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Memo to Wisconsin: Stop making it easier for kids to get alcohol

Freitag 11. Februar 2011 von htm

As if boozed up whipped cream in flavors such as chocolate, cherry, and orange wasn’t appealing enough to kids, now in Wisconsin they can just buy a can of it for themselves, at the grocery store, LEGALLY.
Despite containing an alcohol content of 15% (same as in Bailey’s Irish Cream or Bacardi Mojito), Wisconsin state regulators have taken the position that alcohol-infused whipped cream is not subject to the state’s alcohol beverage control laws or alcohol taxes because it is a “food” product and not an alcoholic beverage. (Source: Marin Institute, 02/08/11)

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Parity Bill Approved by Wisconsin Senate

Mittwoch 17. Februar 2010 von htm

A bill that would require insurers to cover addiction and mental health services on par with other health conditions has been approved by the Wisconsin Senate, the Wisconsin Radio Network reported Jan. 29. The measure passed 19-13 and moved to the state Assembly for consideration. (Source: Join Together, 2/16/10)

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USA: Alkohol-Atemtests beim College-Football

Montag 23. November 2009 von htm

Die Universitäten von Wisconsin und Minnesota verlangen von Saison-Ticket-Besitzern mit einer Geschichte von Alkohol-Vorstrafen, dass sie am Spieltag einen Atemtest abliefern, um zukünftige Footballspiele besuchen zu dürfen. (Quelle: Join Together, 20.11.09)

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USA: Breath Tests to Curb Rowdy Behavior at Football Games

Montag 23. November 2009 von htm

The University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota are requiring season-ticket holders with a history of alcohol offenses to submit to game-day breath tests in order to attend future football games, the New York Times reported Nov. 19. (Source: Join Together, 11/20/09)

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USA: Wisc. Alcohol Taxes Get Mixed Reception

Montag 26. Oktober 2009 von htm

Proposals to raise beer and liquor taxes in Wisconsin — partly to pay for alcohol treatment and anti-drunk-driving programs — drew big crowds to the state capital, but the response from lawmakers was less than enthusiastic. (Source: Join Together, 10/23/09)

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Lawmaker Wants Kids Banned from Wisconsin Bars

Dienstag 1. September 2009 von htm

Children have long been able to drink in bars in Wisconsin if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 21, but lawmakers are now looking to curtail the practice. Citing Wisconsin’s huge problems with drunk driving and the health impact of underage drinking, state Sen. Judy Robson is proposing to limit youth drinking in bars to those ages 18 and older who are with their parents. Bartenders also must agree to serve the underage drinker. (Source: Join Together, 8/28/09Join)

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Vorstoss in Wisconsin, USA, für höhere Alkoholsteuern

Donnerstag 7. Mai 2009 von htm

Die Biersteuern wurden in Wisconsin seit 40 Jahren nicht mehr erhöht, aber ein neuer Vorschlag im Parlament würde die Steuer von 0.6 Cents per Flasche auf 3 Cents erhöhen. Nur Missouri und Wyoming haben tiefere Biersteuern als Wisconsin. Das Gesetz sieht vor, die neuen Steuereinnahmen von $58 Mio. für die Reduzierung von alkoholbedingter Kriminalität, für die Bezahlung von Behandlungskosten von Abhängigen und für Präventionsprogramme zu verwenden. (Quelle: Join Together, 4.5.09)

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Lawmakers Propose Beer Tax Hike in Wisc., USA

Donnerstag 7. Mai 2009 von htm

Wisconsin’s beer tax hasn’t increased in 40 years, but a new legislative proposal would raise the tax from 0.6 cents per bottle to 3 cents. Only Missouri and Wyoming have lower beer taxes than Wisconsin. The bill would use the estimated $58 million in new tax revenues to reduce alcohol-related crime, pay for addiction treatment, and fund prevention programs. (Source: Join Together, 5/4/09)

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