29/06            Join Together, 31.10.06

10/31/2006 Der amerikanische Verband der Berater für Suchtabhängige zeigen auf ihrer Webseite, wie die Abgeordneten bei Suchtfragen gestimmt haben.

NAADAC Unveils Candidate Ratings
Want to know how your current lawmakers voted on addiction-related issues? NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Counselors, has just released ratings on all members of the U.S. Senate and House based on their roll-call votes on addiction-related issues.
(Source: Join Together, 10/30/06Ratings     NAADAC

10/31/2006 Anheuser-Busch, USA hat ihr Konzept zur Kontrolle des Zuschaueralters bei ihrem kommenden Web-basierten Entertainment Network, Bud-TV geändert. A-B REVERSES POSITION ON AGE-VERIFICATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ITS WEB SITES:
It appears that appeal to celebrities by 60 public health advocacy organizations, as well as the earlier bad press on the issue, has caused Anheuser-Busch (A-B) to rethink and strengthen the age verification technology it will use when it launches its Web-based entertainment network, Bud.TV. Alcohol Issues Insights (AII), a trade publication that covers the alcoholic-beverage industry, reported in its Oct. 27 issue that A-B had done an "about-face" on its age verification system.   Retreating from the honor system upon which it had relied, A-B has announced that it will adopt an "independent age-check process" for Bud.TV and its other brand Web sites.  "Emerging technology for independent age verification now allows us to more precisely identify adult visitors to our sites without inconveniencing them," A-B vice president Tony Ponturo told AII.  The company has yet to select a vendor to incorporate this technology into A-B's Web sites, but expects to have it in place for the Bud.TV launch on February 7, 2007.

It remains to be seen how effective this technology will be in preventing underage persons from visiting A-B's sites.  If it is effective, we will press all alcohol-related producers to utilize similar means to help deny underage persons access to their sites, said  George Hacker, Director of the Alcohol Policies Project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington.
(Source: Alcohol Policies Project, Center for Science in the Public Interest, 10/30/06)

10/29/2006 Ein betrunkener Autofahrer wurde in New York wegen Mordes verurteilt. "Will murder charges help deter drunken driving? Will juries convict these drivers, knowing that they will be in prison for a long time? And is it fair?" A drunken driver was sentenced for murder in New York by a jury after 5 days of discussion. He killed 2 persons with a BAC of .24%.
(Source: Harvard World Health News, 10/27/06)     (The New York Times, Oct. 22, 2006)
10/26/2006 Jay-Z ist neuer Marken-Co-Direktor von Budweiser Select.

Jay-Z teams up with Anheuser-Busch
Anheuser-Busch has hired Jay-Z as its new co-brand director for Budweiser Select, banking on his celebrity and entrepreneurial expertise to help lift its beer brand.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 10/23/06)      
Boston Globe, 19.10.06

10/26/2006 60 Organisationen ersuchen Filmstars, ihren Einsatz für Bud-TV zu überdenken.

(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 10/23/06) 
Stars Urged to Rethink "Bud.TV" Sixty health, safety and child-protection organizations are urging Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Kevin Spacey and Vince Vaughn to insist that the beer company at least verify the ages of visitors to the site, and to reconsider their participation with the venture in the first place. Bud.TV will target the young people who use video sites like YouTube and social networking sites like MySpace, when the site premiers in February 2007.  ConsumerAffairs.Com, 10/23/06
10/25/2006 Die EU-Kommission bringt ihr Alkohol-Strategie-Papier. The EU-Commission has issued a Strategy Paper on alcoholproblems. There are no new laws planned, it only gives recommandations on behalf of the national governments.
Health-EU-Thematic Portal Alcohol
10/21/2006 Ex-Gouverneur Michael Dukakis ruft in den USA auf, die Gouverneure und  Parlamentarier der Bundes-staaten anzuschreiben.

Blueprint Summary 4 p. pdf

Full text, 40 p. pdf
Alert by Ex-Governor Michael Dukakis: When I was the governor of Massachusetts, I witnessed the damage wreaked by an epidemic of drug and alcohol use. I saw the great costs, both personal and financial, and I saw that it was up to me to do something about them.That's why I know that state governments are on the front lines in this battle. And it's why I know that the Blueprint for the States report has the power to create groundbreaking change in the way our nation deals with drug and alcohol problems. I write today to ask you to remind your state legislators and governor that this Blueprint that will save lives is in the mail. Join Together is sending copies of this report to state legislators and governors in all 50 states. Now we need you to get them to read it and take action by holding hearings based on its recommendations. See the full text of the message by Join Together.
10/20/2006 Der Charlotte Observer online , (North Carolina, USA) bringt eine Reportage mit Aussagen von Betroffenen über Jugendalkoholismus. Straight Talk about Teens and Drinking.
"For most teens who try alcohol, drinking is a rite of passage among peers, a perilous decision with thankfully few consequences. For others, there is a price. Beginning today, we'll bring you their stories. Each is in the person's words, as told to an Observer reporter. Each offers insight into the reach of alcohol -- and its impact on any family."
(Source: Harvard World Health News, 10/20/06)     Charlotte Observer online, 10/15/06
Free registration required.


10/19/2006 Eine Kampagne von Bevölkerungsinitiativen bekämpfte erfolgreich die Werbung für Alkohol-T-Shirts bei Jugendlichen.

The Oregon Partnership played a key role in getting Macy's department stores to remove a series of beer-related T-shirts from back-to-school advertising aimed at teens. Federated Department Stores, which owns Macy's and Bloomingdales, pulled the "Beer Pong," "Beer: It's What's for Breakfast," and "I'm Working on My Six-Pack" shirts from its ads and youth departments in stores after a series of TV reports in Portland, Ore., featured interviews with outraged parents. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 10/16/06;   Join Together, 10/17/06)      New York Times, 10/16/06 (Registr. necessary)

10/18/2006 In Kalifornien, USA hat die Verteilung einer neuen Verpackung für Alkoholika begonnen. Pocket Shot Introduces New Packaging Category for the Alcohol Industry. Pocket Shot announced that distribution of the unique new single serve alcohol product in a flexible stand up pouch has begun in California. Pocket Shot is an innovative new concept that provides the consumer with a "grab and go" convenient and user-friendly package for alcoholic beverages (mainly spirits). Packaged with a distinctive shape to resemble a 50 ml miniature bottle complete with bottleneck for easy pouring and a high quality sheen with bright graphics, Pocket Shot is truly the first new concept in alcohol packaging to hit shelves in North America. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 10/16/06)  DrugNewswire, October 13, 2006
10/17/2006 "Wir verschaukeln unsere Kinder zu Gunsten Tabak und Alkohol." Kommentar im St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 14.9.06

This op-ed originally appeared on Sept. 14, 2006 in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. We're Letting Down Our Kids Over Tobacco and Alcohol. Commentary By Daniel K. Duncan.
"Is anyone paying attention to the news? Not the headlines about politics and war; I'm talking about some news stories that have to do with the well-being of our kids. .... Another news story concerned itself with Big Tobacco's twin brother: Big Alcohol. A study out of Columbia University stated that 17.5 percent -- $22.5 billion -- of alcohol industry revenue is attributable to underage drinking."...
(Full text: Join Together, 10/12/06)

10/17/2006 Mit Kentucky, haben nun 17 amerikanische Bundesstaaten die Alkohol-Zerstäuber verboten. 17 US States Have Banned Alcohol Inhalers.
Prompted by safety concerns and backed by the liquor industry, 17 states have passed laws prohibiting the use of devices that vaporize alcohol so that it can be inhaled by users. Kentucky is the latest state to ban the alcohol vaporizers, joining California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and others.
(Source: Join Together, 10/11/06)      Associated Press, 10/07/06
10/17/2006 Die italienische Regierung schlägt vor, das Mindestalter für den Alkoholkonsum von 16 auf 18 zu erhöhen.

Italian Government Proposes Raising Drinking Age to 18.
The new government of Italy has proposed raising the nation's legal drinking age from 16 to 18, big news in a country where moderate alcohol consumption even from early ages has long been seen as socially acceptable. The proposal is included in the budget.
(Source: Join Together, 10/11/06)   MSNBC/Financial Times, 10/06/06

10/17/2006 Eine Bierwerbung während der Fussball-WM ermutigte zum Rauschtrinken, fand eine irische Beschwerde- Instanz.

Beer promotion encouraged binge drinking. A drinks promotion for Beck’s Vier encouraged irresponsible drinking, it was ruled today. A World Cup Football shirt promotion would have led directly to immoderate or irresponsible consumption of alcohol, a complaints board found. Diageo Ireland complained that the campaign, run by Inbev Ireland during the summer World Cup, encouraged the purchase of four pints of Becks Vier on one drinking occasion. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 10/09/06), 10.09.06

10/17/2006 Anfangs August fand in Münchenstein BL der IOGT- Weltkongress statt. In a resolution the delegates hope that the national governments  implement WHO recommendations regarding alcohol problems, in the Member States. This would mean a better, safer and richer life for hundreds of million people all over the world.
10/16/2006 Weezer's berühmter Rock Star Harvard Grad klagt gegen den Bier Giganten Miller Brewing Co. (USA).

Weezer's Famous Rock Star Harvard Grad Sues Beer Giant. Weezer filed a lawsuit  against beer giant Miller Brewing Company for using the band's widely recognizable name without permission in a series of "grossly misleading and deceptive" print advertisements published in several publications, including Rolling Stone, in late 2004. Young And Rubicam, Miller's advertising agency, has also been named as a defendant. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 9.10.06)  ChartAttack, 10/04/06

10/16/2006 In England startet heute eine grosse Inseratenkampagne der Regierung gegen das Binge Drinking.

New Campaign by the British Governmet Urges Young People To Know Their Limits When They Have A Drink, UK
The new £4 million alcohol ad campaign will illustrate a series of different scenarios where young people, thinking they are 'superheroes' while drunk, take risks with their health and safety, and coming to serious harm.
Source: Medical News Today, 14.10.06
Comment: The alcohol industry warmly welcomes this campaign which will have no success if there are no structural alcohol control measures.

10/06/2006 Die EU Generaldirektion für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz hat einen Bericht über Gespräche am Runden Tisch über Werbung veröffentlicht.

EU-DG SANCO issued a Report of the ad hoc Round Table on Advertising and Self-Regulation. The Round Table was set up in October 2005 in response to a request by advertisers for guidance and support at the current stage of their endeavours. The report reflects the debate and contributions from the participants in the Advertising Round Tables of 3 one-day sessions in October 2005, January 2006 and May 2006. It seeks to draw together the issues identified during these debates between some Commission colleagues, some interested NGOs and representatives of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA). The goal of this series of discussions was the clearer definition of a Best practice model for self-regulation. This report will also provide a useful input to ongoing reflection across the EU around self-regulation. This is not so much a debate about self-regulation against hard law, but rather a debate about how law and self-regulation can and should interact in modern Europe.
EU-Report engl. PDF available in several languages.    Background paper PDF

10/04/2006 Die norwegische
Entwicklungshilfe-Organisation "FORUT" hat einen neuen Newsletter über Alkohol und Drogen-Probleme in Entwicklungsländern herausgegeben, der 7 - 8 mal jährlich erscheinen soll.                                 

FORUT, a norwegian Development agency has issued its first ADD Bulletin, an electronic newsletter focusing on alcohol and drug problems in developing countries and as a development issue. The Bulletin will be distributed 7-8 times a year, bringing selected news from politics and science, examples of projects, activities and relevant material and links to relevant web sites. In this issue:
New legislation in Sri Lanka
World Bank report on youth raise alcohol and drugs as development issue
WHO regions in Asia with resolutions on alcohol
A call for action: Influencing the GATS negotiations
BBC radio documentary on alcohol in developing societies:
BBC World Service.
Order here: 

10/04/2006 In Japan werden bei Transportunternehmen Telefonkabinen mit Video-Telefon und Blastestsensoren eingesetzt.           Cell Phone Doubles as Breath-Testing Device.
Some companies in Japan are using cell phones equipped with breath-testing sensors to ensure that employees are not under the influence of alcohol at work. The device, developed by NTT DoCoMo Inc., is being used by bus companies and other transportation firms stung by recent drunk-driving incidents and facing tough new government penalties for such offenses. Drivers are required to make a videophone call to the company and breath into the analyzing device on the phone.     (Source: Join Together, 3.10.06)        The Daily Yomiuri, 1.10.06
10/04/2006 Heute beginnt in Bad Hofgastein, Österr.) das Europ. Gesundheitsforum der EU. Es diskutiert die kommende EU Gesundheits-Strategie. Commission discusses forthcoming EU Health Strategy at the Health Forum Gastein.
Today at the European Health Forum in Bad Hofgastein (Austria) the European Commission, represented by Health and Consumer Protection Director-General Robert Madelin, launched a debate on the forthcoming EU Health Strategy. The Strategy, due for adoption in mid 2007, will provide a comprehensive framework bringing together major EU health initiatives. It will set out overall objectives, priorities and milestones to guide European health policy for the years to come, and lay down guidelines on how to implement those objectives in practice.
For more information on EU health policy:
For more information on the European Health Forum Gastein:
10/03/06 Ein neues Gesetz in Connecticut, USA stellt das erlauben von Hausparties mit Alkohol für Minderjährige unter Strafe.

Conn. Law Targets House Parties.  
Homeowners who allow youths under age 21 to possess alcohol on their property face jail time and /or fines up to $500 under a new Connecticut law, which wil go into effect this week. Surveys found that more than 60 percent of teens said they had consumed alcohol at house parties, while 75 percent of high-school students said they got alcohol at home, with parental permission or not. (Quelle: Join Together,3.10.06)                          WTNH-TV, 1.10.06

09/29/2006 Kinder bestellen in England Alkohol per Telefon.
English children as young as 12 buy alcohol by ordering it over the phone with takeaways, a government adviser says. Dr Sheila Shribman, the national clinical director for children, said it was a "worrying trend" and was particularly prevalent in north-western cities such as Liverpool.
(Source: Harvard International Health News, 9/28/06)           BBC News, 9/26/06
09/29/2006 Die Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (USA) hat aromatisierte alkoholische Getränke als Bier zurückgestuft. Project Extra Mile Objects to Reclassification of Alcopops. Regardless of state law, the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission has reclassified flavored alcoholic beverages as beer. The bottled drinks, such as Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice, are commonly referred to as alcopops and were previously classified as distilled spirits after a Tax and Trade Bureau test of 114 varieties found that 105 contained alcohol derived from distilled alcohol, said Lex Ann Roach, project coordinator for Project Extra Mile. Project Extra Mile Executive Director Diane Riibe said the reclassification makes the alcopops cheaper then other distilled spirits because taxes on beer, which the alcopops are now classified as in Nebraska, total 31 cents per gallon, compared to $3.75 per gallon assessed to distilled spirits. The lower price makes the beverages more appealing to minors, Riibe said. In addition, beer can be sold at more than twice as many off-premise locations as distilled spirits, making them more readily available, she said. Riibe wants communities to get involved with the issue. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/25/06), 9/23/06 (Registring necessary)
09/29/2006 An der NAB-Versammlung in Dallas, USA, stellte Arbitron ihren neuen Bericht vor, der Werber und Radiostationen über Ratingfrequenzen informiert. New Arbitron Resource to Aid in Beer Advertising Guidelines. At the NAB convention in Dallas, Arbitron unveiled its new Arbitron 21+ AQH Audience Composition Report, which will provide advertisers, agencies and radio stations with ratings information that defines if a station's audience meets the beer industry's guidelines for advertising. The report will be available online to Arbitron subscribers.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/25/06)    FMQB, 9/21/06
09/29/2006 Ein Artikel im Nashau Telegraph, USA, sagt "Mach deinen Kindern die Reklame-Techniken bewusst". Make your kids aware of advertising techniques.  Not long ago, an article in The Telegraph described the benefits Anheuser-Busch has brought to the community. This article cited the number of jobs provided to local workers and the economic boost to the local community.
In all fairness, I would like to present a cost/benefit ratio so you have a more objective understanding of the issue. ....There are four characteristics that are often found in high-risk drinkers: rebellious, sensation-seeking, gregarious and impulsive. These characteristics describe your typical teenager, don't they? (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/25/06), 24.9.06
09/29/2006 Die WHO (Weltgesundheits Organisation) veranstaltet in Auckland, Neuseeland, ein Treffen, um eine globale Strategie gegen das Rauschtrinken zu entwickeln. The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting in Auckland, New Zealand to develop a global strategy to address youth binge drinking. Alcohol is blamed for 4 percent of all disease and injuries globally and 5.5 percent in Asia. In China, youth drinking has risen 500 percent over the past 20 years, and up to 80 percent of beds in Chinese mental-health facilities are now being used for alcohol-related disorders. The WHO's Vladimir Poznyak said that binge drinking is a problem all over the world, including among young women. The agency says alcohol is the world's biggest health challenge after tobacco, (4.1%; and overweight) but few nations are prepared to deal with excessive drinking. (Source: Join Together, 9/29/06), 9/29/06    
09/29/2006 Anheuser-Busch, die grösste US-Brauerei, gab der Universität von Virginia $2.5 Mio. für ein neues Institut für soziale Normen.

