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NL: First European network conference on reducing youth drinking by law enforcement

Dienstag 28. Juni 2011 von htm

On October the 27th the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP) will host the first European network conference on reducing youth drinking by law enforcement. Law enforcement experts and professionals from all over Europe will be able to exchange knowledge and experiences during a conference specifically focussed on enforcing alcohol legislation. Although regulations, policies and responsibilities differ by country, there are similar enforcement topics that apply to all. Effective enforcement of legal age limits is one of the main themes of the conference. Because the knowledge about law enforcement in Europe has grown substantially over the last decades it is the right moment to organise the first European alcohol enforcement meeting. … (Source: stap.nl, 6/27/11)

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S: The Örebro prevention program revisited

Sonntag 19. Juni 2011 von htm

This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of the Örebro prevention program (ÖPP), an alcohol misuse prevention programme that aims to reduce youth drinking by changing parental behaviour. Cluster-randomized trial, with schools randomly assigned to the ÖPP or no intervention.
Forty municipal schools in 13 counties in Sweden. 1752 students in the 7th grade and 1314 parents were assessed at baseline. Students‘ follow-up rates in the 8th and 9th grades were 92.1% and 88.4% respectively. …
The Örebro prevention programme as currently delivered in Sweden does not appear to reduce or delay youth drunkenness. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 06/17/11)

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EU-Seminar on Youth drinking and binge drinking, 2/25/10

Freitag 9. April 2010 von htm

New presentation added, 4/8/10

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Study Cites Maternal Influences on Youth Drinking

Donnerstag 25. März 2010 von htm

Mothers who enforce discipline over their young teens can prevent their kids from drinking, according to a new Australian study.
Reuters reported March 19 that study author Rosa Alati of the University of Queensland and colleagues looked at the degree of maternal parental control and relationship changes as related to teen alcohol use. They found that problem drinking risk was doubled among teens whose mothers exerted low control and changed relationship partners twice or more. (Source: Join Together, 3/24/10)

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French Look to Curb Youth Drinking

Donnerstag 19. März 2009 von htm

New laws designed to restrict alcohol sales in France are a direct result of a recent spike in what is being referred to as „le binge drinking“ by French youth. The legislation — which would raise the minimum purchase age for alcohol and tobacco from 16 to 18 — was proposed in response to a 50-percent rise in the number of minors under the age of 15 hospitalized due to alcohol problems between 2004 and 2007. A government-issued report warned of „a worrying rise in massive alcohol use by young people.“ The national assembly voted to ban „open bars“ that offer unlimited drinks for a single entry price. A ban on alcohol sales at service stations — considered a major source for youth drinking — between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. is also part of the new law. On the other hand the parliament also agreed to allow advertising of alcoholic drinks on the Internet. (Source: Join Together, 3/18/09)

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Missouri Coalition Helps Change Youth Drinking

Mittwoch 4. März 2009 von htm

In Ray County, Mo., it wasn´t uncommon to see coolers filled with alcohol at family-friendly community events or to see police officers turn a blind eye to underage drinking at parties. After years of witnessing a blasé attitude toward youth alcohol use, community leaders decided to take action, launching a comprehensive prevention plan that changed social norms and reduced underage drinking. (Source: Join Together, 3/4/09) CADCA Coalitions online, 2/26/09

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