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Beer to be Classified as Alcohol in Russia

Samstag 26. Februar 2011 von htm

For the first time in history, beer, currently classified as food, is set to be reclassified as an alcoholic drink in Russia. The move is a part of the Kremlin’s war on alcoholism, as beer consumption is rising in the country.
“Normalising the beer production market and classifying it as alcohol is totally the right thing to do and will boost the health of our population,” Yevgeny Bryun, the ministry of health’s chief specialist on alcohol and drug abuse, said. “We have been talking about and have wanted such a measure for ages. I take my hat off to the parliament.” Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/24/11) neatorama.com, 02/24/11 Comment: In Switzerland beer is still classified as food. A new law is coming now.

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