Busch Funds Social-Norms Research Center. Anheuser-Busch has donated $2.5 million to the University of Virginia to create a National Social Norms Institute, which will focus on communicating "normative" behavior models about alcohol use. The school has been using the social-norms model of prevention since 1998, and says the approach has cut the numbers of students with alcohol-related injuries, drunk driving, and unprotected sex.
(Source: Join Together, 9/25/06)      The Daily Progress, 9/22/06

09/22/2006 Nach dramatischen Verbesserungen in den 1980 und 1990er Jahren bleibt die Zahl der alkoholbedingten tödlichen Unfälle von Jugendlichen seit über 10 Jahren in Illinois, USA stabil. Illinois: Efforts Fail To Affect Stagnant Drunken-Driving Statistics.
"After dramatic improvements in the 1980s and 1990s, the proportion of teen drivers who die in alcohol-related wrecks has held steady for more than 10 years...The problem is seemingly immune to school assemblies, media blitzes and ever stricter laws. Some experts say it comes down to basic human nature."
Source: Harvard World Health News, 9/20/06       Chicago Tribune, 9/17/06
09/22/2006 Die Verkehrsbetriebe von San Francisco, USA  führen wieder Alkoholwerbung auf den Fahrzeugen und in Stationen ein.

S.F. Transit Agency Drops Ban on Alcohol Ads. Trains and buses in San Francisco may soon be festooned with ads for beer, wine and liquor now that the board of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) agency has voted to end a ban on accepting alcohol advertising. The board voted to allow up to 17 percent of ads on BART vehicles and stations to hawk alcohol. The move is expected to bring in an additional $400,000 in ad revenues for BART.
Source: Join Together, 21.9.06                                  Inside Bay Area, 18.9.06

09/22/2006 In Finnland wurde eine EU- Tagung zum Thema "Gesundheit in allen Politik-Bereichen" abgehalten.

Health In All Policies: Commissioner Kyprianou addresses Finnish EU Presidency Conference. The current Finnish Presidency of the EU held a conference on “Health in all Policies” in Kuopio (Finland) on 20-21 September 2006, where Markos Kyprianou, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection was a keynote speaker. The conference was the culmination of a project entitled ‘Europe for health and wealth’, which was co-financed under the Commission’s 2005 Public Health Programme, with a contribution of €350 000. The aim of this project was to ensure the recognition of health determinants in a range of policies. As such, the conference provided political momentum to the importance of Health Impact Assessments, and to the acknowledgment of health as a driver of economic growth. Health impact assessment is an approach to policy-making that determines how a proposal will affect people’s health. Public Health: EU-Events    Health in other policies                  Gesundheit in anderen Politikfeldern

09/21/2006 Pernod Ricard, der französische Schnapsfabrikant hat den Austritt aus dem amerikanischen Century Council per November angekündigt.

NASCAR Sponsorships Set off Liquor Industry Spat. The France-based spirits maker Pernod Ricard resigned its membership of the Century Council, an industry-funded responsible-drinking organization in a dispute over the group's support of liquor sponsorships in NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) auto racing. Although its departure won't be effective until November. That could give them time to work out some kind of compromise, as there is involved a lot of money. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/18/06)                         Market Watch, 9/14/06

09/20/2006 Diageo findet Abnehmer für die Instant-Cocktails
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 18.9.06)
Diageo Finds Takers for Ready-To-Drink cocktails.
Industry's latest intrusion upon brewers' turf, Diageo is testing ready-to-drink cocktails in 12 oz. cans with the same alcohol content as most beers. The Tampa-area test involves four brands -- Captain Morgan and Cola, Smirnoff Vodka and Lemon-Lime Soda, George Dickel Whisky and Cola, and Seagram's 7 American Whiskey and Lemon-Lime Soda -- and participating retailers said early returns were strong. Diageo findet Abnehmer für die Instant-Cocktails
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -9/18/06)  Advertising Age, 9/18/06
09/20/2006 Wir leiten einen Aufruf zur Stellungnahme betreffend Etikettierung auf alkoholischen Getränken weiter.

We inform about an alert of the Alcohol Policies Project, Center for Science in the Public Interest, USA. It is regarding food allergen labeling on alcoholic beverages.


09/18/2006 Die FIFA erhält eine Ethik-Kommission. (Quelle: Tages-Anzeiger, 16.9.06) The FIFA gets an Ethic Commission. Chairman will be Lord Sebastian Coe.
Comment: Will this ethic commission put the alcohol sponsoring on the agenda?
09/17/2006 Das Binge Drinking nimmt bei französischen Jugendlichen zu, während der durchschnittliche Konsum zurückgeht. Binge Drinking Rises Among French Teens. While the average French teen is drinking less overall, 9.6 percent told Interministerial Mission Against Drugs and Dependency researchers that they had gotten drunk at least 10 times in the past year, up from 6.6 percent in the previous year's survey. That's still lower than the binge-drinking rate in the U.K., but is sounding alarms among French health officials. "Nearly one young person in two -- 46 per cent -- says that they drank more than five glasses of alcohol on a single occasion in the last 30 days: this type of consumption corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon notion of binge-drinking," the report noted.
Proportion of 16-year-olds binge drinking* three or more times in past month: 28% Germany, 27% Britain, 13% Italy, 16% Sweden. Source: European School Survey Project on Alcohol & Drugs, 2003  (*Five drinks or more in a row) (Source: Join Together, 9/14/06)   
Times of London, 9/14/06
09/15/2006 Nur wenige US-Wissenschafter wurden wegen Verstössen gegen die Ethik bestraft.


Few Researchers Punished for Ethics Violations.
Just two of 44 federal scientists found to have violated ethics rules in their dealings with drug or biotech companies have been subject to criminal investigation, while the others were either allowed to quietly retire or kept their jobs. Information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that most of the researchers who unethically took industry money got away with little more than a reprimand. An NIH spokesperson said the agency wanted to pursue charges against 8 other researchers, but was rebuffed by the investigative staff at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Two researchers, an Alzheimer's expert, and a cancer scientist, have been accused of "serious misconduct." Since the scandal about payments to government researchers broke in 2004, NIH has implemented a policy barring federal scientists from taking money from private firms. But Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said that, "In spite of the public changes that have been made at NIH, there really does not appear to be a cultural change where the institution and the members of the institution condemn the kind of behavior that apparently Dr. Sunderland has exhibited. It's really, really disappointing."(Quelle: Join Together, 13.9.06)    Associated Press, 12.9.06              Siehe auch: Stanford doctors not allowed to accept gifts             

09/15/2006 Der 4. US Circuit Appelationsgerichtshof hat einige unübliche Gesetze in Virginia betr. Alkoholbesitz und Verkauf bestätigt.

Federal Court Says Va. Alcohol Laws Constitutional
In a case centering on the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a pair of unusual Virginia laws regarding alcohol sales and possession. The federal court said a state law barring sales of out-of-state wines in state-run liquor stores was constitutional, as is a law that limits how much alcohol Virginia residents can bring into the state for personal use. (Quelle: Join Together, 12.9.06), 11.9.06

09/15/2006 Die Drogenexperten der englischen Regierung verlangen strengere Jugendschutzgesetze in Bezug auf Alkohol und Tabak. Young face tougher drink, smoking laws in England propose experts.
A much tougher drink-drive limit for young drivers (under 25: 0.5‰) and a higher legal age (18) at which cigarettes can be bought are needed to tackle the drugs that do most harm to young people, an that the underage drinking and smoking laws are much more strictly enforced, the government's experts on drug policy recommend today. According to the government there are no such plans at the moment. (Source: Harvard World Health News, 9/14/06)   The Guardian, 9/14/06
09/14/2006 Die Leitung der Regent Universität in Minnesota, USA (52'000 Studenten)genehmigte Änderungen zur Alkohol-Politik.

Regents University, Minnesota, USA Change Alcohol Ad Policy. The board adopted policy changes Thursday afternoon, including an alcohol marketing and advertising ban from campus and University publications, which do not include the Daily, as well as a policy emphasizing the University's commitment to alcohol education and counseling. Under the new policy, University trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, slogans, mascots and other official identifiers or symbols also are banned from use in alcohol advertising, promotion, marketing, distribution and sales. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 11.9.06)      The Minnesota Daily, 8.9.06

09/13/2006 Während You Tube mit bezahlter Werbung ihren Verkehr zu versilbern sucht, könnten die Tage des Viral Video als Spielwiese für Werber bald vorbei sein. As YouTube moves to monetize its traffic through paid advertising and consumer advocacy groups start to circle the wagons, the days of the viral video universe as marketers' playground could soon be over.  The FTC on Nov. 6 will host hearings, titled "Protecting Consumers in the Next Tech-ade," which will bring together business, government and technology sectors to look at what has been happening online. Mr. Chester, author of "Digital Destiny," a book that explores these issues, said: "That's one of my goals, to push [the FTC] to look at the entire infrastructure in terms of [ad] targeting and the stealth nature of broadband marketing which includes the delivery of viral videos."   (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/11/06)   Advertising Age, 9/11/06
Federal Trade Commission (Programm, pdf)
09/13/2006 Anheuser-Busch geht im Februar mit Bud.TV online und will die Jugendlichen mit dem "Ehrlichkeits-System" fernhalten. Honor System Aims to keep Bud.TV from Reaching Kids
Anheuser-Busch is using cutting-edge technology to launch its online television channel that will beam Budweiser-themed shows to personal computers and cell phones. But when it comes to making sure that the 24-hour-a-day broadcasts of Bud.TV don't reach underage drinkers, the nation's biggest brewer is using a decidedly old-fashioned technique: The honor system. Viewers must enter their birth date before entering, and only those who say they are 21 or older can continue.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 9/11/06)     Associated Press, 9/7/06
09/07/2006 Regierungsvertreter und solche der Alkoholindustrie überlegten im US Staat Wyoming, welche Konsequenzen aus dem NAS Bericht gezogen werden können. Industry, Government Officials weigh in.
Liquor industry personnel and educational and judicial officials weighed in on the Wyoming response to the National Academy of Sciences report on reducing underage drinking. The NAS report included the recommendation that alcohol companies, advertising companies and commercial media should refrain from marketing practices that have substantial underage appeal. Wyoming’s recommendations included establishing guidelines for alcohol sponsorship and alcohol advertising for state-sponsored or state-funded events, especially in venues that include a large number of young people. Another recommendation is to support and encourage local communities to review policies regarding alcohol sponsorship at events that include a large number of young people.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 5.9.06), 8/31/06   Rejecting Alcohol Sponsorship - Marin County Makes History
09/06/2006 In den westlichen US-Staaten ist der Anteil an Bingedrinking viel höher als in andern Staaten.

Bingeing and Boredom.Western states like Wyoming, Montana and North and South Dakota have binge-drinking levels far higher than the national average, and local experts say that boredom plays a huge role in the problem. South-central Wyoming, for example, has the highest binge-drinking rate in the U.S., according to federal researchers; in Albany and Carbon counties, 30 percent of residents age 12 and older are binge drinkers. (Source: Joint Together, 9/05/06/3      New York Times, 9/02/06

09/06/2006 In Teilen von Seattle, USA werden Bier und Wein mit erhöhtem Alkoholgehalt verboten.

High-Alcohol Beer, Wine Banned in Some Seattle Neighborhoods.
Sales of "fortified" beer and wine will be banned in certain Seattle neighborhoods as part of a plan to cut homelessness and chronic alcoholism.The ban applies to 29 specific brands. The local liquor-control board said the rules applied to sales in stores in downtown Seattle and the Belltown, Lower Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Central Area, University District, and International District neighborhoods. City officials said they will monitor the ban closely to ensure that sales don't simply shift to other areas of the city.  (Source: Joint Together, 9/05/06/2)  Seattle Post Intelligencer, 8/31/06

09/06/2006 Das amerikanische federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) veröffentlichte einen Bericht, wonach die Alkohol-Industrie ihre Versprechen nicht wahrmachte.

CDC Report Slams Alcohol Ads Targeting Youth.
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report saying that the alcohol industry has failed to live up to promises not to advertise to youth. The alcohol industry ran about half of its radio ads during youth-oriented programs in 2004, the report said, violating a 2003 vow not to run ads on shows with an audiences comprised of 30 percent or more of underage listeners. OF 67,404 alcohol ads aired in 104 markets -- touting the 25 alcohol brands that spent the most money on ads -- 32,800 (49 percent) aired on youth-oriented radio programs.
(Source: Joint Together, 9/05/06
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)       Associated Press, 8/31/06.

09/05/2006 Während der letzten 6 Jahre haben die Zigaretten-Firmen in den USA den Nikotingehalt laufend um total 10% erhöht.

Cigarette Companies Increasing Nicotine Levels, Health Officials Say.
Tobacco companies have increased the nicotine levels in cigarettes in USA by 10 percent over the past 6 years, according to the Massachusetts Department of Health. Massachusetts is one of three U.S. states to require tobacco firms to disclose the nicotine content of their products, and has been tracking nicotine levels since 1998. Nicotine levels in Kool cigarettes -- popular with African-American smokers -- rose 20 percent. (source: Join Together, 31.8.06)         Boston, 8/29/06
Massachusetts Department of Health
Comment: The reason why are the same as with alcoholic beverages, when the alcohol content is risen. What did Shakespeare say already? Something like "... but they are honorable men."

09/05/2006 Eltern wissen in den USA oft nicht Bescheid über den Umgang und Konsum ihrer Kinder. Tempted Teens, Clueless Parents
"Those were shocking survey results on the front page of a recent Tribune: 80 percent of parents believe that alcohol and marijuana aren't usually available at teen parties. Yet 50 percent of their kids say they attend parties where alcohol, drugs or both are available."  (Source: Harvard World Health News, 8/31/06)
Chicago Tribune, 8/28/06), Free registration required.
09/05/2006 Die Zahl der Gemeinden in USA nimmt zu, die Eltern zur Verantwortung ziehen, welche Minderjährigen den Alkoholkonsum erlauben. More Communities Target Parents Who Allow Underage Drinking.
Parents in more U.S. communities are facing fines and other penalties for allowing underage youths to drink in their homes, according to participants at the annual National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Md. the Associated Press reported Aug. 25. The Ventura County (Calif.) Behavioral Health Department recently passed a civil-host liability law that hits parents with fines of up to $1,000 for knowingly hosting youth drinking parties. In Long Beach, N.Y., the city council recently made it a crime for adults to serve alcohol to underage drinkers, with penalties including fines of $250 and up to 15 days in jail. (Source: Join Together, 8/28/06)     Insurance Journal 29.8.06
09/04/2006 New York will mit der illegalen Reklame an Strassen, Plätzen und Häusern aufräumen. Banned in the Big Apple: Illegal Outdoor Ad Displays
New York is a marketer's playground, every wall an opportunity, its buildings seemingly knit together by a patchwork of advertisers' efforts to reach its influencer inhabitants. Not anymore -- not if the City Council has its way. The council has started a crackdown on what has become a $25-million-a-year illegal-ad industry. It is estimated that as many as 20% of New York's billboards violate at least one of its laws.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 8/28/06), 8/28/06
09/04/2006 Die amerikanische Alkoholindustrie hat mit dem Internet eine neue Möglichkeit gefunden, die Minderjährigen zu beeinflussen. Big US alcohol companies have found a new way to put corporate greed in front of the principles of responsibility and service. Facing greater restrictions in print and broadcast media, big alcohol has turned to the Internet and mobile devices to market booze to underage drinkers.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 8/28/06)  Yahoo, Health, 8/23/06
08/30/2006 Peter Coors, einer der grössten Bierbrauer in den USA wurde schuldig gesprochen.

