1st European Alcohol Policy Conference in the Context of a Larger Europe:

Bridging the GAP

16-19 June 2004 Hotel Europejski -Warsaw - Poland

Presented by Eurocare, in collaboration with The European Commission, The
World Health Organisation, The European Youth Forum, The European Cultural
& The Polish State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol Related
, and in partnership with NGOs and government departments from 27 European countries

Aim of Conference?

  • To bridge the gap between scientifically based evidence, the possible and the practical in the process of alcohol policy-making
  • To inform and enable those involved in making and implementing policies and programmes in public health and social welfare
  • To raise awareness about alcohol related harm and what can be done about it  

Who Should attend?

  • National and EU officials involved in issues related to public health, social welfare, road safety and culture
  • Prevention specialists working in governmental and non-governmental organizations at the local, national and European level
  • Health promoters, researchers, clinicians, and addiction service providers in health and other relevant sectors

Why attend ?

  • Quite simply, because there has never been anything like this done before!
  • Working in public health, you will gain insight into influencing the policy process and best practice
  • Opportunity to learn from eminent international speakers who will be challenged by professional moderators and the audience on the different policy issues
  • Practical workshops and parallel session will give you the opportunity to present your own views and discuss each policy issue further
  • The advocacy tool kit, specifically designed to assist policy makers and programme implementers in their daily work will be presented at the conference
  • You will be able to practice your presentation skills during the “Test the Tool Kit Sessions” with the help of a professional communicator
  • There will be theatre for and by young people, puppet shows introducing each session, a cartoonist and a professional photographer recording your own words and gestures with a review at the end of each day

This event is expected to attract much national and international media attention
The language of the conference will be in English with Polish Translation

Programme, Workshops and parallel themes?

The programme will be made available as soon as possible. Please note that, whilst we will do out best to integrate all the proposals in the programme, there might be too many requests to make this possible. The themes are as follows:

  • The harm done by alcohol
  • Threats to health and alcohol policy
  • Marketing and communicating about alcohol
  • Success stories from the national to the local, in settings and on the roads
  • Public health approach to treating alcohol problems


  • Special reduced conference fees is €200 for participants from existing EU Member States , and €50 for participants from accession and applicant countries – This fee includes lunch
  • 150 rooms have been reserved at the Europejski hotel for those of you who would like to stay in the heart of all the activities at the reduced rate of €70 per day (breakfast included)
  • 80 rooms have been booked at the Grand Hotel for those of you who would like to be away from the conference centre at the reduced rate of €70 per day (breakfast included)
  • A special place and special prices are currently being negotiated for participants from accession and applicant countries.

What next?

  • Write the date in your diary now (16th to the 19th June)
  • Send a message to Florence Berteletti Kemp expressing your wish to receive the full programme and your interest
  • Start thinking about the parallel sessions and send your ideas and proposal to Florence Berteletti Kemp by 31 December 2003
  • Send this message to those you think might benefit from the conference

Of course, don’t hesitate to ring me. It will always be a pleasure to help!

Florence Berteletti Kemp

Communication Officer

96, rue des Confédérés
1000 Brussels
Advocacy for The prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe
Pour une Politique de Prévention des Conséquences de l'Alcoolisation en Europe

Tel Brussels:   +32 2 732 67 82 / 736 05 72
Fax Brussels:   +32 2 736 73 51
mobile phone: 0496 12 43 02

Eurocare was formed in 1990 as an alliance of voluntary and non-governmental organisations representing a diversity of views and cultural attitudes and concerned with the impact of the European Union on alcohol policy in Member States.

Eurocare fut fondé en 1990 comme alliance d'associations non gouvernementales - représentative de la diversité culturelle européenne – inquiètes des conséquences de l'Union Européene sur les politiques de prévention du risque alcool dans les Etats membres.

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