Guilty Plea for Peter Coors in DWI Case
A judge sentenced beer magnate Peter Coors to 24 hours of community service and suspended a $200 fine after Coors pled guilty to driving while impaired, the Associated Press reported Aug. 25. Coors' driver's license also was suspended for three months.
(Source: Join Together, 8/28/06, 8/28/06

08/30/2006 Forbes bezeichnet Milwaukee als die am stärksten Alkohol konsumierende Stadt der USA. Milwaukee Called Hardest-Drinking U.S. City. has put together a new report that names Milwaukee the hardest-drinking city in the U.S., awarding the dubious honor based on a combined assessment of state liquor laws, numbers of drinkers, heavy drinkers, and binge drinkers, and alcoholism rates. The America's Drunkest Cities report ranked 35 communities; other heavy-drinking cities (in order of ranking) were Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., Columbus, Ohio, Boston, Mass., and Austin, Texas.  (Quelle: Join Together, 28.8.06
08/29/2006 Ein Kettchen am Fussknöchel meldet dem Bewährungshelfer Alkohol-konsum. New York, USA: Nassau To Debut Alcohol-Sensing Bracelets. "Fifty of Nassau County's most serious drunk driving offenders will be among the first in the state to wear alcohol-sensing ankle bracelets, which will send an electronic message to a probation officer when the person wearing them has a drink."
(Source: Harvard World Health News, 24.8.06 (Newsday, New York, 25.8.06)
08/27/2006 In China wird ein Vorschlag diskutiert, den Alkohol- und Tabakverkauf an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren zu verbieten. China Mulls Ban on Alcohol, Tobacco Sales to Youths
Chinese lawmakers are considering a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to youths under age 18. The proposed amendment to China's Law on the Protection of Minors would require retailers to post signs saying that sales to minors are prohibited; those caught selling to youths would face administrative punishment, including possible fines. China has more than 300 million citizens under age 18.
(Source: Join Together, 8/23/06   Xinhua, Peoples daily online, 8/22/06
08/27/2006 Alkohol-Grossisten in den USA sagen, dass die Jugendlichen Alkohol übers Internet erhalten. Alcohol Wholesalers in USA Say Kids Get Alcohol from Internet. 
The trade association for the wine and liquor wholesalers industry has released a study saying that 2 percent of 14- to 20-year-olds have purchased alcohol online.
(Sopurce: Join Together, 8/23/06     Reuters, 8/22/06
08/26/2006 Im US-Staat Illinois haben die Polizisten bei Alkohol-Kontrollen Taschenlampen verwendet, die Alkoholgeruch wahrnehmen.

Police Use Alcohol-Sensing Flashlights in DWI Stops.
Police throughout Illinois have been issued the flashlights as part of a statewide drunk-driving enforcement campaign. The flashlights cost $750 each; an indicator light turns green in the presence of a slight amount of alcohol in the air, and red for a stronger reading. The results can't be used in court, but can lead officers to conduct a more thorough test for alcohol use. 
(Source: Join Together, 8/22/06)         St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8/22/06

08/26/2006 Anheuser-Busch startet mit eigener TV-Produktion für Kurzfilme, die über Internet und Handies ausgestrahlt werden. Anheuser-Busch Moves into the Content Creation Business
The country's largest brewer is launching its own in-house film and TV production company that will make humorous shorts and sitcom-type programs to be broadcast over the internet and to cellphones, and could branch into full-length films. "They've made it clear that they think the future is online, and I think we're going to see a lot of short films and sitcom-type stuff," said California-based A-B distributor Mike Fox.
 (Source:  Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 8/21/06)    Advertising Age, 8/21/06
08/26/2006 Die amerikanische Schnaps-Industrie veröffentlichte ihren Halbjahresbericht zu Reklame und Marketing-Reklamationen. The Distilled Spirits Council today released its fourth semi-annual public report covering Jan. 1, 2006 to June 30, 2006, outlining complaints about industry advertising and marketing, actions taken by the industry's advertising compliance review board, and the response by each advertiser. Of the six complaints, three were found in violation of the spirits industry's 70-year-old Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing by the Code Review Board.
(Quelle:  Marin Institute Alcohol News, -8/21/06)  U.S. Newswire, 8/18/06
08/26/2006 In den USA wurde die grösste Jugend-Alkohol- Konferenz durchgeführt.

World's Largest Youth Alcohol Conference Charts Course To Prevent No. 1 Teen Risk.
Many still believe that underage drinking is an inevitable rite-of-passage for teenagers. But 1,500 law enforcers, community advocates, health officials and teens from across the country gathered this week (Aug. 24-26) to promote successes in preventing this public health threat that kills 6.5 times more kids than all illegal drugs combined and costs the nation $62 billion a year. (Quelle: Medical News Today, 8/22/06)  
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

08/26/2006 In den USA wird eine staatliche Kampagne gegen Alkohol am Steuer unternommen. A $11-million multilingual ad campaign is part of a new federal/state effort to reduce the number of U.S. drunk-driving fatalities. After years of declines, drunk-driving related deaths have leveled off recently; last year, 16,886 people died in alcohol-related crashes. The ads, dubbed, "Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest," will be broadcast in English and Spanish and target male drivers ages 21-34. (Source: Join Together, 18.8.06)        Washington Post, 8/17/06





Die WHO lädt NGOs,  Akademien und Interessenvertreter ein, Meinungen einzubringen. Termin 15.9.06


Our Submission

WHO: Stakeholders on Health Problems Related to Alcohol Consumption Sought for Survey
WHO asks for the stakeholders' views on health problems related to alcohol consumption and their opinions on what kinds of interventions are needed at national, regional and global levels to reduce such problems. The purpose of this survey is to provide the WHO secretariat with more information about how some of the main stakeholders perceive the magnitude of alcohol related problems, and what in their opinions are the best ways to deal with these problems.
(Source: Join Together, 8/18/06)   WHO-Web-Form   Deadline: 9/15/06

08/26/2006 In Israel werden alkoholisierte Fahrer zu einem wachsenden Problem Israel: Drunk Drivers Are a Growing Menace
"While Israel was long thought to be nearly without drunk drivers, new statistics present serious concerns. A study by the National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute and the L. Greenberg Institute for Forensic Medicine has found a tripling in drunk-driver fatalities between 2000 and 2004."
(Source: World Health News, 8/25/06 The Jerusalem Post, 8/13/06
08/26/2006 Das amerikanische Alkohol- und Tabak-Steuer und
-Handelsbüro TTB hat Regeln zur Etikettierung herausgegeben.
The US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has issued a ruling to provide guidance to industry pertaining to advertising and labeling claims associated with the use of caloric and carbohydrate claims. TTB has determined that labeling or advertising statements that imply that consumption of low-calorie or low-carbohydrate alcohol beverages is part of a healthy dietary practice are misleading unless they present all the facts in a balanced manner to the consumer.
(Souce: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 08/14/06)  TTB Press Release, 04/08/04
08/26/2006 Im "Bibel-Gürtel" im Süden der USA gilt noch in vielen Städten die Prohibition. Wirtschaftskreise versuchen mit vereinten Kräften dies zu ändern. While much of America put Prohibition to rest 73 years ago, large parts of the South have remained strictly off-limits to alcohol sales. Since 2002, business groups have spent upwards of $15 million on campaigns, including professional lobbyists, to persuade voters in some 200 dry towns and 25 dry counties in six Southern states to legalize alcohol sales in stores and restaurants.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 08/14/06) The New York Times, 08/12/06 (payable)
08/11/2006 Die EU erinnert daran, dass am 24. Mai 2006 ein überarbeiteter Vorschlag für ein Aktionsprogramm der Gemeinschaft im Bereich der Gesundheit 2007-2013 angenommen wurde. Following the European Council budgetary discussion in December 2005, the budget for health action was set at a level approximately one third of the level foreseen in the proposal of April 2005. A revised proposal for a Programme of Community Action in the Field of Health 2007-13 was therefore adopted on 24 May 2006.
The objectives are:
• Improve citizens’ health security
• Promote health to improve prosperity and solidarity
• Generate and Disseminate Health Knowledge
08/09/2006 Amerikaner trinken mehr und häufiger  Alkohol. Die Anzahl der Konsumierenden ist seit 1939 praktisch gleich geblieben. (Im Durchschnitt bei 63%)

Americans Drinking More Alcohol
Americans are drinking alcohol more often, and beer is back on top as the beverage of choice, according to a new Gallup Poll, conducted July 6-9 among a national sample of 1,007 people aged 18 and older. It showed 64% of Americans say they drink alcoholic beverages at an average 0f 63% since 1939. However, the most recent poll shows the frequency of drinking has risen over the last 10 years. The 2006 poll showed 71% of American drinkers said they had an alcoholic drink in the last week, which is significantly higher than the 54% who said the same in 1996. Also on the rise is the number of drinks Americans are drinking. The poll shows those who drink alcohol report drinking an average of 4.5 drinks per week, compared with 2.8 in 1996.
 (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -8/7/06)    CBS News, 8/1/06

08/09/2006 Die Überprüfung der staatlichen Schnaps-Administration in New York ergab schwere Unregelmässigkeiten.

Sour Mix for Liquor Industry
The State Liquor Authority's job, through its Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, is to regulate and oversee New York's considerable alcohol industry. But a critical audit released Tuesday by Comptroller Alan Hevesi's office raises doubts as to what the SLA has been up to. Auditors found a systematic pattern in the years 2003-2005 of the authority turning a blind eye to monitoring liquor wholesalers and their pricing and distribution practices, or enforcing rules, regulations and laws against them.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -8/7/06), 8/4/06

08/09/2006 Im ersten Halbjahr 2006 sponserte die amerikanische Bier-Verteil- Lobby in Illinois die Parlamentarier mit über $335'000.

Beer Lobby Pours Money into political coffers
Newly released campaign finance data show the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois spent more than $335,000 in the first half of this year. That's significantly more than the well-heeled lobbying organization has spent in any other six-month period in at least the past 10 years, according to a Post-Dispatch analysis of the records.
Most of that money went directly to state legislators as they were considering a proposal by beer distributors to crack down on a small but growing competitive threat: direct shipping of wine from winemakers to customers connected via the Internet.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -8/7/06), 8/1/06

08/08/2006 Der australische Gesundheitsminister empfiehlt in der neuen Alkoholstrategie der Regierung eine 10% Alkoholsteuer. Australia Considers 'Health Tax' on Alcohol. A proposed 10-percent tax on alcoholic beverages is being pitched as a way to cut binge drinking in Australia by raising prices, but a leading addiction expert said the tax only makes sense if proceeds go toward prevention and treatment programs, the Australian Broadcasting Co. reported 8/6/06.
(Source: Join Together, 8/7/06)
Comment: Research shows that rising prices reduces consumption of young and strong drinkers. But only small taxes bring no success. A minimum price is needed as well.
08/08/2006 In den USA ist die jährliche Umfrage über das Sozial- Prestige der Berufe erschienen.

According to the results of the annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of 23 professions and occupations, firefighters, doctors, and nurses are seen as prestigious occupations by U.S. adults, while business executives, stockbrokers and real estate agents are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Six occupations are perceived to have "very great" prestige by at least half of all adults: firefighters (63%), doctors (58%),  nurses (55%), scientists (54%), teachers (52%), military officers (51%). Since 1977 Scientists have fallen 12 points from 66 to 54 percent and Teachers are the only occupation, among the 11 tracked since 1977, to see a rise in prestige (+23 points).
(Source: Center for Media Research, 8/8/06)
Comment: Do you wonder why the Scientists have fallen 12 points?

08/07/2006 Wer das letzten Monat in England eingeführte Identitätskarten-Gesetz bricht, kann bis zu 10 Jahren Gefängnis erhalten. Stiff Penalties for Using Fake ID in U.K.. Youths who use fake ID to buy alcohol in the U.K. are breaking a new law that could cost them 10 years in prison. The Identity Cards Act 2006 was introduced last month. "Although most licensees are well aware of their responsibilities about serving under-18s, we are still catching youngsters who are trying to get round the system by producing and using a range of fake identity cards," said Sgt. Boyd Weddell of the Newcastle police. "We want these youngsters to know the trouble they could be in if they are caught with them. Now, not only could they be liable to committing offenses under the Licensing Act, but also the Identity Cards Act, which has a maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment."  
(Source: Join Together, 8/4/06)     BBC News, 7/30/06
08/07/2006 Ein $109.7 Mio. Urteil gegen einen Konzessionär eines Giants Stadions in einem Alkohol-am-Steuer-Fall wurde durch ein Appelationsgericht in New Jersey aufgehoben. Court Overturns Aramark Alcohol Verdict. A $109.7-million jury verdict against a Giants Stadium concessionaire in a high-profile drunk-driving case has been overturned by a New Jersey appeals court. In 1999, a drunk Giants fan crashed his car into another carrying Antonia Verni, 2, leaving her a quadriplegic. Verni's parents sued Aramark Corp., saying that a company employee kept serving beer to the drunk fan, Daniel Lanzaro, and contributed to the crash. But this week, the state Appellate Division ruled that Superior Court Judge Richard J. Donohue made "multiple errors" in the case, and threw out the judgment. (Source: Join Together, 8/4/06Bloomberg News, 8/3/06
08/07/2006 Google offeriert gratis Web-Inserate für Non-Profit-Organisationen.

Google Offers Web Ads to Nonprofits: Google AdWords provides free online advertising to nonprofit groups, the Internet search portal has announced. AdWords awards are arranged through the Google Grants program and support nonprofit community-based groups involved in science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts. In-kind ads are intended to help groups inform and engage their constituents, raise awareness and drive traffic to their websites. Application deadline is open. AdWords grants are good for at least three months of advertising. Only 501(c)3 nonprofits may apply. See the Google Grants website. (Source: Joint Together, 8/4/06

08/03/2006 Experten in England verlangen eine Reform der Drogen-Klassifizierung, um legale Drogen einzubeziehen. (Quelle: Join Together, 2.8.06) Experts Urge Reform of U.K. Drug Classification to Include Legal Drugs. Researchers David Nutt of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and Colin Blakemore, CEO of the Medical Research Council, ranked legal and illegal drugs by their addictive qualities, social harm, and physical damage and compared their list to the U.K.'s current drug-classification scheme, which only includes illicit drugs. They found that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than drugs like LSD and ecstasy -- both considered Class A drugs (most dangerous) by Great Britain. Nutt and Blakemore placed heroin and cocaine at the top of their list of dangerous drugs; alcohol was ranked fifth, ahead of prescription tranquilizers and amphetamines, and tobacco was ninth, ahead of marijuana, which is considered a Class C drug in Britain. LSD was ranked 14th, while ecstasy was ranked 18th.
08/03/2006 Eine Auszeichnung durch den US-Präsidenten für Anstrengungen, um in Baltimore Gewalt, Alkohol und Drogen zu reduzieren.
(Quelle: Medical News Today, 3.8.06)
Presidential Award For Effort To Reduce Violence, Alcohol And Drugs In Baltimore Neighborhoods.  Walking through the streets of inner- city Baltimore, Debra Furr-Holden, Ph.D., could see the conditions that contributed to the alcohol and other drug use among young people and the violence that often ensued. She wanted to pinpoint environmental factors such as broken windows and the number of bars and liquor stores that children are exposed to, and clarify how those and other factors are linked to violence and drugs in those communities. Based on the success of this research, Furr-Holden, 32, was awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers by President Bush at the White House on July 26, 2006. The prestigious award provides Furr- Holden with up to $500,000 each year over five years to continue in this area of research.
08/03/2006 Ofcom, die britische Aufsichtsbehörde für Kommunikation, nimmt ITV  in die Pflicht.
Ofcom takes ITV to task after it allows Cobra beer advertising around a screening of Mary Poppins. Under recent advertising rules, alcohol advertisements are banned from appearing in or around children’s programmes.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -31.7.06)       The Publican, 3.8.06
08/01/2006 Als Reklame der Woche zeigt Advertising Age heute einen Spot von Patron Tequila vom 24.7.06

Patron Ad Mixes Sex and Tequila
The scene opens on a bedroom floor, with the camera panning over a wild scatter of rapidly shed clothing, a one-third-empty bottle of Patron Tequila and a bed where a naked couple lay tangled in purple silk sheets. Curiously, the code of the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. prohibits this in ads. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -7/31/06)      Advertising Age, 8/3/06

08/01/2006 Diageo ist auch Sponsor beim Jazz-Festival in Montreux.









Diageo is sponsor at the Montreux Jazz Festival too. It replaces the cigarette firm BAT. The logo is only  in a protected way visible. It remembers to Vodka Smirnoff. The filename is "smirnoff.gif".

08/01/2006 Nachtrag zum 29.6.06:
Das Racing-Team McLaren-Mercedes hat als Sponsor die Zigaretten durch Johnnie Walker Whisky (Diageo) ersetzt.











“As the world’s number-one Deluxe Scotch whisky, JOHNNIE WALKER® recognizes its role in educating consumers about drinking responsibly,” said Chris Parsons, Vice President of Scotch, Diageo North America. “This campaign was borne from our commitment to continuously strive to be at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible decisions about drinking.
Comment: Pure hypocrisy.


08/01/2006 Nachtrag zum 29.6.06:
Das Racing-Team McLaren-Mercedes hat als Sponsor die Zigaretten durch Johnnie Walker Whisky (Diageo) ersetzt.
In addition to our entry on 6/29/06: The Racing team McLaren Mercedes has replaced the sponsor Cigarettes West by Johnnie Walker Whisky (Diageo).
08/01/2006 Das Staatsparlament von North Carolina, USA hat ein Gesetz beschlossen, das den Richtern in Fällen von Alkohol am Steuer weniger Freiheit zur Beurteilung gibt. N.C. Lawmakers Strip Power from DWI Judges
North Carolina drivers who blow a .08-percent blood-alcohol reading in roadside sobriety tests will have little room to argue against the presumption of impairment under a measure approved this week by the state legislature. Trial lawyers complain that the measure -- passed 109-0 in the House and 47-1 in the Senate, and headed for approval by Gov. Mike Easley -- won't allow defendants to argue that they were not impaired, and relies too much on a single piece of equipment to determine guilt.
The bill, which came after a task force on DWI issued recommendations, also imposes tougher penalties for drunk driving, expands the definition of driving while impaired, outlaws alcohol consumption for anyone under age 21, and requires more recordkeeping for keg sales. (Source: Join Together, 7/28/06)  The Charlotte Observer, 7/27/06
07/28/2006 Das Center for Science in the Public Interest -
Alcohol Policies Project hat seinen Washington Report Juli 2006 veröffentlicht.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest - Alcohol Policies Project has issued its Washington Report July 2006 
Content re alcohol, with details on pending alcohol-bill projects:

Federal Developments

Advocacy News

Industry Watch

07/28/2006 Der Trend zu Bio-Produkten hat nach den Nahrungs-mitteln auch den amerikanischen Bier-Markt erreicht. Organic Beer Market Attracts Big Brewers
Riding the rising tide of organic foods, small brewers started marketing organic beers to distinguish themselves from mass-market brews. But now, companies like Anheuser-Busch are entering the organic beer market, too which is test-marketing a pair of organic beers: Wild Hops lager and Stone Mill pale ale. Sales of organic beer rose from $9 million in 2003 to $19 million in 2005, according to the Organic Trade Association.
(Source: Join Together, 7/27/06)      Associated Press, July 16, 2006
07/27/2006 In den USA zeichnet sich ein Mangel an Suchtberatern ab. NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, is predicting that the U.S. could face a shortage of addiction counselors as a cadre of longtime professionals reach retirement age without younger counselors to replace them. According to NAADAC, 80 percent of addiction counselors are between ages 40-50; in Ohio, the average age is 50, and most counselors say they plan to retire during the next decade.
Lack of good pay is preventing young professionals from entering the field: an entry-level addiction counselor can expect to earn $16,000-$25,000 a year. Within a year or two, they're leaving the field because the money isn't good enough to stay.
(Quelle: Join Together, 7/26/06)   The Beacon Journal, 7/27/06
07/26/06 Eine neue Alcopop-Generation kommt auf den Markt: Ein Malzgetränk auf der Basis von Früchten und Rahm, mit 5% Alkohol.

Adding Multimedia World's First Fruit and Cream-Based Premium Malt Beverage Hits the Market; Hard CreamerTM Brand Establishes New ''Malternative'' Category - Captures Essence and Taste of Freshly Blended Tropical Cocktails. B2 Beverage Company today announced the launch of its "first in category" non-carbonated tropical fruit and cream flavored premium malt beverage line called Hard CreamerTM, along with its sub-brand KalimaTM Hawaiian Hard Creamer. The new products will initially roll out in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. National distribution is expected within a year. (Source: Marine Institute Alcohol News, -24.7.06)           Pressemitteilung Business Wire, 7/24/06

07/26/06 Alkohol im Cyberspace: Alkoholwerbung in jugendgemässen Medien. Booze in Cyberspace: Alcohol Marketing in Youth-Friendly Media. From podcasts to television on cell phones, the ways people get information are changing faster than regulations can keep up. As forms of "new media" emerge and become more sophisticated, alcohol companies are among the first to take advantage of these new marketing opportunities. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 7/24/06)
07/25/06 Der Newsletter von Eurocare für Juni/Juli 06 ist erschienen. Eurocare has issued Newsletter June/July 2006. There are lots of interesting items about alcohol politics in Europe. E.g. the announcement of the Second Conference "Bridging the Gap" in November 06 in Helsinki.
07/25/06 Pete Coors, der Chief Executive der grossen US-Brauerei Coors Brewing Co. verlor seinen Fahrausweis wegen Fahrens unter dem Einfluss von Alkohol. Beer executive Pete Coors' driver's license was revoked after a hearing officer ruled on July 14 that Coors had been driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol level of .088. the Associated Press reported on July 16. 'I made a mistake,' said Coors in a prepared statement on July 13. 'I should have planned ahead for a ride. For years, I've advocated the responsible use of our company's products. That's still my message, and our company's message, and it's the right message. I am sorry that I didn't follow it myself.' (Source: Join Together, 7/18/06
07/25/06 Im US Bundesstaat New Hampshire wird ab 2008 der vertikale Fahrausweis eingeführt. New Hampshire, USA  Adopts Vertical Drivers' License Law
New Hampshire drivers under 21 will have vertical licenses thanks to a bill signed into law by Governor John Lynch in a ceremony last week, according to a July 12 press release from New Futures. (12.7.06) Starting in January 2008, standard licenses will still be printed horizontally, but those under the legal drinking age will be immediately identifiable by their vertical licenses.  At least thirteen states have adopted vertical drivers' license laws. (Quelle: Join Together, 17.7.06)    
07/25/06 Forscher in Neuseeland drängen die Regierung, das Mindestalter für Alkoholkonsum wieder zu erhöhen.

Researchers in New Zealand urge Government to raise drinking age.
Otago University medical researchers are urging the Government to raise the drinking age after finding significantly more teenagers are involved in alcohol-related smashes, injury accidents and poisonings than before the age was lowered. A public hearing on the Sale of Liquor (Youth Alcohol Harm Reduction) Bill, which proposes raising the drinking age from 18 to 20, was held in Christchurch yesterday.
(Source: World Health News, 13.7.06)      stuff, 20.7.06

07/17/2006 Im kalifornischen Marin County (USA) wurde ein historischer Meilenstein erreicht. Rejecting Alcohol Sponsorship Marin County Makes History
Marin County, California, recently broke new ground by passing an historic ordinance banning alcohol sponsorship at the County Fair. The Marin County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the proposal in February 2006-making it the first known ordinance of its kind in California, and possibly the nation.
The alcohol sponsorship ordinance is the culmination of several years of work to limit alcohol advertising and promotions targeting young people in Marin County. Led by the Marin Youth Health Advisory Council, a coalition of 11 community groups under the name Play Fair worked with the Fair organizers and the Board of Supervisors to first replace Miller Brewing Company as the title sponsor and then pass a permanent ban. Marin Institute, July 10, 2006   See full text of article
07/08/2006 Forschungsarbeiten legen nahe, dass Alkohol den Gehirnen Jugendlicher mehr Schaden zufügt als bisher angenommen. The Grim Neurology of Teenage Drinking "Mounting research suggests that alcohol causes more damage to the developing brains of teenagers than was previously thought, injuring them significantly more than it does adult. The findings, though preliminary, have demolished the assumption that people can drink heavily for years before causing themselves significant neurological injury."
(The New York Times, July 4, 2006) Free registration required.    World Health News 7.7.06
07/08/2006 Eine neue Studie in den USA schätzt die sozialen Kosten des Alkoholkonsums von Minderjährigen auf $62 Mia.. Underage Drinking Costs Society More than Illicit Drugs, Study Says.
A new study estimates that underage drinking costs the U.S. $62 billion a year and results in 3,200 deaths and 2.6 million other 'harmful events.'

(Source: Join Together, 6.7.06)      PNN online, 30.6.06

06/30/2006 The Health and Social Campaigners’ Network international (HSCNetwork international) has issued Newsletter Nr. 30 with our Project-Idea. The global virtual network for health advocates
c/o PatientView
Woodhouse Place
Upper Woodhouse
Powys, LD7 1NGWales For more information:
06/29/2006 Die Produzenten von JOHNNIE WALKER© haben diese Woche eine Kampagne über die Wichtigkeit verantwortungsbewusster Entscheidungen beim Alkohol Konsumieren gestartet. The makers of JOHNNIE WALKER© this week launched "Winners Always Stay in Control," an unprecedented campaign on the importance of making responsible decisions about drinking. The U.S. Hispanic effort features one of the best drivers in racing: world-famous Team McLaren Mercedes Formula One driver, Juan Pablo Montoya.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -6/26/06/2)    The Auto Channel, June 21, 2006
06/29/2006 Ab August 2007 wird in den USA ein "Netz der Grossen Zehn"  mit einem eigenen Sendekanal dafür sorgen, dass keine Alkoholreklame bei Sportsübertragungen gesendet wird.

A sports network without beer advertising? It's coming next year when the Big Ten Conference launches a 24-hour network dedicated to the athletic events of its 11 member schools. Channel, to be majority-owned by the conference and operated in partnership with Fox Cable Networks, won't accept alcohol ads. The Big Ten network launches in August 2007 and will carry live football and basketball games as well as other sports, and classic versions of memorable games.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News, -26.6.06) Media Daily News, 22.6.2006, Gratisregistrierung)

06/28/2006 Eine hochkarätige Arbeitsgruppe in den USA verlangt in einem Bericht, dass die Bundesstaaten ihre Führungsrolle wahrnehmen sollen.

Citing the "almost incalculable" toll that alcohol and other drug addiction takes on society, a Join Together policy panel called on states to take a leadership role in addressing the need for more drug treatment and prevention by improving how services are organized, delivered, paid for, and measured. The "Blueprint for the States" policy panel, led by former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, noted in its "Blueprint for the States: Policies to Improve the Ways States Organize and Deliver Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment" report that states bear many of the costs of alcohol and other drug addiction, spending an estimated 13 percent of their budgets on addiction-related problems. The report stressed that "state governments hold the keys to their own recovery from the financial and human waste caused by excessive alcohol and illicit-drug use.    (Source: Join Together, 6/26/06)   "Blueprint for the States: Policies to Improve the Ways States Organize and Deliver Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment" report

06/28/2006 In den USA ist ein Rauchersatz in Flaschen im Verkauf: Nic Lite Nicotine Drink Marketed as Smoking Substitute
Nic Lite, a lemon-flavored drink containing nicotine, is being pitched as a way for smokers to get their fix of the drug in places where they can't go for a smoke, ABC News reported June 24. An 8-ounce bottle of Nic Lite contains about the same amount of nicotine as two cigarettes. The drink was initially pitched to air travelers at Los Angeles International Airport barred from smoking on airplanes; now, the drink is also being sold in some convenience stores. June 26, 2006 (Source: Join Together, 6/26/06)
06/28/2006 Die EU veröffentlicht ihre Aktionsprogramme 2007-13 für Konsumentenschutz und öffentliche Gesundheit EU publishes Consumer and public health action programmes 2007-13

06/27/2006 Die EU-Kommission veröffentlicht ein GRÜNBUCH über Die Rolle der Zivilgesellschaft in der Drogenpolitik der Europäischen Union The EU-Commission publishes a GREEN PAPER on the role of Civil Society in Drugs Policy in the European Union.

26-06-2006 - On this World Drugs Day, the EU Commission launches a Consultation of Civil Society on its Green paper in the Drugs Field.

06/26/2006 L'A.N.P.A.A. hat einen Prozess wegen unkorrekter Bierreklame gewonnen.

The Association nationale de prévention en alcoologie et addictologie won a courtcase against the société Brasseries Kronembourg, the Société France Rail Publicité and the Société Prisma Presse. They hat used illegal illustrations on their beer advertising. The loi Evin only allows objective informations. (président J. Bichard du Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, 23.6.06)   (Source: A.N.P.A.A., Press release, 6/23/06)

06/23/2006 Ein Bericht des Instituts für Alkohol Studien in London könnte eine neue Strategie bei Alkohol am Steuer einleiten. Half-Pint Limit Urged for Drivers Under 21
"Drink-drive limits for young people should be reduced to the equivalent of half a pint of beer while staying at the current level for the rest of the population, according to a new report that could shape the direction of Britain's alcohol strategy."
(Source: Harvard School of Public Health,6/22/06    The Observer, 6/18/06
06/23/2006 Die einflussreiche medizinische Zeitschrift The Lancet kritisierte die FIFA, für ihr Sponsoring. World Cup organisers were criticised yesterday in the influential medical journal The Lancet for accepting sponsorship from fast food giants, fizzy drinks manufacturers and a major brewer. The authors questioned how such a huge sporting event could promote health, while giving a marketing platform to McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Budweiser. This was devaluing the potential health benefits of sport.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, - 6/19/06)  See the Global Resolution.
06/20/2006 Alkoholverkäufe in lokalen Schnapsläden verstärken die Gewalt in deren Umgebung.

Line Drawn Connecting Violence and Local Liquor Stores
Alcohol sales at local liquor stores tend to increase violence in their neighborhoods regardless of location, while bars tend to make violent neighborhoods worse, according to a study from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) in California, USA. (Source: Join Together, 6/16/06,

06/20/2006 Ab 1.10.06 kann in Florida, USA Einwohnern, die Alkohol an Minderjährige abgeben, zusätzlich der Führerausweis entzogen werden. Judges in Florida will soon have the power to suspend or revoke the driver's licenses of residents who supply alcohol to underage drinkers, the Associated Press reported June 13. Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill that allows judges to punish alcohol suppliers by taking away their driving privileges for three to six months on a first offense and up to a year for subsequent offenses. The measure takes effect on Oct. 1. Suspensions or revocations would be on top of other criminal charges faced by alcohol offenders.
(Source: Join Together, 6/15/06
06/19/2006 Eurocare hat einen Newsletter herausgegeben. It is available here.(doc.) Content: e.g. EU-news, the aims of the next EU-presidency Finland.
06/19/2006 "The Globe" 2, 2006 ist erschienen. The main article presents the EU-Report: Alcohol in Europe. (Not yet online)
06/15/2006 In den USA wird in Werbekreisen die Einführung von neuen Werbespots am Radio von 1 Sek. Dauer diskutiert.

Clear Channel, the country's largest operator of radio stations, is discussing the idea of one-second radio spots with marketers and media buyers. Called "Blinks," the new format is being promoted as something that could be used between music tracks.
(Quelle: Advertising Age)

06/14/2006 Abenteuer und Markenwerbung in Alaska, die perfekte Sommererfahrung für College Studenten in den USA

Outdoor Adventure and Brand Marketing in Alaska -- The Perfect Summer Experience for College Students. Six West Coast College Students Selected to Work as Summer Brand Specialists at Alaskan Brewing Company. During last year's recruitment period for the inaugural Six Pack program, the company experienced record sales with increases in excess of 23% across eight western U.S. states. (Quelle: Marin Insitute Alcohol News, -6/12/06) Primezone News Releases, June 8, 2006

06/14/2006 Coors Brewing Co. in den USA beginnt mit einer Inseratenkampagne an die Adresse der spanisch sprechenden Bevölkerung.

Coors Brewing Co. has unveiled its Lideres advertising campaign, which showcases key Hispanic leaders in print ads that will run in Hispanic publications in Dallas/Ft. Worth, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego starting this month. A local leader will be recognized in the ads: Raul Yzaguirre, sponsored by Arizona State University's Center for Leadership and Civil Rights. (Source: Marin Insitute Alcohol News, -6/14/06)    The Business Journal, Phoenix, 6/8/06

06/14/2006 In den USA werden alkoholische Energy Drinks forciert. Though the Jager Bomb (a shot of Jägermeister and Red Bull) and other potent concoctions have been on the bar scene for years, beverage companies now are pushing pre-mixed alcoholic energy drinks. The tall cans sell for about $1.50 at convenience stores. They have the citrus flavor associated with regular energy drinks, boast at least 6 percent alcohol content and are also loaded with ingredients designed to rev you up — caffeine, taurine and ginseng. There are more than 10 on the market — with names like Tilt, Sparks, 3Sum and Liquid Charge — and more are coming soon.
(Source: Marin Insitute Alcohol News, 6/11/06)
06/13/2006 Die Alkoholindustrie hält am 19./20. Juni 06 ein Treffen ab, wo sie die Selbstregulierung beim Marketing diskutiert. Alcohol producers in Asia-Pacific are gathering on 19/20 June in Tokyo to discuss how best to self-regulate their advertising and marketing. This workshop will be the first of a series of regional workshops that the International Center for Alcohol Policies will organize over the next 18 months.






The Lancet, UK schreibt im heutigen Editorial: "Die Freihandelsregeln der EU verschlimmern die alkoholbedingten Schäden.  EU's Free Trade Rules Exacerbate Alcohol-related Harm: Europe's commitment to the common market is contributing to alcohol-related harm by forcing member states to put free trade before health, states an Editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet. Strong evidence shows that higher taxes, restrictions on alcohol availability, and random breath-testing for drivers could reduce Europe's growing burden of alcohol-related harm, which causes at least 115 000 deaths every year. However, moves by European governments to weaken alcohol-control measures--as, for example, the UK has done by relaxing licensing laws--ignore this evidence and instead pander to vested interests in free trade and industry, states the Editorial.
(Source: Medical News Today, 6/12/06)   The, 6/12/06
Our comment at The Lancet
06/12/2006 Bier sei nicht mehr am meisten "in" bei amerikanischen College- Studenten.

Year after year, drinking beer is typically named the most "in" thing by college students. But now that title has gone to Apple Computer's iPod, the Associated Press reported June 7. The annual Student Monitor report found that 73 percent of the 1,200 students queried named the iPod as the coolest thing going, followed by drinking beer and, a social-networking website for college students.
(Source: Join Together, 6/9/06)/b

06/12/2006 Gerichtsbeschlüsse in den USA können bewirken, dass die Verteilung alkoholischer Getränke verbreitert wird und die Preise fallen. Court Rulings Could Mean Wider Alcohol Distribution, Lower Prices: 
Recent court decisions have put a serious dent into long-standing bans on direct shipment of alcohol to consumers and the traditional role of liquor wholesalers as middlemen, lawyer Richard Blau said at this week's annual meeting of the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) in Boston, Mass.If the decision stands, said Blau, companies like Wal-Mart and Costco could soon be in a position to "dominate" the alcohol industry and press for lower costs and pricing.
(Source: Join Together, 6/9/06)
06/09/2006 In Amerika wird gemeldet, dass in Europa jährlich 115'000 Personen durch Alkohol den Tod finden. Alcohol causes 7.4 percent of all disease-related and early deaths in Europe, accounting for 115,000 deaths annually, according to a new European Union report. (Join Together: Alcohol Kills 115,000 Annually in Europe) See entry on 6/6/06
Comment: In Switzerland the medias don't care.
06/09/2006 Ein britscher Suchtexperte sagt, dass der Trend zu grössern Weingläsern das Alkoholproblem in England verstärkt.

A British addiction expert says that a trend toward using larger wine glasses is helping to fuel alcohol problems in the U.K., the Independent reported June 5. "The size of measures and glasses have grown in recent years," said Nick Gully, director of addiction services at the Priory Clinic in Roehampton, England. "People have become used to these outsized glasses. They fill them up and believe it's OK because they are only having one glass, but that can now amount to a third of a bottle."
(Source: Join Together, 8.6.06)     The Independent, 5.6.06

06/06/2006 Der Gesundheitsminister von Neuseeland hat die Teilnehmer und die Bedingungen für eine Arbeitsgruppe betr. Alkoholwerbung gemeldet. The Ministry of Health in New Zealand has announced the membership and terms of reference for the steering group charged with reviewing alcohol advertising regulations.
Ashley Bloomfield, the Ministry's Chief Advisor, Public Health says one of the New Zealand Health Strategy's 13 priority population health objectives is based around harm minimisation for alcohol and other drug use. The aim of the review is to assess whether the current regulatory framework is achieving its aim of ensuring that alcohol advertising does not conflict with the need for responsibility and moderation in alcohol consumption.  (Source: Medical News Today, 6/4/06)
06/06/2006 Die EU hat einen Bericht des IAS Institute of Alcohol Studies, London veröffentlicht: Alkohol in Europa As part of the Health information and knowledge system under the EU Public Health Programme, a series of health reports have been issued on various issues concerning public health. As part of this series, the European Commission put out a call for tender for a report on alcohol use in Europe, which was contracted to the Institute of Alcohol Studies in LondonReport: Alcohol in Europe / IOL Europeans heaviest drinkers in the world: Cape Argus, 4.6.06 / Marin Institute, 5.6.06
06/06/2006 Eine Gruppe von Unternehmern in Maryland, USA haben im Jahr 2000 das "US Beer Drinking Team" gegründet. Das sei das nächste sich lukrativ ausbreitende Medium.  A group of Maryland entrepreneurs is betting that beer -- you know, the old-timer largely written off in favor of trendier, faster-growing wine and spirits -- is the next lucrative emerging media. "It sounds silly, but beer is a bigger piece of the entertainment business than movies are," said Dennis Buettner, who, together with two childhood friends (and drinking buddies), founded the U.S. Beer Drinking Team in 2000. "We think we've got a way to take advantage of that." The Beer Drinking Team -- which doesn't actually compete -- has since grown into an aspiring mini media conglomerate, with 35,000 members, a nationally syndicated radio program and a mid-seven-figure merchandising business. And it is in talks with at least three major cable networks about a beer-themed TV program. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 52306 - 53006)
06/06/2006 In Neuseeland verlangt der "Associate Health Minister" einen alkoholfreien Tag. "Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton is calling for an annual 'alcohol-free day' to highlight the dangers of the drug. Mr. Anderton, who is in charge of the Government's drug policy, today said tobacco and alcohol remained the most widespread and damaging drugs for young people. Huge strides had been made to curb smoking, but more needed to be done to reduce harmful drinking."Harvard World Health News 5/25/06                    
06/06/2006 HSCNews International, Ausgabe 29, Mai 06 ist erschienen.

HSCNews International, issue 29 (May 2006). This month’s issue profiles the health campaigning movement in 2006, looks at campaigners’ visions of healthcare in 2020, and returns to the subject of pharmaceutical funding.

06/05/2006 Ein neues Gesetz in Oklahoma, USA bringt harte Strafen für den Alkoholkonsum von Jugendlichen und deren Verkäufer.

A new law signed by Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry calls for tough new penalties both for youths in possession of alcohol and those who sell booze to kids, the Enid News reported May 19. Under the Prevention of Youth Access to Alcohol Law, alcohol sellers face a $500 fine and a year in jail for a first offense, underage alcohol buyers would face a $300 fine, 30 hours of community service, and a six-month driver's license revocation for a first offense. 

05/23/2006 Der General-Direktor der WHO ist gestorben. Dr LEE Jong-wook, Director-General of the World Health Organization, has died. -  He had been in hospital since Saturday afternoon, where he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain (a subdural hematoma). He had been working for WHO for 23 years. A tribute to Dr Lee | Selected photographs | Statement regarding the Acting Director-General
05/22/2006 Eine Gruppe von 20 General Staatsanwälten auf Bundesstaatsebene verlangen, dass untersucht wird, in welchem Ausmass die Alkohol-Werbung den Konsum der Minderjährigen fördert.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should investigate alcohol-industry marketing to determine the extent to which it increases underage drinking, according to a coalition of 20 state attorneys general. MarketWatch reported May 16 that the AGs asked the FTC to gather "updated data from alcohol advertisers, including data on expenditures, marketing practices and independent review procedures." They also asked the agency to require alcohol companies to restrict their advertising to publications and broadcasts with audiences comprised of at least 85 percent adults, up from the present standard of 70 percent. In the past, the FTC has rejected the 85-percent standards, saying it would limit the industry's ability to market to adults. But the AGs contend that the standard makes sense because about 15 percent of the population is between 12 and 20 years old.  (Source: Join Together, 5/19/06

05/19/2006 Eine neue Studie in den USA sagt für über 50-Jährige bis 2020 eine Verdoppelung der Abhängigen von Alkohol und andern Drogen  voraus.

A new survey predicts that the number of Americans age 50 or older who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs will double by 2020, Reuters reported May 17. Researchers predict that there will be 5 million people age 50 or older with addictions by 2020, up from 2.5 million in 1999. Misuse of alcohol and prescription drugs play a huge role in the trend; so is the willingness of Baby Boomers to take a wide range of drugs to deal with physical and mental health problems.

05/19/2006 Für höhere Alkoholsteuern in New Jersey, USA
The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-New Jersey (NCADD-NJ) and the addiction support group Parent to Parent held a joint news conference at the State House to press legislators to pass an increase in the alcohol tax and use the revenue to fund more addiction treatment in the state. (Source: Join Together, 5/17/06)
05/19/2006 Seit 2002 verkaufen Bars und Restaurants in Diadema zwischen 23.00 und 06.00 Uhr keinen Alkohol mehr. (Quelle: Marin Institute, 9.-15.5.06)

Brazil city slashes crime by closing its bars early
A bold and controversial law that shuts down bars and restaurants after 11 p.m. has turned Diadema, (400'000 inh., near Sao Paulo) one of Brazil's most violent cities, into an urban model, officials say. The law has cut homicides by 47% and has slashed other crimes by as much as 80%, traffic accidents by 30%, assaults against women by 55% and alcohol-related hospital admissions by 80%, after forcing nearly all of the city's 4,800 bars and restaurants in 2002 to stop selling alcohol between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. At least 120 towns and cities have now restricted the hours in which alcohol can be served, and the federal government now offers additional funds for law enforcement to localities that implement such measures.  (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/10/06)

05/19/2006 Prinz Charles in England will sich in sozialpolitische Belange einmischen. In an interview in British TV Prince Charles said it is his duty to interfere in social political issues and social injustices. 
Comment: Did he discover the British alcohol problem yet?
05/15/2006 Join Together gibt Quellen für Tipps zum Geldsammeln an. FUNDING TIPS & TRENDS
There are many ways for nonprofits to craft and optimize their email, according to Madeline Stanionis, whose book, Raising Thousands (if Not Tens of Thousands) of Dollars with Email, has been excerpted on's website.
Join Together, 5/12/06

Guide to Nonprofit Newsletters
Guidestar has published a brief guide listing some errors common to many donor newsletters. The list is excerpted from the book, Raising More Money with Newsletters Than You Ever Thought Possible, by Tom Ahern.
(Quelle: Join Together, 5/12/06)

05/14/2006 5 von 10 der häufigsten Todesursachen bei den SW- und N-Prärieindianern in den USA sind alkoholbedingt. 

Many Native American Deaths Linked to Alcohol
Five of the top 10 causes of death among Native Americans are related to alcohol abuse and dependence, according to researchers from the University of Colorado at Denver. HealthDay News reported March 27 that researcher Jay Shore and colleagues studied data collected from tribes in the Southwest and Northern Plains and found that both culturally distinct populations suffered disproportionately large numbers of deaths from accidents, suicides, homicides, and cirrhosis. "These causes of deaths occur at rates at least three to four times the national average," said Shore, head of the school's American Indian and Alaska Native Programs.

05/13/2006 Der grösste US-Brauer Anheuser-Busch hoffte, dass die andern Brauereien sich seiner "Here's to Beer" Inseratenkampagne anschliessen würde.

Campaign Touting Virtues of Beer Gets Limited Support
Leading U.S. brewer Anheuser-Busch was hoping that its "Here's to Beer" ads would be embraced by its industry rivals, but so far none have joined the campaign, which touts the social attributes of beer and its advantages over wine and liquor. The Associated Press reported May 6 that Anheuser-Busch sent an emissary to other firms seeking support for the campaign, but no other brewers have chipped in, saying the ads primarily benefit Busch, the nation's largest brewer.

05/13/2006 Die EU-Kommission startet ein neues Gesundheits- Portal im Internet.

European Commission launches new Health Portal
The European Commission launched yesterday the  “Health-EU Portal” - a gateway to simple and sound information on 47 health-related topics. It is aimed at citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and scientists alike. Web surfers now have access to over 5,700 links to reliable health sources. The Portal will be available in all 20 official EU languages by the end of June 2006. Section "My Lifestyle: Alcohol"

05/11/2006 Am 10.5.06 war der jährliche Bier-Lobby-Tag im amerikanischen Parlament. Action alert by Join Together: Yesterday was Big Beer's annual Capitol Hill lobby day, when beer industry lobbyists drench Congress with their agenda of lower beer taxes and lax regulation, all the while portraying the industry as "responsible". We know better, and Congress should too. Beer lobbyists might be meeting with your legislators right now, so we need to make sure our side of the story gets heard. Please take three minutes right now to call your U.S. Representative. Give legislators and their staff the facts about beer that the lobbyists won't mention.
(Source: Join Together, 10.5.06, e-mail)
05/10/2006 Der amerikanische National Park Service hat Werbung in den Parks nun strikte verboten. Strict prohibitions on allowing advertising and marketing in the national parks in return for donations will remain, spelling an end to a Park Service proposal that called for looser restrictions.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 5206 - 5806)   MSNBC, 5/2/06
05/10/2006 Join Together ruft auf, die Bostoner Verkehrsbetriebe auzufordern, die Alkoholreklame zu stoppen. Action Alert for Boston by Join Together: Remove Alcohol Ads from the "T". The month of May means prom and graduation parties, a time when our kids are especially at risk for alcohol-related injury and death. Unfortunately, the 25,000 Boston-area students who take the bus and subway to school every day are inundated with alcohol ads on MBTA property during their commute. Join Together, 5/9/06
05/10/2006 In Louisiana, USA wurde das erste DWI Gericht gebildet.

Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joseph L. Waitz, Jr. formed the first Louisiana DWI court. At least 58 DWI courts across the U.S. already provide a combination of substance use treatment and intensive judicial supervision to increase public safety.
(Quelle: Join Together, 5/5/06)      The Advocate, 4/26/06








Join Together, USA hat per e-mail Rechenschaft über den bisherigen Erfolg der Get Serious Kampagne abgelegt. JoinTogether reported by e-mail about the success of the Get Serious campaign ( to break alcohol's grip on America's youth. 
  • Nearly 6,000 people added their names to the Get Serious petition. Governors and state legislators in every state have received petition letters from constituents supporting action against underage drinking.
  • Hundreds of you turned out for underage drinking town hall meetings across the country. 
  • Over 100 petition signers participated in a nationwide conference call to develop town hall meeting action strategies.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General received letters from hundreds of you, helping to shape the first-ever national Call to Action to stop underage drinking.

Detailed analysis by Join Together, 5/9/06

05/10/2006 Die EU ruft zur Eingabe von spezifischen Projekten zur Konsumenten Politik auf. Call for specific projects. The EU-Commission provides financial support for specific projects realised at national or European level, intended to implement the objectives of the consumer policy. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2006.
EUROPA - Consumer Affairs - Information and Notices
05/09/2006 Jugendliche und Alkoholiker sind für die amerikanische Bierindustrie ein grosser Markt. Teens, Alcoholics Big Market for Beer, Report Says
The alcohol industry makes an estimated $22.5 billion by selling to underage drinkers and another $25.8 billion from sales to alcoholics and other problem drinkers, according to a report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse(CASA).  The Bergen Record reported May 1 that the report -- based on a review of previously published studies -- estimated that underage drinkers account for 17.5 percent of all alcohol sales in the U.S., while problem drinkers account for an additional 20 percent. (Quelle: Join Together, 5/2/06
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
Comment: In Switzerland 11% of the population above 15 years consume 50% of the total consumption.
05/09/2006 2003 wurden in den USA fast 210'000 Patienten in Gemeindespitälern wegen Alkoholmissbrauchsschäden behandelt.

America's community hospitals treated nearly 210,000 patients for alcohol abuse disorders in 2003 at a cost of about $2 billion, according to HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
(Source: Medical News Today, 5/3/06)

05/09/2006 "Wachthunde" haben in den USA die Coors Brewing Company veranlasst, ihr Co-Sponsoring eines für Jugendliche ab 13 freigegebenen Films zurückzunehmen.

Watchdogs Stop Coors' Co-Promotion with "Scary Movie 4"
A coalition aligned against the alcohol industry's youth-targeted marketing efforts has stopped Coors Brewing Company from using "Scary Movie 4" as a vehicle for reaching millions of teens. But after Marin Institute, Youth Leadership Institute and California Friday Night Live Partnership launched the "Scary Beer Ads Campaign" against Coors' youth-targeted marketing in "Scary Movie 3," the company backed off its plans for the next film. The film grossed  more than $67 million through April 27, including a $40 million opening weekend that set an Easter weekend record.
Source: Marin Institute, Advertising Age, 5/1/06             Pressemitteilung, 5/2/06   
Scary Beer Ads Campaign Headquarters

05/09/2006 Der Kanton Zug hat als erster Kanton einen Alkohol-Aktions-Plan 2006-11 herausgebracht.

The "Drogenkonferenz" of Canton of Zug, Switzerland (which consists of 3 (of 7) ministers and 4 (of 11) representatives of the municipality) has approved the Alcohol Action Plan 2006 - 2011 of the Canton of Zug. This Alcohol Action Plan is in line with the EAAP (National Alcohol Action Plan) and has targets in the fields of information, early intervention and law restrictions.  An evaluation is planned for 2011 and an adapted alcohol action plan for 2012 - ?.

Unfortunately, the Alcohol Action Plan 2006 - 2011 of the Canton of Zug is only available in German. Questions on the establishing of this plan as well as about the details of the planned activities may be addressed to: Gesundheitsamt Zug

05/09/2006 Kanada wendet jährlich C$40 Milliarden auf für Schäden bezüglich Alkohol und andern Drogen.

Canada racks up C$40 billion in annual costs attributable to alcohol and other drug addiction, according to the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse.
CBC News reported April 26 that the tally includes health-care costs, lost productivity, and the expense of court cases and prison. 
(Source: Join Together, 4/28/06)

05/09/2006 Der Front-Artikel von Harvard's World Health News: Die jungen Missbraucher von Alkohol: Trinker, früher. The Front-Article on Harvard's World Health News Newsletter: Alcohol's Young Abusers: Drunker, Earlier
A Shot at Sobriety - The moment Jessica Smith stepped into Campus Middle School in Greenwood Village, fresh from private school, people treated her like an outsider. She only felt accepted after a partynight with plenty of alcohol. She wondered afterwards what happened to her. 
A report from The Denver Post "Colorado ranks second in the nation for substance-abuse problems, but spends the least on prevention, treatment and research for alcohol and drug abuse among 47 states, according to The National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.
(Source: e-mail newsletter Harwards World Health News; Denver Post)
05/08/2006 Anheuser-Busch's letztes Marketing-Werkzeug ist ein Witz - wirklich. (Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 41806 - 42406  A-B's latest marketing tool is a joke - really
As young adults spend more and more time on the Internet, Anheuser-Busch Cos. aims to keep this generation's attention through its sponsorship of a new humor Web site. The country's largest brewer is sponsoring and providing its own humorous ads to a new Web site called Jokebox, the creation of brothers Gregg and Evan Spiridellis.
ST.LOUIS Post-Dispatch, 4/19/06
05/08/2006 Ärzte im US-Bundesstaat Connecticut verlangen, dass ein Gesetz geändert werden sollte, das es Versicherern erlaubt, die Bezahlung für Behandlungen bei alkohol- oder andern Drogen bedingten Unfällen zu verweigern. A Connecticut law that allows insurers to refuse to pay for injuries sustained while victims were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs should be repealed, physicians say. Mark Kraus, chair of the Connecticut State Medical Society's committee on addiction medicine, told state lawmakers that the exclusion law effectively prevents doctors from screening patients for alcohol or other drugs, out of fear that the test results could result in nonpayment by insurers. Colorado recently repealed its exclusion law, and Hawaiian lawmakers are considering a similar proposal. But repeal legislation failed in Illinois and Wyoming.
05/08/2006 Der Tod eines Parlamentarier- Sohnes in Iowa, USA sollte beitragen, das Gesetz zu verschärfen. Es gelang nicht. The death of Nick Bisignano offered a textbook example of the tragic mix of underage drinking and speeding. The 17-year-old son of a former state lawmaker--a friend of the governor's--was killed a few miles from Iowa's Statehouse in a crash that generated extensive media coverage. It was a dramatic story some believed could be used to persuade parents and lawmakers to toughen teen driving restrictions. But the law proposal was overloaded and failed.
(Quelle: Harvard World Health News, 5/5/06)       Chicago Tribune, 5/5/06
05/06/2006 Join Together bringt einen Cartoon als Aufhänger für eine Aktion.

Join Together has a new alert with a cartoon: Put kids' lives ahead of alcohol industry profits. Send it to friends. 
(Quelle: Join Together, 4/18/06)

05/06/2006 Die grössten US-Bierbrauer liefern sich wieder teure Marketing-Kämpfe. Category Wars: Miller Lite's Heavy Hitters Try To Nip A-B In The Bud. Lite's budget is expected to at least match its $217 million media spend in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Anheuser-Busch spent $525 million on media last year, including $175 million behind Bud Light. A-B will spend $600 million this year just on marketing its sports and entertainment assets across all brands, per Beer Marketer's Insights.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 4/11-17/06) Brandweek, 4/17/06
05/06/2006 In Maine, USA haben 80% der High School Seniors mit dem Alkoholkonsum begonnen und fast die Hälfte trinkt regelmässig. Das Alkohol-Marketing ist überall. Marketing encourages teen drinking. Our children live in an alcohol-saturated culture. The threat of alcohol abuse is so pervasive that we don't even see it anymore. But with 80 percent of Maine high school seniors having started to drink and nearly half reporting that they drink regularly, alcohol is by far the biggest drug threat facing our families. 
(Source: Marin Institute, 4/11-17/06)  Bangor Daily News, 4/13/06 
05/05/2006 Die City of Oakland, Kalifornien, USA hat auf die alkoholbedingten Probleme reagiert. (Siehe 19.2.06) Oakland’s Answer: Community Collaboration. Late last year, the City of Oakland, California, was confronted with several alcohol-related controversies, ranging from vandalism at liquor stores to complaints about a giant alcohol billboard ad. By Oakland's innovative community law program, the city is bringing its liquor stores into compliance with current operating codes. Already, the city has imposed dozens of new operating conditions on local stores to reduce nuisance and crime in hard hit areas.
(Source: Marin Institute, 4/17/06
04/15/2006 Im US Staat Texas hört man auf, Undercover- Beamte in die Bars zu schicken, um Betrunkene aufzuspüren. The state of Texas has stopped sending undercover officers into bars to look for drunks. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, facing harsh public criticism, said it had suspended the enforcement effort. The program is now under review to determine the best way to proceed."  (See 3/30/06)
(Source: Join Together, 4/14/06)           MSNBC, 4/13/06
04/14/2006 In England wächst die Zahl der gemeldeten Notfälle wegen Alkohol in den Spitälern .
Accident and emergency departments in th UK are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients arriving with alcohol-related complaints - with seven out of 10 citing a rise in numbers over the last five years. Doctors have seen patients as young as one admitted with alcohol-related problems, with one in five departments admitting 11-year-olds for binge drinking, and a further quarter admitting patients as young as 12. The growth - which coincides with the increasing prevalence of cheap alcopops and the introduction of 24-hour drinking - means nearly six out of 10 feel their departments are coming under pressure, according to the survey carried out for BBC One's Six O'Clock News.  (Source: Harvard World Health News, 4/14/06)    
The Guardian Unlimited, 4/10/06
04/14/2006 Der Senat von Oklahoma, USA beschliesst ein Gesetz mit Strafen für den Alkoholkonsum von Minderjährigen. Oklahoma youths caught illegally trying to buy alcohol would face hefty fines and community service under a bill passed 45-1 by the state Senate.
04/12/2006 Anheuser-Busch schloss mit Fox und CBS Exklusiv- Verträge ab.

Anheuser-Busch Cos., brewer of Budweiser, Michelob and Busch beers, reached agreements with News Corp.'s Fox network and CBS Corp. to remain the only alcohol advertiser during telecasts of the National Football League's Super Bowl in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. As part of its agreement with Fox, Anheuser-Busch also will be the exclusive alcohol advertiser on Fox's telecast of the college football Bowl Championship Series through 2010. (Source: Marin Institute, 4/4-10/06)  
Chicago Tribune, April 4, 2006

04/12/2006 Rum-Produzent Bacardi startet im Mai eine Marken-Web- und Mobile- Radiostation in den USA und in London. Rum maker Bacardi is set to launch a branded Web and mobile radio station in May in the U.S. and London. The service, designed by creative agency Cake Media, is an extension of the brand's music-centric marketing efforts over the past few years.

(Quelle: Marin Institute, 4/4-10/06)   ClickZ News, April 10, 2006

04/12/2006 Im Alameda County, USA hat die Bevölkerung ein Mitspracherecht bei der Erteilung neuer Alkohol- Lizenzen. County supervisors of Alameda County Tuesday initially approved a regulation that gives the public a voice in telling the state Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) agency whether new alcohol sales licenses should be issued. The number of alcohol-related crimes in an area also will influence the county's recommendation to the ABC. 
(Source: Marin Institute, 4/4-10/06  Inside Bay Area - IBA - Daily Review Online,4/5/06
04/12/2006 Anheuser-Busch meldete eine Partnerschaft mit einem wichtigen Mobil- Telefon-Service.

Alcohol industry watchdog groups are accusing Anheuser-Busch of marketing beer to underage drinkers after the brewer announced a partnership to advertise on a major cellphone service. The campaign will allow the No. 1 brewer to market Bud Light and Budweiser Select to 21- to 35-year-olds. The deal calls for A-B to broadcast 18 ads per hour across MobiTV's 30 channels. (Source: Marin Institute, 4/6/06) Join Together, 4/12/06

04/08/2006 In den USA hat eine kritische Bürgerbewegung (Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), Geld von den Tabak- und Alkoholindustrien erhalten. Citizens Watchdog Group Took Money from Alcohol, Tobacco Industries.
This membership organization that describes its mission as aiming to "eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government," quietly took large donations from big corporate interests to indirectly lobby on their behalf.
(Quelle: Join Together, 6.4.06)    St. Petersburg Times, 04/02/06          
    Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)
04/08/2006 Das britische Journal of Psychopharmacology wird in der Mai-Nummer eine Reihe Artikel bringen zum Thema "Worin besteht die Rolle der Pharmakologie beim Finden von Alternativen zu alkoholischen Getränken?"

What Is Pharmacology's Place In Finding Alternatives To Alcohol?
Journal of Psychopharmacology is proud to be publishing this leading research on the place of pharmacology in finding alternatives for alcohol. The following papers appear in the May 2006 issue:
* Alcohol alternatives - a goal for psychopharmacology, by David J Nutt, Ian Ragan,
* Harm reduction - lessons learned from tobacco control, by Marcus R Munaf
* For alcohol alternatives, the science is not the hardest part, by Robin Room, 
* The regulatory challenges in engineering a safer tipple, by Wayne Hall
(Source: Medical News Today, 8.4.06)      BAP Britisch Assoc. for Psychopharmacology 

04/07/2006 Miss America Gets MADD

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and The Miss America Organization launched a national partnership between MADD and Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry. As a new MADD national spokesperson, Miss America will promote her platform Building Intolerance to Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking—the first of its kind in the history of Miss America. Join Together, 6.4.06

04/07/2006 Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors

Over the past six years, the World Health Organization has undertaken a new assessment of the global burden of disease for 2000-2. The World Health Organization has also invested in improving the conceptual, methodological, and empirical basis of burden of disease assessments and the assessment of the disease and injury burden from major risk factors. During 1999-2004, the authors of this volume and many collaborators from around the world worked intensively to assemble an updated, comprehensive assessment of the global burden of disease and its causes.

The Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors is the definitive, scientific account of these efforts and of the health conditions of the world's population at the beginning of the 21st century. This book includes a full account of methods, the complete results of recent work, and an assessment of trends for total mortality and for major causes of death among children under five. In addition, two chapters cover sensitivity and uncertainty analyses in relation to a broad range of potentially important parameters.

Editor and Authors      
Pages: 552
Published: April 2006
ISBN: 0-8213-6262-3
04/05/2006 Der amerikanische Biergigant Anheuser-Busch dringt in den Bio-Markt ein. It's a lager that goes by Wild Hop, and it's being cold-brewed in at the St. Louis-based company's Fairfield plant. A second organic beer, Stone Mill Pale Ale, is being brewed at Anheuser-Busch's Redhook brewery in Portsmouth, N.H., and will be here shortly. Anheuser-Busch is dipping a finger into the waters of this potentially lucrative market.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 29.3.06)  San Francisco Chronicle, 03/30/2006
04/05/2006 Der Bier-Reklame-Kodex der amerikanischen Bier- Industrie habe riesige Löcher, findet die Direktorin für Media- Überwachung des Marin Institutes.

"The beer ad code has loopholes that are big enough to drive a team of Clydesdales through," said Laurie Leiber, director for media advocacy at the Marin Institute. The Beer Institute's code was made weaker, not stronger, by changes in January. One loophole, she said, allows for the portrayal of illegal activity in ads as long as it "is a basic element or feature of a parody or spoof and is readily identifiable as such. They're writing guidelines to allow themselves to do what they've been doing all along." (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 29.3.06

04/02/2006 An den Schulen in Vermont USA hat ein Alkohol- Präventionsprogramm Erfolg. 

The results of the 2005 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey suggest that the state's D.E.T.E.R. (Drug Education, Treatment, Enforcement and Rehabilitation) program is effective at preventing youth alcohol use. Since 1999, the survey results indicate, the number of 8th through 12th graders who reported using alcohol has declined from 46 to 37 percent. Nonetheless, Vermont still has one of the ten highest rates of binge drinking among 18 to 25 year olds in the country.
Substance abuse counselors funded by the D.E.T.E.R. program serve 92 of Vermont's 157 public schools with grades seven or higher, and the governor's 2007 budget proposal includes funding to bring counselors to the remaining 65 schools.
(Source: Join Together, 3/29/06)    Burlington Free Press, 4/1/06

30.03.2006 In allen 50 Bundesstaaten der USA wurden diese Woche "Stadthaus- Meetings abgehalten zum Thema Alkoholkonsum der Minderjährigen.

Local communities convened about 1,200 town-hall meetings across the U.S. this week to raise awareness about underage drinking and spur action to address the problem.
Funded by small grants from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the meetings were held in all 50 states with the theme "Start Talking Before They Start Drinking." A broad spectrum of community leaders came together to discuss ways to prevent underage drinking by reducing demand, availability, and access to alcohol. (Source: Join Together, 03/30/06)

30.03.2006 Die US-Forst Verwaltung will ihre Landschaften, Strassen, Häfen und Skiorte für Firmenwerbung öffnen. 

National Forests To Allow Corporate Ads: Local Restrictions on Liquor and Tobacco Advertising Will be Preempted. The focus of the plan is to encourage corporate donations to support “special events, such as races, competitions [and] festivals” on national forest lands. The proposal substantially liberalizes “sponsor recognition” rules so that, for the first time, a corporation could –

  • Display banners, signs and other advertisements on forest trails, along roadways and inside concessions. The only limit on ads would be the discretion of a designated “authorized officer;”
  • Override state or local restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, gambling or other services and devices; and
  • Advertise without any limitation inside lodges and marinas, on ski gondolas and within ski areas operated by concessionaires.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News 21-27.3.06) Common Dreams Newswire, 03/23/06
30.03.2006 Ein Wirtschaftsförderungs- Programm der Universität von Iowa, USA für ihre Studenten ermöglicht Alkoholwerbung per Natel.

U of I venture mixes messages on drinking
University of Iowa students Ian Jacobson and Kane Johnson started a company that sends students cell phone text messages with exclusive drink specials, food deals and admission discounts at Iowa City bars. The university helps pay for their endeavor through a new entrepreneurship program. That's the same university that is trying to fight its reputation as a party school and to combat underage drinking.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 32106 - 32706) Des Moines Register, 3/23/06

30.03.2006 Das Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, USA ruft die Alkoholindustrie auf, das Marketing für Alcopops aufzugeben.

'Alcopops' Pose Health Threat During Spring Break'
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, March 21, 2006
Marketing of new alcoholic beverages to girls increases the health risks they face during Spring Break, when many high school and college students travel to exotic locales for extreme partying, according to a national expert on alcohol problems.
(Quelle: Marin Institute Alcohol News 21.-27.3.06)     PIRE, 21.3.06

30.03.2006 In Texas, USA greifen Undercover-Polizisten die Betrunkenen in Bars auf. 

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is enforcing the state's law against public intoxication in a novel venue: bars. (Source: Join Together, 03/24/06)    MSNBC/Reuters, 03/23/06

24.03.2006 Start des Europäischen Projekts "Pathways for HealthPathways for Health" am 7./8. Febr. 2006 in Berlin Thirty project partners from all over Europe attended a kick-off meeting of the “Pathways for Health Project on binge drinking, drink driving and health labeling” from the 7th until 8th  February 2006 in Berlin. Why this project?
For the European Commission the reduction of alcohol related harm is one of its priorities. An EU-strategy will be published during late 2006. The Commission needs a lot of input for their actions and the project could deliver experiences of best practice. The database will be available for all interested persons. (Source: EUROCARE)
(See "Veranstaltungen/Events with reports)
24.03.2006 An der International Nursing Research Conference am 23.3.06 in York, GB wurde über den starken Anstieg des Alkoholkonsums bei Jugendlichen referiert. Britain's growing binge drinking culture is likely to create future health problems such as liver disease at a much faster rate and younger age than ever before, the Royal College of Nursing's 2006 International Nursing Research Conference will be told this week. Health professionals are already seeing rising alcohol-related mortality because of heavy and inappropriate consumption of alcohol at a young age. Young women in the 18-24 age group in Britain are now matching, and in some cases overtaking, young men in their alcohol consumption.
(Source: Medical News Today, 24.3.06)
24.03.2006 Ein Parlamentarier in Kalifornien, USA verlangt ein Gesetz, das zum 2. Mal wegen Alkohol am Steuer Verurteilte verpflichtet, an ihrem Wagen ein rotes Nummernschild mit der Aufschrift DUI anzubringen. A California lawmaker wants to force two-time offenders to attach red license plates with the letters DUI, for 'driving under the influence,' to their vehicles. After 1998 roadway deaths and accidents involving alcohol have been on the rise in California. (1998: 31% - 2004: 35,7% of total fatalities) 

(Source: World Health News, 03/24/06)

The Sacramento Bee, 03/23/06 (evtl. free registration)

23.03.2006 Ab 1.7.06 wollen die Mitglieder von DISCUS, Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. keine Inserate mehr auf die Innenseite und die Rückseite des Umschlags von Magazinen platzieren, wenn dieser für Lieferung an Schulen  nicht entfernt werden kann.  Starting on July 1, Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS) members will cease placing ads on the inside and back covers of magazines if the covers cannot be removed for special bindings that omit alcohol ads for school distribution. DISCUS said the move reflects its commitment to "responsible advertising" aimed at adults.
Magazines affected include Newsweek, People, Sports Illustrated, Time, and U.S. News & World Report.

(Source: Join Together, 03/22/06)   Albany Business Review, March 21, 2006


23.03.2006 Die britische Ärztegesellschaft der Gastroenterologen (Magen- Darmkrankheiten) ist enttäuscht, dass im neuen Staatsbudget die Alkoholsteuern nicht höher angesetzt werden.

Gastroenterologists Disappointed In Level Of Rise In Alcohol Duty, UK
Statement From The British Society of Gastroenterology Following The Chancellor's Budget Announcement:
“The British Society of Gastroenterology is disappointed and concerned that the level of increase in the duty on alcohol is not higher. It should have been increased at a level far higher than inflation to limit drinking. “Our members see the effects of increased alcohol consumption in increased rates of liver disease and death from liver failure. “Price is a key determinant of the amount people drink. The evidence is overwhelming and shows that the cheaper alcohol is, the more people drink.
Medical News Today, 3/23/06

21.03.2006 Anheuser-Busch werden bis 2010 die einzigen Alkoholsponsoren im neuen Stadium der Arizona-Cardinals sein. The most dominant indoor feature of the upcoming Arizona Cardinals Stadium will be an area known as the "Budweiser Red Zone." Anheuser-Busch and the Cardinals have struck a deal to allow the beer company to take up the entire south end zone of the stadium and capitalize on the Glendale venue's large concourse. The agreement means that Budweiser and Bud Light will be the exclusive alcohol sponsors of the Cardinals at the stadium through 2010. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News Weekly March 13-20)
Arizona Daily Star, AZ, March 20, 2006
21.03.2006 Das Marin Institute gibt Informationen, wie das Sponsoring von Gemeinde- Veranstaltungen durch die Alkoholindustrie vermieden werden kann. Alcohol Sponsorship and Community Events
When community fairs and festivals accept sponsorship from the alcohol industry, they become an unwitting part of the industry's marketing strategy. Concerned community members can work with event coordinators and local policy makers to replace alcohol companies with sponsors that better reflect the community's values.
(Source: The Marin Institute, 14.-20.3.06)
19.03.2006 Im US-Staat New Jersey wird vom bisherigen Atemlufttest-Gerät auf den neuen "Alcotest" umgestellt.  New Jersey officials were poised to switch their roadside alcohol breath-testing technology from Breathalyzers to "Alcotest" devices, but the state's highest court put the brakes on the plan. The New Jersey Supreme Court put the change on hold until judges decide if the Alcotest 7110 is as accurate at identifying drunk drivers as the Breathalyzer was. (Quelle: Join Together, 03/16/06)     The Star-Ledger, 03/16/06
19.03.2006 Join Together ruft auf, an einem nationalen Bericht in den USA teilzunehmen, welche Bedürfnisse in den K-12 Schulen hinsichtlich Alkohol- und Drogen- prävention bestehen. Join Together is conducting a national online survey of teachers to learn what is actually happening in USA at the classroom level in alcohol and drug prevention education, and what tools and information the teachers feel they need in order to be as effective as possible.

(Source: Join Together, 03/16/06)           To the survey

19.03.2006 In Tennessee, USA wurde eine Arbeitsgruppe eingesetzt, bei der nicht klar ist, ob sie die Gesetzgebung betr. Alkohol am Steuer verbessert oder behindert. In Tennessee, USA, Gov. Phil Bredesen's formation of a 12-member task force on the state's DUI laws should not be used by legislators as an excuse to stall needed DUI legislation. Bredesen said last week that he was convening the task force at the request of law enforcers to evaluate existing DUI laws, not to supercede legislation.State's DUI law needs teeth -

(Quelle: World Health News, Harvard School of Public Health, 03/16/06)

18.03.2006 Das Senatskomitee "Kinder, Jugend und Familie" hielt in San Diego, CA, USA ein Hearing über Alcopops ab. The Senate Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families recently held a hearing on alcopops in San Diego. The hearings were prompted by two alcopop bills: one to change the classification of the drinks from beer to distilled spirits, thus raising the tax on the beverages; the other seeking to ban alcopop ads and marketing that appeal to children. (Source: Join Together, 03/15/06)         San Diego Union-Tribune, 03/11/06
18.03.2006 Die "Eltern zu Eltern Koalition" hat ihre Forderung einer Erhöhung der Alkoholsteuer dem Gouverneur von New Jersey unterbreitet. The Parents to Parents Coalition (P2P), a group advocating for New Jersey to raise its alcohol tax by a nickel a drink to provide more funds for addiction treatment, recently took its case to Gov. Jon Corzine. 
(Source: Join Together, 03/15/06)       Cherry Hill Courier-Post 03/14/06
18.03.2006 Die amerikanische Kampagne für alkoholfreies Sportfernsehen ist weiter aktiv. NCAA Schools Urged to End Beer Ads on Broadcasts
Of 64 Men’s Basketball Tournament Schools, 10 Support an End to Beer Ads on College Sports Programming. The Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV urged 54 of the 64 colleges and universities sending teams to the NCAA men's basketball tournament to commit to ending beer advertising on college sports games.   
(Source: Join Together, 03/15/06)    Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV 
Marine Institute, 14.-20.3.06            The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 03/15/
16.03.2006 Ein Beitrag zur auch in der Schweiz diskutierten Rehab-Methode des "Kontrollierten Trinkens"

Putting aside controversy surrounding the Moderation Management (MM) program, a Massachusetts addiction treatment center has initiated a moderate-drinking program as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

11.03.2006 Das Statistische Amt der EU-Kommission hat das Jahrbuch 2005 herausgegeben.  Eurostat provides a practical statistical guide Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook 2005 containing essential, accurate and recent information on the current situation in Europe. EUROPA - Eurostat - Eurostat yearbook 2005
10.03.2006 Die "Get Serious"-Kampagne in den USA plant mehr als 1000 Stadthaus-Treffen, um Kinder vor dem Alkoholkonsum zu schützen.

More than 1,000 town hall meetings, organized by local leaders with the assistance of the Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD), will be held in USA nationwide in late March. The meetings provide an important opportunity for communities "to come together to learn more about underage drinking and its impact, and to discuss how their community can best prevent underage alcohol use."  (Source: Join Together, 03/09/06)
First: Find a Meeting in Your Community  / Second: Planning to Attend? Tell Join Together  Mobilize Your Town Meeting for Action  / Fourth: Sign the Get Serious Petition 

08.03.2006 Die Behörden von Marin, CA, USA verboten am Dienstag das Alkohol-Sponsoring an der County-Messe. Marin officials on Tuesday banned alcohol beverage sponsorship of the county fair. The Board of Supervisors voted 5 to 0 to approve what officials think is the first ordinance in the nation to bar any alcohol-beverage-related business from sponsoring the Marin County Fair or placing sponsorship signs at the event. Alcohol will continue to be sold.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 28.2.06 - 6.3.06) Marin Independent Journal - Marin, 3/1/06   About Play fair  
08.03.2006 Die führenden Schweizer Bildungsinstitutionen und der Schweizer Nationalfonds schliessen sich der Berliner Erklärung über offenen Zugang zu wissenschaftlichem Wissen an. Press Release: Berne, 7 February 2006
Globalised knowledge market poses new challenges to science.
Joint signing of the "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" by Swiss scientific organisations.
The Rector's Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS), the Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (KFH), the Swiss Conference of Schools for Teacher Education (SKPH) as well as the Council of the Swiss Scientific Academies (CASS), together with the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), have signed the so-called "Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" which furthers open access to knowledge in the sciences and humanities.
Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities
05.03.2006 In Leeds, GB wurde die erste interaktive Webseite eröffnet, die helfen soll, den Alkoholkonsum der Studenten zu senken.

The country's first interactive website to help students cut down on alcohol has launched at Leeds. If successful, it could be rolled out across the UK and beyond. 
The e-UNICAL project will use tailored online feedback based on reported alcohol consumption to help students make informed decisions about their drinking. 
(Source: Medical News today, 4.3.06

04.03.2006 Zum ersten Mal ruft in den USA der Surgeon General (der "Landesarzt") zu einer Protestaktion wegen dem Trinken Minderjähriger auf.

The U.S. Surgeon General will issue a first-ever "Call to Action" to stop underage drinking this spring. You can help shape this influential statement, ensuring it has teeth.    (Source: Join Together, 3/3/06)
Take Action Surgeon General's Call To Action On Underage Drinking - Submit Comments

01.03.2006 Die Kampagne "Get serious" in den USA hat bereits Tausende von Unterschriften erhalten. Building Momentum for Alcohol Awareness Month (See entry 2/21/06)
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a perfect opportunity to translate the growing momentum behind our Get Serious campaign into real action to solve America's underage drinking crisis.
Sign the Campaign      
01.03.2006 In Wisconsin, USA will ein Parlamentarier Alkohol wieder auf die Liste von gefährlichen Stoffen im Zusammenhang mit sexueller Gewalt bringen. Alcohol should be listed as a date-rape drug in Wisconsin's sexual-assault statute, according to a state lawmaker, the Racine Journal Times reported Feb. 16.
"There's no logical reason to have this gap in the law," said Scott Nelson, an aide to bill sponsor Sen. Cathy Stepp (R-Yorkville). "There's no difference between smoking marijuana and getting high and drinking alcohol and getting drunk."
(Quelle: Join Together, 27.2.06/b)
01.03.2006 Die nationale Konsumenten-Liga in USA wünscht Deklarationen auf den Etiketten von Alkoholika.   (Source: Join Together, 2/27/06)

The National Consumers League says that alcohol bottles should contain nutritional information similar to that on food products and medications. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau accepted public comments on ingredient labels for alcoholic beverages. "You will see very shortly a temporary rule will be going out requiring the disclosure of allergens on alcoholic beverages," said agency head John Manfreda.  /       The National Consumers League /        CBS, 2/26/06 

26.02.2006 Das ICAP gibt ein Blaues Buch heraus, einen praktischen Führer für Alkohol-Politik und Präventionsansätze. Es soll laufend ergänzt werden.

ICAP Blue Book - Practical Guides for Alcohol Policy and Prevention Approaches

The ICAP Blue Book offers a comprehensive guide to the key issues in alcohol policy development, and an integrated approach to prevention.  It draws upon the best available research and experience from around the world.

As a policy guide, the ICAP Blue Book is based on three principles:

targeted interventions that address specific “at-risk” populations, potentially harmful contexts and drinking patterns;

partnerships that allow the inclusion of the public and private sectors, the community and civil society all working towards a common goal.  ICAP Blue Book
Comment: Most probably this Blue Book will serve the interest of the Alcohol Industry and not the Public Health. 

25.02.2006 Fachleute der Behandlung von Abhängkeiten in New Jersey, USA verlangen von den Parlamentariern, die Alkoholsteuern um 5 Cents pro Gallone zu erhöhen. Addiction treatment advocates in New Jersey are calling on lawmakers to increase alcohol taxes by five cents to provide more funding for services. A group of mothers who lost children to addiction came to the New Jersey statehouse this week in support of the Just a Nickel Campaign. The proposal is to raise alcohol taxes by a nickel per gallon to raise up to $10 million annually for addiction treatment and prevention.
Just a Nickel Campaign      Newark Star-Ledger, 23.02.06        Join Together, 24.02.06
24.02.2006 In Brasilien wurde eine Teil- Prohibition eingeführt. 

(Source: Harvard World Health News, 2/24/06
Christian Science Monitor, 2/16/06

In Brazil, Partial Prohibition
"The long arm of the law has been preaching -- and enforcing -- prohibition in Diadema for four years now. Under a bold and controversial bill passed in 2002 to combat the alcohol-fueled bloodshed that made this industrial city one of the most violent in Brazil, authorities banned the serving of liquor after 11 p.m. in almost all the city's 4,800 bars and restaurants...The law, and the subsequent reduction in violence, has been such a success that municipalities across Brazil are adopting similar measures."

22.02.2006 Das Marin Institute meldet "Sieg!" Anheuser-Busch hat landesweit grosse Plakate zurückgezogen. Victory! Bad Beer Ads Come Down Action by Marin Institute and others helped convince Anheuser-Busch to take down all of its Bud Light billboards across the country that showed a young man riding a jet ski against the backdrop of a giant bottle of Bud Light. This followed a complaint we sent to the Federal Trade Commission asserting that the billboard violated the Beer Institute code prohibiting ads that "associate or portray beer drinking before or during activities which require a high degree of alertness of coordination." (Source: Marin Institute, 20.2.06)
21.02.2006 Weibliche Alkohol- Konsumenten sind das Ziel der Alkohol-Industrien schreibt das Wall Street Journal am 15.2.06 Female Drinkers Targeted by Alcohol Industry
Women worldwide are drinking more, and the alcohol industry is doing what it can to encourage the trend. British "ladettes" have gained an international reputation for heavy drinking (and brawling), but the rise in alcohol consumption among women has become a global phenomenon. Young women in the U.K. and U.S. drank a third more alcohol by volume in 2004 than they did five years prior, researchers said.
Join Together, 17.2.06      The Wall Street Journal, 15.2.06 (payable)
21.02.2006 Aufruf von Join Together, USA: Jedermann soll seinen Gourverneur oder die Parlamentarier auffordern, eine Alkoholpolitik zu unterstützen, die das Leben der Kinder schützt.

Alert-Call by Join Together: Get Serious about Alcohol Policies that Save Kids Lives! Sign the Get Serious petition!
Did you know that over 5,000 young people die every year in alcohol-related accidents? Thousands more are injured in fights, sexual assaults, and accidents. Our elected leaders, influenced by alcohol-industry lobbyists who resist real efforts to solve the problem, have done little to prevent this tragedy.
Center for Science in the Public Interest, 16.2.06

21.02.2006 Alkohol vergiftet unsere Nation, sagt der Arzt des gestorbenen Fussballers George Best.

Booze Is Blighting Our Nation, Says George Best's Surgeon
Britain is facing an alarming increase in alcohol-related problems, warns Professor Roger Williams, Director of the UCL Institute of Hepatology and physician to George Best, who is launching a study into the possibilities of using new antibodies in the treatment for liver failure, that a hike in alcohol prices, health labelling on bottles and other measures are urgently needed to stop Britain from ‘tippling to the point of toppling'.    Medical News today, 15.2.06 

21.02.2006 Aufruf der EU zur Einreichung von Vorschlägen 2006
Aktionsprogramm der Gemeinschaft im Bereich der öffentlichen Gesundheit (2003-2008)
Public health: EU-Commission launches € 43 million call for projects. 
The European Commission is inviting public authorities, civil society organisations and health experts to put forward public health projects for EU co-funding. The call is open to participants from all 25 Member States, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
Commission co-financing is 60% of the proposal’s total eligible cost.
21.02.2006 Als Überbleibsel der Prohibition gibt es in West Virginia ein Gesetz, das nur den Verkauf von nichtberauschendem Bier erlaubt.  According to West Virginia law, only “nonintoxicating” beer can be sold in the state. And by nonintoxicating, the statute means beer with an alcohol content at or below 6 percent. The law may fly in the face of reality, but its real-world consequence is that it cuts off the state’s bars, shops, grocers and restaurants from the growing market for gourmet or “craft” beers, which are made by specialty micro- or pub-breweries and tend to have higher alcohol content. At the urging of beer sellers who want to break into this market, seven House of Delegates members sponsored legislation last week to raise the beer-alcohol limit to 15 percent...(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 2706 - 21306)       The Charleston Gazette, 12.2.06
21.02.2006 Das Alkohol-Steuer-Gesetz in Missouri, USA ist einen wichtigen Schritt vorangekommen. (Siehe 20.2.06) A plan to raise taxes on alcohol in Missouri took a big step. By a 7-3 vote, the House Health Care Policy Committee passed the bill with a recommendation that lawmakers pass it. Now it goes to (the) Rules (Committee), to see if they want to put it out on the floor. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 2706 - 21306) /    News, 10.2.06
21.02.2006 Brauer offerieren am Valentinstag Bier mit Schokoladegeschmack.  Brewers offer chocolate beverages for Valentine's Day
If beer and chocolate don't seem to be things that go together all that well, remember that Tuesday is Valentine's Day and that the beer industry badly wants to get more women drinking brews. That quest primarily involves efforts to develop light beers without bitter aftertastes. But it also involves experimenting with women-targeted flavored speciality beers like Sam Adams' new Chocolate Bock and the Chocolate Raspberry Stout offered by the local Blue & Gray Brewery at Bowman Center in Spotsylvania County. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 2706 - 21306)   / 
The Free Lance-Star, 12.2.06
21.02.2006 Jugendliche lieben Bier-Reklame, das bringt der Industrie Kritik ein. Beer companies pledge not to aim their message at underage drinkers, but on Super Bowl Sunday, they hit the target anyway. The yearly Adbowl poll, in which participants rate Super Bowl ads online during the game, breaks down voting by age and other demographic measures. In the category of voters under the age of 17, Bud Light ads ranked first, second and fourth in popularity. A Budweiser ad won third. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News - 2706 - 21306)  /  The New York Times, 13.2.06 (payable)
21.02.2006 Alkohol-Industrie-Gigant geht in den Kampf um Alcopops in Kalifornien, USA

ALCOHOL INDUSTRY GIANT ENTERS ‘ALCOPOPS’ FRAY. Senate hearing slated for Valentine’s Day on sweet, low-cost alcohol drinks that target teen girls.  The world’s largest alcoholic beverage company,  has jumped into the alcopops fight, facing off against a coalition of community groups representing teens, parents and public health professionals trying to stop the marketing of the sweet, soda-like alcoholic drinks to youth. London-based Diageo, along with several other alcopops producers, filed a counter-argument against a lawsuit that asks the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to classify alcopops as distilled spirits because they contain hard liquor. Currently, these products are sold and marketed as beer, including at more than 15,000 convenience stores and minimarts where teens often congregate.
(Source: Marin Institute, 13.2.06)  Coalition on Alcopops and Youth, 9.2.06 

21.02.2006 Autobahn-Behörden in Georgia, USA versuchen ein neues Mittel gegen das Fahren im alkoholisierten Zustand. Georgia highway officials are hoping to deter drunk driving by installing memorial signs along roadways for victims of DUI. Georgia is erecting standardized metal signs with the names of victims, the date of their death, and the words "DUI Victim." The first sign, on I-17 in Statesboro, memorializes Donny Ray Harris, Jr., 17, who died as a passenger in a car driven by a drunken friend.      (Quelle: Join Together, 13.2.06)  Cable News Network LP, LLLP
20.02.2006 Statement des CSPI Alcohol Policy Project Director George Hacker betreffend Alcohol Marketing an den Olympischen Spielen. CSPI to Anheuser-Busch: Cancel the Torino Teen Kegger Statement of CSPI Alcohol Policy Project Director George Hacker on Alcohol Marketing at Olympics
If Anheuser-Busch truly wanted to use the Olympics “to remind parents about the importance of preventing underage drinking,” they could start by canceling the
keg party they’re having tonigst in Torino for underage athletes. Then they could withdraw their sponsorships of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing and their sponsorships of the Olympic teams in the U.S. and other countries.
20.02.2006 Join Together hat eine Übersicht mit Subventions- Quellen veröffentlicht. Join Together has issued a list with good funding opportunities.

20.02.2006 Das Budget, das Präsident Bush vorlegte, beschneidet Prävention, Rehabilitation, Forschung.

The Bush administration's proposed FY2007 drug budget calls for more funding for anti-drug ads and drug courts, but elimination of state-administered school-based prevention programs and federal support for enforcement of underage-drinking laws. 
(Quelle: Join Together, 2/10/06)

20.02.2006 Gemäss einer Verlautbarung der US-Regierung haben in den letzten beiden Jahren mehr Mädchen als Knaben mit dem Konsum von Marijuana, Alkohol und Zigaretten begonnen. In the past two years, in fact, more young women than men started using marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, according to government findings being released today...The results came as something of a surprise to John Walters, director of the White House program, since illegal drug use by children ages 12 to 17 has fallen 19 percent in the past 5 years, a statistic President Bush touted in his recent State of the Union address. (Quelle: Harvard World Health News, 9.2.06)
20.02.2006 CSPI, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC antwortet dem amerikanischen Bier- Institut. CSPI Responds to the Beer Institute’s Creation of an Independent Third-Party Review Panel to Field Complaints About Beer Advertising. "Although the Center for Science in the Public Interest welcomes this change, we note that it was accompanied by a significant weakening of the Beer Institute’s Advertising and Marketing Code. We also have concerns about how the process would work. Source: CSPINET Newsroom, 8.2.06
20.02.2006 Das amerikanische Bier- Institut hat seine freiwilligen Richtlinien für die Werbung in Bezug auf Sex verwässert. The beer industry's trade group has watered down its voluntary guidelines on using sex to sell beer. (Quelle: Join Together, 8.2.06Boston, 4.2.06
20.02.2006 Ein Parlamentarier in Missouri, USA will die Steuern auf Bier, Wein und Schnaps erhöhen. A Missouri legislator says the state's beer, wine and liquor taxes should be increased dramatically in order to pay for alcohol prevention and recovery programs.
(Quelle: Join Together, 7.2.06)          St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5.2.06
20.02.2006 Die Behörde des Hafens von Oakland (USA) schliesst einen Vertrag über 20 Jahre für die Plakatwand bei der Bay Brücke ab. Billboards near the Bay Bridge toll plaza in Oakland, USA will continue to advertise products to millions of motorists for the next 20 years under deals being considered by the Port of Oakland. . . .Both companies have agreed not to use the signs to advertise alcohol. The port had been criticized for previously allowing alcohol advertisements on a billboard at Oakland International Airport. 
(Quelle: Marin Institute, 6.2.06), 2/4/06
20.02.2006 Studenten gehen zum Statehouse, um die Fass- Registrierung zu unterstützen. Groups of Iowa (USA) high school students converged on the Statehouse Tuesday, seeking legislators' support for a law aimed at combating underage drinking by requiring the registration of beer kegs. 
(Source: Marin Institute, 6.2.06), 2/1/06
19.02.2006 Join Together, der amerikanische News Dienst, hat sein Angebot erneuert. Join Together has launched a completely redesigned website at The email newsletters have also been revamped.
19.02.2006 Der Gewinn von Anheuser-Busch ging zurück. The profit of Anheuser-Busch went down. In the last quarter of 2005 Anheuser-Busch earned 201 Mio.$, 39% less than a year before.
19.02.2006 Im Staatsparlament von New Hampshire, USA wurde die Herabsetzung des Mindestalters für das Militär abgelehnt. A New Hampshire lawmaker's bid to lower the drinking age for active-duty members of the military to 18 has been shot down in the state legislature.

(Source: JTO Direct - Daily Edition - 2/2/06)

19.02.2006 Im Bay Gebiet von San Francisco, USA streiten sich die Muslime, weil die meisten Schnapsläden in Händen von Muslimen sind, die nach ihrem Glauben keinen Alkohol verkaufen dürften. Alcohol divides Bay Area Muslims: Muslims shouldn't sell liquor, group says
Bay Area Muslim leaders Saturday condemned fellow Muslims who own liquor stores, saying they are violating a tenet of their religion and poisoning their communities. Members of the newly formed Muslims for Healthy Communities said they did not support the vandalism of two Muslim-owned West Oakland liquor stores in November by men who identified themselves as Muslims. Speakers at Saturday's event said they hope to work with city and state officials and other organizations trying to tackle the heavy concentration of liquor stores in Oakland's poorest neighborhoods. (Source:  Marin Institute Alcohol News, Jan. 30, 2006)    San Francisco Chronicle, 29.1.06
19.02.2006 Einige Zeitungen in den USA haben die Reklamestrategie von Anheuser-Busch zum Super-Bowl am 5.2.06 gefeiert. With the televising of the Super Bowl this Sunday February 5, several newspapers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, have already published articles celebrating Anheuser-Busch for its popular beer advertising strategy. We responded by sending the following letter to the editors of both papers, and which we invite you to modify and send to papers in your own community before or after the Super Bowl: (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, Jan. 30, 2006)
18.02.2006 "The Globe", issue 3, 2005/issue 1 2006 ist erschienen. "The Globe", issue 3, 2005/issue 1 2006 has been issued. From the content:
- World trade and youth drinking - a global concern
- WHO Europe - framework for alcohol policy
- Lessons to be learned from tobacco
- Bringing health policy closer to citizens: challenges and future strategy
25.01.2006 Jugendliche in vom Hurricane zerstörten Gebieten der Golf- Region erhöhen ihren Alkohol-Konsum. Left without movie theaters, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment, youths from hurricane-ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast, USA say that drinking has become more common.
(Source: Join Together, 1/24/06)    Sun, 1/22/06
25.01.2006 Der Senat von Alabama, USA hat ein Gesetz erlassen, das den Konsum von Bier aus Fässchen ausserhalb von Gaststätten verbietet. The Alabama Senate voted 30-0 Tuesday to effectively ban drinking keg beer anywhere other than the bars, restaurants and other locales licensed to sell it. The bill, touted as a way to curb underage drinking, now moves to the House, where a similar version has already passed committee.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News), 1/18/06
25.01.2006 Eine Äusserung des amerikanischen Ski-Asses Bode Miller am 8.1.06 in "60 Minutes" führte über CBS News zu einem kleineren Skandal. This is the backdrop for Miller and the American men's ski team as they try to distance themselves from Miller's quote heard around the world: "If you ever tried to ski when you're wasted, it's not easy." Miller delivered that line on "60 Minutes" on Jan. 8, and the CBS advance news release promoting the segment turned his words into a miniscandal. The general public in the United States is discovering an excellent ski team but also discovering that ski racing's deep drinking culture is alive and well. (Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  The New York Times, 1/20/06
25.01.2006 Für aromatisierte Malzgetränke soll in Kalifornien die Werbung eingeschränkt werden. The new legislative proposal by Migden and Figueroa, SB 1180, targets advertising of alcohol products to minors. Under California law, advertising is illegal if it is "intended to encourage minors to drink" an alcoholic beverage. SB 1180 would eliminate the requirement that intent be shown. 
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News)  The Sacramento Bee, 1/18/06 (Free registr. in USA)
21.01.2006 Anheuser-Busch, die führende amerikanische Brauerei startet im Februar eine grosse Image-Kampagne. Working with the industry trade group The Beer Institute, Anheuser-Busch plans to launch a new marketing campaign next month that will include TV ads and a website called The campaign will focus on beer's social role in America, noting its lower alcohol potency by volume and educating consumers about the brewing process. (Source: Join Together, 1/19/06), 1/20/06
21.01.2006 Amerikanische Fluglinien haben begonnen, die Gratis- Abgabe von Alkoholikas zu streichen.

Airlines have been phasing out free alcoholic drinks on international flights, due in part to concerns about so-called 'air rage' incidents among intoxicated passengers, and to reduce cost.
(Source: Join Together, 01/19/06), South Carolina, 01/18/06

21.01.2006 Der US-Bundesstaat Süd Dakota könnte bald der erste sein, der den Blut-Alkohol- Test zwingend vorschreibt.

South Dakota could soon become the first U.S. state to require drunk-driving suspects to submit to blood-alcohol testing. A key state Senate committee has approved a measure that would repeal a state law allowing first- and second-time DWI suspects to refuse to take a blood test. The measure has passed the state House in the past but always failed in the Senate. (Quelle: Join Together,1/19/06), American News, 1/18/06
Comment: This is just unbelievable for us Europeans. That goes without saying here.

19.01.2006 An den Sportsanlässen der Kalifornischen Staatsuniversität gibt es keinen Alkoholverkauf mehr und nur eingeschränkte Alkoholwerbung. No more alcohol will be sold at university-owned or -operated sporting venues throughout the California State University, the largest public university system in the nation, officials announced yesterday in a surprise statement. The CSU ban came…also restricts advertising for alcoholic beverages on the CSU's 23 campuses.
(Source: Marin Institute Alcohol News, 16.1.06) San Diego UNION-TRIBUNE, CA, January 13, 2006
20.01.2006 Die Regierung von Neuseeland überlegt sich, die Alkoholwerbung einzuschränken. A government review of alcohol promotion regulations may lead to a crackdown on television advertising and sports sponsorship in New Zealand.
Associate Health Minister Damien O'Connor said yesterday that the move was a result of mounting anxiety about increased youth drinking.
14.01.2006 Ein Forscher der Harvard Universität in USA hört mit seinen Lektionen über gesundheitliche Vorteile des Bierkonsums auf.

Meir Stampfer, a prominent Harvard University epidemiologist who touted the health benefits of beer to medical journalists at Anheuser-Busch sponsored events in New York and Chicago has decided not to do any further lectures, after The Wall Street Journal reported Dec. 9, 2006 about it.
(Source: Join Together, 1/13/06)

12.01.2006 Eine Bierreklame in England musste zurückgezogen werden.

Enforcing tougher new rules on alcohol advertising, the U.K. Advertising Standards Board has ordered that an ad for Young's Bitter be withdrawn because it links alcohol use and sexual success. (Source: JoinTogether, 1/11/06)       BBC NEWS, UK, 1/11/06

12.01.2006 Highschool-Leiter in Arlington, Mass., USA haben eine Liste mit e-mail- Adressen und Telefonnrn. von 150 Personen erstellt. School officials in Arlington, Mass., USA are hoping an e-mail contact list will help parents keep track of student parties and head off underage drinking and other problems. 150 people had signed up to be added to the list in the two weeks since it was announced.
(Source: JoinTogether, 1/11/06)    The Boston Globe, online, 12/25/05


In Florida, USA werden Fuss- Knöchel-Ketten als Alkohol-Melder verwendet.

In Florida, USA, judges are using ankle bracelets that monitor alcohol use at all hours of the day and night, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Dec. 28. The bracelets work by sampling perspiration for signs of alcohol use; testing results are communicated via the Internet. The bracelets, called SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), have been used in Florida DWI and domestic-violence cases. They are made by Colorado-based Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc. and cost $100 each to set up and $12 a day to operate. (Source:, 1/11/06)

10.01.2006 China hat das legale Mindestalter beim Alkoholverkauf auf 18 Jahre festgelegt.

Facing rising alcohol consumption, alcoholism and youth violence, China has banned the sale of alcohol (alcohol content of 0.5 percent or higher) to anyone under age 18. The ban went into effect Jan. 1, 2006.
(Source: Join Together, 1/9/06)         ScienceDaily/UPI, 1/6/06 

10.01.2006 Eine jährliche staatliche Risiko-Einschätzungsstudie bei Studenten konnte in Alaska, USA nicht durchgeführt werden.

State officials in Alaska, USA were unable to publish an annual risk-assessment survey because of poor participation, and experts laid the blame on a state law that requires parents to sign permission forms before students can be asked about their behaviors, but less than 60% of the forms were returned.
(Source: Join Together, 01/09/06)         The Anchorage Daily News, 12/26/05

09.01.2006 Join Together meldet am 6.1.06 zwei Subventionsangebote  Join Together reports about two funding opportunities: Funding to Evaluate and Prevent Violence and Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: The U.S. Department of Education is offering 14 grants totaling $1.75 million through its Grant Competition.
NIAAA Grants for Alcohol Abuse Epigenetic Effects Research: The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism will make four to eight grants for research into alcohol metabolism and epigenetic effects on tissue injury.
09.01.2006 In New Hampshire, USA fallen Hausparties seit April 2004 unter ein Jugendschutzgesetz.

A New Hampshire law designed to crack down on underage drinking in private homes has resulted in many arrests of young people but few prosecutions of adult hosts, the Manchester Union-Leader reported Dec. 30. An analysis of 44 house-party cases filed since the law took effect in April 2004 found that most of those charged were in their teens or 20s, and that three-quarters were underage drinkers. Just four arrestees were over age 30. (Source: Join Together, 1/5/06)

07.01.2006 Grossbritannien hat den grössten Anstieg bei Lebercirrhose in der westlichen Welt seit 1950. U.K.: Big Rise in Liver Cirrhosis Cases. "Excessive alcohol consumption is being blamed for a big rise in deaths from the liver disease cirrhosis in Britain. While deaths from the disease are falling elsewhere, a Lancet study shows they have soared in England, Scotland and Wales since the 1950s."  
(Source: Harvard World Health News, 1/5/06     BBC NEWS online, 1/5/06)   
The Lancet 2006; 367:52-56 (study, 30$), Tages-Anzeiger, 7.1.06
Comment: No wonder, the British government's prevention programmes are mainly dominated by the alcohol industry.
06.01.2006 Jim Waring, state Senator in Arizona, USA schlägt vor, dass sich Fiaz- Wiederholungstäter neu ab 0,5‰ strafbar machen.

Anyone convicted of a prior drunk-driving offense could be charged with DWI if they have a blood-alcohol level of .05 percent or more, under a proposal by state Sen. Jim Waring, Arizona, USA. Waring also plans to introduce legislation that would bar people with a prior conviction involving a BAC of .15 percent or higher from driving with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. 
(Source: Join Together, 1/6/06)       The Arizona Daily Star online, 1/3/06

6.01.2006 Ab. 3.1.06 werden im US- Staat Massachusetts Alkohol-Test-Zündschlösser für Wiederholungstäter verwendet. Ignition interlock to go in cars of repeat offenders. Massachusetts is the 23d state in the nation to approve the use of the devices. Second-, third-, and fourth-time offenders who want their licenses reinstated are required to use the devices for at least two years. Also, repeat drunk drivers seeking a so-called hardship license -- issued by courts to allow offenders to drive 12 hours a day to and from work -- must also use the device for the length of their hardship license plus an additional two years. The limit is .02 percent. The legal limit is .08 percent.
(Source: World Health News, 1/5/06)   / The Boston Globe, online, 1/3/06
06.01.2006 Neuseeland will den Alkoholkonsum bei Jugendlichen eindämmen. New Zealand: Police Urge End to Youth Drinking After Tough New Year's Eve
"Police who dealt with drunken youths on New Year's Eve say it is time to find new ways of celebrating that do not involve excessive drinking."
(Source: World Health News, 1/5/06)         The New Zealand Herald online, 1/2/06
04.01.2006 In Tennessee, USA können wegen Alkohol am Steuer zum ersten Mal Verurteilte beim Strassenreinigen beobachtet werden.

Convicted first-time drunk-driving offenders can now be found cleaning up roadsides in Tennessee, USA wearing orange vests emblazoned with the phrase "I am a drunk driver." Supporters say the new state law will help "shame" DWI offenders into better decision making in the future. 
Join Together, 1/3/2006, 12/31/05

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